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Recent posts by P Thorp

I want to thank you for your help. I got the native compile done and I also got it to compile in eclipse.

Once again thanks!!!
16 years ago
I have two, I hope simple questions. Any help would be appreciated.

Question 1 of 2
I am new to the Java world as well as servlets. I am trying to compile a simple servlet controller module. (page 80 Headd First Servlets and JSP).

The compiler is telling me that the import package javax.servlet does not exist.

src\com\example\web\ package javax.servlet does not exist
import javax.servlet.*;

I am running jdk 1.5.0. Is this not backward compatible wit jdk1.4 or do I need to install jdk 1.4 for the examples in this book?

Question 2 of 2.
If I have to revert back to jdk 1.4 how do I tell eclipse to use the older version of the jdk.

Thanks pt
16 years ago
I have the Osborne Press book Java 2 Sun Certified Programmer& Developer written by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates.

I am confused, the book says you need to answer 32 out of 61 questions to pass the Java Certified Programmer exam (310-035).

However the CD that comes with the book contains a cd exam from LearnKey. I took the LeranKey exam and answered 49 of 65 questions correctly but the software said I failed. It seem to indicate that 80% is the score you need to pass the exam.

Am I missing somethng here?

Thanks PT