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Recent posts by Shivaji Bhosale

How come I can increase the table height using only JavaScript, on some event say mouse is over on an Image.
Waiting impatiently.
As we work thr Swing, we come across functions like these many a times.
What are the exact situations when these are advised to use ?
22 years ago
Hi Tim,
You are right. My real problem is, 2 concurrent transactions acting on a CMP, which imply same row.
When the 2nd Txn tries to commit the data modified by that Txn, at the point of commit an exception is thrown.
To workaround I caught exception thrown at this commiting point & again tried to commit it in a loop. This soln works. But is not the proper way to do it.
Do u have any suggestions ?
For a CMP, a row in a table is represented by CMP instance.
Can it be there more than one CMP instance for a same row in database ?

Originally posted by Rana:
Congrates Shivaji !!
u are using the pool of integer to identify client, could u please elaborate this, did u change signature of the lock and unlock method ?

Yes I changed signatures of lock,modify & unlock method. Let me elaborate, while client gives a call for a lock on a record, at the return of it, client is assigned with integer id. The same id is used in further call to modify & unlock.

i am using the client ip address as client id, which i take at lock/unlock method call on rmi server RemoteServer.getClientHost(), but in my case client can not have more than one connection with server from a single machine. will that be acceptable? is there any other way out?

I dont find any potential threat by letting only one appn communicating with RMI server from a machine. You can mention this in your design docs.
In my case I had similar prob, where my design employed, the machine at which RMI server is running cannot have distributed client for that same RMI server. It is accepted by them.
Hi Mark,
I have extended Data class. Used RMI. At server I had pooling of integer objects to identify client connection.
At client as usual Observer pattern for implementing Model View architecture for JTable & JComboBox. Factory for 2 distinct modes. Command pattern for Menu events.
This was all about.
Hi Garry,
I gave essay exam on 4th & nearly 5-6 days before I uploaded the assignment.
Hi Gregory,
In my skillsets I am weak in Databases, so planning to learn basic database techniques. Already started reading reviews of Oracle 9i.
My assignment marks breakup is -
The maximum possible # of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124.
General Considerations(maximum = 58): 51 Documentation(maximum = 20): 20
GUI(maximum = 24): 21
Server(maximum = 53): 49
I am very much thankful to this wonderful group who helped me way to success.
Today, while working with CMPs in IBM VAJ 3.5, I came to know association is represented in the form of link classes by VAJ.
Are any other application servers, having similar classes for handling foreign key assocations between tables, ie with their CMPs ?
I have one CMP named, EmpTest having composite PK as, empId & empSurname.
I have finderHelper on field called, empName.
From my stateful session bean, TxnSupport, having Txn attribute, TX_BEAN_MANAGED & isolation level as, TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ.
In this bean, from session context i am deriving UserTransaction. So I am having corresponding,
on error userTrans.rollback();
There is a loop between begin & commit.
First time, I make findByName, I dont get the record, so I create new one. In the same transaction, next time, I execute same findByName, still I dont get the record. (This surprises me !)
But then at the time of creation of record, it says Duplicate Key Exception, & transaction rolled back.
So Qn is in the first pass record is not found, so it creates a new one, then in the second time why it doesnt get that record ? Though then record is not there, then why it doent let it to be added ? Why it gives Duplicate record exception ?
My environment is :
IBM DB2 6.0
Can anyone throw light on this ?
Hi Sid,
Thanx for reply, I made Transaction attribute as,
I am managing Txns from my beean only.
Thanx, I am giving another posting followed by this, hope to see ur reply !
Hi group,
We have code which is having UserTransaction. It does transaction management on behalf of Txns will take place from that class.
But just recently, Design is changed, & Before my user transaction starts, there is a Stateful Session bean. It has Transaction attribute as Txn_Supports.
Then, in the flow, my class is getting called, where I am having
UserTransaction userTrans = lookup("jta/usertransaction");
After getting UserTransaction object, I have,
At this point, I am getting exception as NotSupportedException.
In this case what shall I do ?
I need to confirm, bcoz I am having Txn started from Stateful Session Bean, & then, again from this plain (Non-Enterprised) class I am starting Txn, is the reason for getting NotSupportedException ?
Please Help ....
What are questions asked for essay exam.