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Pooja Parekh

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Various Java Post in Mumbai with well known companies!!


This is Pooja from Softech Consultants. We are having following openings currently....

Company Name : Datamatics
Designation : Software Engineers / Sr Software Engineers
Skill : Struts and EJB
Experience : 2 to 5 yrs

Company Name : US Interactive
Designation : Web Developer
Skill : Core Java, JSP, HTML, SQL
Added Advantage: MVC Architecture
Experience : 2 to 5 yrs

Company Name : Tata Interactive Services
Designation : Software Engineers / Team Leader
Skill : Java J2ee
Experience : 4+ Years

Kindly note that we are operating on a short deadline and you are requested to kindly do the needful ASAP. Along with your resume' in Word Format you are requested to kindly furnish the below mentioned details

1. Relevant exp
2. Your current CTC per annum.
3. Your expected CTC per annum.
4. Time required for joining our client (if selected).
5. DOB
6. Current Location.
7. Willingness to relocate
8. Passport Details
9. 2 references for reference check of ur own skill

For further details/ queries do feel free to call on us at the below mentioned numbers.

Kindly feel free to reach me for any queries

Thanks and Regards.

Pooja Parekh.
15 years ago