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Recent posts by Renu Radhika

thanks everyone.It was not so hard,but i wanted to take latest update.
I am planning to start studyng for the exam.Can somebody send me the link to download jdk 6's latest update/version(which needs to be used for the exam)
Thanks Andre.Its clear now.
Thanks a lot.Now its very clear.
In Andrew's book page 121 it says the use of static final long enables you to decide whether a change in serializable class requires recompilation of your client classes.I didnt get this.Can anyone explain to me this.
In chapter 5 page 123 it says "If we had created our own specialized log message,we would probably have to remove it and replace it with the standard log messages"What does this mean?I didnt get it.Can somebody help me with this?
I am not able to find the source code of denny's dvd application for j2se5.andrew can you please help me?
I have taken a break currently.BITS courses are for working professionals.Please let me know about other institutions offering the course
15 years ago
I am planning to do MS in software systems in distance education mode.Please let me know good universities offering this course.
15 years ago
Now that java 6 is out,which are the books to be referred for SCJD 6?
I am planning to take SCJD.Since Java 6 is out.Will SCJD also be based on java 6.In that case is Andrew planning to give out a new edition of the book?Please reply.
When will head first EJB for SCBCD 5.0 get released?
Hello everyone,

Thanks a lot for your wishes.As everyone said,I did learn a lot while preparing and its definitely going to help in the fututre also.
I referred HFSJ,Study kit,SCWCD hints and Esnault's revision notes.I took mock exams of HFSJ,study kit,Whizlabs's evaluation version and of course Javaranch mock exam.Whenever I am in doubt I used to post queries to ranch,which helped me a lot, as people answered my queries promptly and they tried to explain it the way I was expecting.Thanks once again for all the support
IS there any certification exam for Struts?
16 years ago
Cleared SCWCD with 86%.Thanks Santou,Jothi and all others who replied to my queries.The questions which I got on j2ee patterns and Custom tag api's where very tough.I had prepared well but in these two sections ,I scored very less ,as questions where confusing.So I couldnt make it to 90+ which was my target.Sorry friends,though I got good support from all of you,I couldnt make it 90+.