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Recent posts by Niranjan Deshpande

Hi all,

We have to monitor application's log files for what exception types are occurring and the how many times they are occurring, on a daily basis.
Currently, doing it manually -

1. use a unix script based on the "grep -i" command on .gz log file and extract the lines with [ERROR] in a text file.
2. manually browse/scroll the text file and note down the exception types/patterns
3. use a unix script based on "grep -c" command and cound the occurrence for each pattern in all the log files
4. Tabulate the information from above steps in an XL sheet and generate pie chart.

Are there any open source tools which will let me count the exception types given the log files as input? I searched around and got some tools but did not quite get what i was looking for.

Would like to hear out from experts here.
Man, its 3 years back when I posted this! We did not use all those things in "whatever" i was doing.

I think I did not even find any workaround.

Best of Luck!
12 years ago
The xul runner has a bunch of js files in /modules, /greprefs, /defaults, /components folder

Is there a sequence in which these scripts are called when the xul runner renders the response? esp. those in the /components folder?

I am trying to get a hook into the xul runner response rendering, just before the xul runner renders something.

This something may be the response from the server, or just nothing. In the latter case xul runner gives the error "xml parsing error: no element found".

Just trying to do something at the instant when xul runner tries to display what ever it has - response xml/empty xml.

Thanks Christophe !! That will invite more replies..
13 years ago
sorry for using gibberish acronyms!

yes, a career move into either of these.

I am asking "Whether I should move into a prospective offer of work on either of these technologies?. How has been ADF around so far?" etc

expecting advice/guidance/comments on similar lines
13 years ago
How is the market trend for these technologies - osb, bpel, adf?

informative comments would help.
13 years ago
13 years ago
hi all,

please give some pointers/good websites on learning basic commands of linux/unix, basics of shell scripting etc.

any book names will also help.
13 years ago
This question has been posted frequently! I do recall one thread being continued till pages, 1 year back! Reza Rehman, author of EJB3.0 in action had mneitoned something of having talked to 'help' writing the hfejb3.0 book. But i don't think it go anywhere.

more on this - here

Yes, instead of waiting for the book better read all the stuff menitoned in the links. EJB3.0 is a good book. for JPA once can refer the book from Apress.
Hi all,

How many action instances are created in a struts application?

The way i understand this is - If I have 10 different action classes for different use cases/actions, at any point of time, how many instances of each action class are created?

I belive it's one. But i was not sure so i did not answer this question

Any more input?

13 years ago
Thanks for all the insight arulk!!!
13 years ago