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Recent posts by Campbell Ritchie

Vishal Hegde wrote:. . . . we are not doctors or nurses who attend emergency operations for whom night shift becomes mandatory to save a person...

People do banking, travel, use mains gas and electricity 24‑7. If any of those things goes down, it could result in loss of millions, accidents in travel, failure of power and water, and some of those things can kill people by the hundred. So your job is important. I agree that night shifts are harmful; that is well‑known already.
Telephone support for a shopping website, well maybe that isn't quite as crucial.

I don't have any loans...just my savings is not that much . . .

In that case, you probably have financial stability already, so sorry for misinterpreting what you said at first.
6 minutes ago
This discussion has been moved to our Jobs forum: it would not fit well in MD.

At least when you go for your next job and somebody asks why you took the night job, you can simply say, “The pay was much more than I got elsewhere.” Don't know whether such support will be boring; if a server goes down, it will probably cease to be boring.
Two things worry me:-
  • 1: You don't get financial stability from a big salary. You get it from spending no more than you have got. Loans, etc., may allow you to average out spending over the year, but increasing loan balances suggest you are overspending. Draw your horns in and use the higher salary to pay off any loans, or to save some money. If you do save something, seek advice where best to invest it.
  • 2: You don't want to give the impression that you are indiscriminate about which jobs you take, nor that you change jobs frequently. Your next employer wants confidence that you will stay there for a reasonable time.
  • You may have to stay on the nights for some time, a year or two, so as to show staying power and commitment.

    Other people will doubtless have completely different opinions.
    56 minutes ago
    Fortunately the first hit on that lmgtfy search is very good.

    And welcome again
    1 hour ago
    Is that because you are declaring the String inside the ()
    1 day ago
    Welcome to the Ranch

    I agree the new‑look documentaiton is not as good as the older versions, so use Java11 and the documentation for Java10. You can use any version ⩾ Java5 for HFJ, but most versions older than 8 are outdated.
    1 day ago

    Carey Brown wrote:. . .
    123 --> (reversed) 3 2 1 --> 3+2+1 --> 6

    Another hint about how you would implement it. It is easier to start with the 3, not the 2 as I mistakenly said earlier. (Sorry)
    2 days ago

    Tim Holloway wrote:. . . double the number of templates (12 instead of 6). . . .

    More likely twenty‑four. You go from queen to black queen on black square, black queen on white square, white queen on white square and white queen on black square.
    2 days ago
    Welcome to the Ranch

    What's spectrangle? Start by explaining the rules; that is the first stage to programming it.
    2 days ago
    I am assuming it means to calculate the transverse sum of the digits of an integer expressed in decimal, so 123 → 1 2 3 → 1 + 2 + 3 → 6. It is a commone beginner's exercise; I had to do the same sort of thing myself a few years ago.
    I think you need to work out how to get the digits apart; it is easier to start with the 2. Then it is really simple to add the digits.
    2 days ago
    Welcome to the Ranch

    That looks as if you were trying to organise an implementation before you have the specification (what you want to do). How would you determine whether a website is up without a specific app? Is that consistent between different sites? How would you log in by hand? Follow all the steps and write them down; if you have that sort of instruction, you will have a chance of implementing it.
    2 days ago

    Daniel Demesmaecker wrote:. . . is that reserved for the mods? . . .

    No, it is reserved for whoever gets there first
    And welcome again.
    2 days ago
    You would have to create a 2D array of those characters with the different colours. You could consider having a ready‑made pattern for black queen on white square or similar.
    2 days ago