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Recent posts by Campbell Ritchie

I downloaded that driver package and obviated all exceptions by setting my classpath. I am on JDK9.0.4 too but Linux x64. I only got different exceptions from yours. I am sure you would never write package java.sql; anywhere, so don't know any more.

I don't think this is a true Java9 topic, so I shall move you to one of our general fora.
12 hours ago
You are not allowed to declare package names the same as those in the standard JRE, but I can see no evidence that you have such a package name at all. Let's see what happens if I run your code:-That doesn't look like an ordinary hello world program, but as you see I am getting a different exception. I could probably obviate that exception by installing MySQL and adding that driver to the classpath. If explaining the classpath doesn't give a solution, I am starting to wonder whether your installation is faulty.

But I am not sure.

Anybody else got any ideas?
13 hours ago
Can the class that method is in be subclassed as a public class? If so, can that method become accessible?

Daniel Owen Williams wrote:. . .  an email in my junk mail t. . . .

If it was in junk, it was probably from me. Welcome back
13 hours ago
It might be and it might not.....
13 hours ago
. . . or a second array.

I always get suspicious when I see code looking as complicated as that.
13 hours ago

Ganesh Patekar wrote:. . . I've checked . . . .

That does appear to be the official site; it would be very naughty for them to change the syllabus without much prior notice and warning.
22 hours ago

An hour ago, I wrote:. . . .  error in that loop, too.

Maybe there isn't an error. It goes to show how important code formatting is.
22 hours ago
You can probably even have multiple nested and inner classes which are subtypes of one another or of their enclosing type, allow instantiation only via factory methods, and still return immutable objects. Usually non‑final classes cannot be made immutable, but you can exercise much tighter control of the behaviour of private inner/nested classes.
22 hours ago
I think you should know about anonymous classes whether they come up on the exam or not.
I looked through the OCA/OCP7 study guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates and anonymous classes appear in the OCP section only, but you should seek confirmation from the Oracle site about those exams.
23 hours ago
The download link doesn't work properly; it only seems to supply a JRE.
The installation instructions are difficult to follow.
I haven't read any more; I think you need to think again.
23 hours ago
Congratulations 94 is a good mark.

Carey Brown wrote:. . . . Proper indentation is essential also. . . .

Proper indentation would have shown the error in that loop, too.
1 day ago
What compliance level were you using before? That method was introduced in Java5 and has always been available ever since. Were you using a JDK1.4 compliance or something?
Please work out what the smallest and largest numbers you can possibly get from line 52 are. Since you used such a strange way to calculate that result, I can't simply look at it and work it out. But I am pretty sure you can't get both 1000 and 9999 from that formula.
1 day ago

Waylon Wolf wrote:. . . 1z0-869 . . .

I can't find anything about 1Z0-869 on the Oracle website. You don't mean 1Z0-809, do you?

Duplicating discussion is the forum where we usually discuss 1Z0-809, until we work out whether that is the right number.