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Recent posts by Scott Selikoff

If it helps, we've already updated this table in the OCP 21 book to include the prefix "Arrays." before the method name, for greater clarity in each row.
Pass the test? Add your name to the wall, partner. Please read the title/header of table ( written in bold ) to add your name to the appropriate OCP certification table. The first table is Java 21, second table is Java 17, third table is Java 11, fourth table is Java 8, and fifth table is Java 7.

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 21 Developer Wall of Fame [Order by Date]
NameDateScoreMy StoryCountryWhat's Next
Scott SelikoffJuly 12, 20241Z0-830PASSED! Scott’s Experience Taking the Java 21 Certification Exam 1Z0-830USFinish writing our Java OCP 21 Study Guide

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 17 Developer Wall of Fame [Order by Date]
NameDateScoreMy StoryCountryWhat's Next
Anil PhilipApril 29, 20241Z0-829 68%Read my StoryIllinois, USAJob hunting and also I want to try out an idea to make streams easier to debug.
Eric ManaoisApril 19, 20241Z0-829 68%Read my storyPhilippinesSpring/AWS
Marco PivaMarch 29, 20241Z0-829 68%Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarski and EnthuwareItalyDon't know yet
Enrico GiurinMarch 15, 20241Z0-829 76%Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarski and EnthuwareItaly/SwitzerlandML coursera
Juan MorenoMarch 4, 20241Z0-829 68%Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarski and EnthuwareUruguayAWS Cloud Practitioner
Rachit JainMarch 1, 20241Z0-829 84%Studied using both the Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarski and EnthuwareCanadaSpring Certified Professional
Matija HorvatekFebruary 15, 20241Z0-829 88%My StoryCroatiaCareer development
Alex KimJanuary 29, 20241Z0-829 78%My StoryUSSpring Boot Projects, AWS Cert
Klara MitrovicJanuary 15, 20241Z0-829 86%Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarski and EnthuwareBelgrade/SerbiaAZ-204
Claudia CuadrosOctober 31, 20231Z0-829 80%Studied using both the Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarski and EnthuwareThe NetherlandsCKAD
Val MartínezNovember 8, 20231Z0-829 70%Here you areSpainKotlin for Android
Peter Oliver RuppertApril 13, 20231Z0-829Used the books by Selikoff-Boyarsky and Mughal-Strelnikov, and Simon Robert's prep course (on O'Reilly). Highly recommend every one of them. Also, the Enthuware practice tests seem to come pretty close to the actual exam questions. Both in difficulty and topic distribution.HungaryNot really sure yet
Earl SavaderaJune 24, 20221Z0-829 82%Read my storyPhilippinesMore Java Related Certifications!
Favio TejadaAugust 29, 20221Z0-829 84%I've read the Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarsky. Along the way I practiced the Enthuware mock tests on a daily basis for about a month. Talking about the exam, I got very few questions on new topics and I'd say it's a bit easier than the 1Z0-819, although I've got a couple of tricky questions on bitwise operators and module migration strategies.BoliviaSpring Certified Professional
Marco OliviAugust 5, 20221Z0-829 76%See postItalyCareer development
Scott SelikoffApril 23, 20221Z0-829 84%Read OCP 17 Study Guide by... me and Jeanne!USFinish writing our Practice Test Book!
Jeanne BoyarskyDecember 18, 20211Z0-829 68%Read OCP 17 Study Guide by... me and Scott!USFinish writing our Practice Test Book!

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer Wall of Fame [Order by Date]
NameDateScoreMy StoryCountryWhat's Next
Aaqiel BehardienDecember 16, 20211Z0-819 68%Started studying for OCA JP SE 8 November 2020, passed 1Z0-808 in March 2021. Started studying for OCPJP SE 11 beginning of May 2021, passed on December 16, 2021. It was a challenging journey as I had no experiencein the Java language when I started studying at all. Coming from Python it was a different ball game. Many said I needed experience to pass but I had to show myself that I could do it. Using Study guide by Scott Selikoof & Jeanne Boyarsky in combination with Enthuware mock exams, my goal has been achieved.South AfricaOCI Associate
Yu GuanhuaNovember 27, 20211Z0-819 80%See post  ChinaSpring framework or AWS
Alok KumarNovember 11, 20211Z0-819 70%Started preparation with Kathy Sierra, Scott Selikoff & Jeanne Boyarsky books. Nailing 1Z0-808: Practical Guide to Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification by Igor Soudakevitch, OCP Java SE 11 Developer Complete Study Guide, OCP Java SE 11 Developer Complete Practice Tests, Enthuware Tests. Self prepared notes and practicing code very important to pass.IndiaSpring Framework and AWS
Favio TejadaJuly 30, 20211Z0-819-J 80%Over the course of a year I spent 20-30 min on a daily basis reading a section of the OCP Java SE Programmer II Study guide by Scott Selikoof & Jeanne Boyarsky, then, once I felt comfortable with the concepts exposed in the syllabus, I spent a couple of weeks doing the Enthuware & WhizLab's mock tests (around 24 tests in total). The actual exam did not look that tricky, by the time I cleared up all the questions I still had 30 minutes left. IMHO the Enthuware mock tests should suffice for anyone who does not have the time to read the study books. I would nonetheless recommend getting familiar with the JavaDocs as this exam is mostly about grasping the APIs.BoliviaPIV-SPC
Salim RAHALJuly 06, 20211Z0-817-J 62%5 days of preparation onlyAlgéria - FranceSpring framework
Radu BogdanApril 25, 20211Z0-819-J 80%See postRomaniaSpring framework
Max CornelisApril 24, 20211Z0-819-J 74%See postCanadaCareer development
Jesús EiroaApril 22, 20211Z0-819-J 78%See postSpainKubernetes certification
Andrii KotelnikovApril 15, 20211Z0-819-J 93%I've got Java SE 8 Pro certificate. So I was going to try upgrade exam. But this one was cheaper, but more difficult to pass. I've read OCP Java SE 11 Study Guide II (some topics twice) and practiced with OCP Practice testsUkraineDeep dive in Spring 5
Karsten ThomsApril 22, 20211Z0-819-J 80%Worked through the OCP Java SE 11 Complete Study Guide and practiced some enthuware mock examsGermanyFocus back to customer projects again
Cosimo Damiano PreteApril 22, 20211Z0-819-J 85%See postSwitzerlandBoyarsky&Selikoff complete study guide
Maria MihailaApril 17, 20211Z0-819 78%See postRomaniaSpring Framework
Ouadjih AchourApril 12, 20211Z0-819-J 74%AlgeriaSpring Framework
Paulo Rogerio Cerri AvilaApril 7, 20211Z0-819 76%OCA/OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Practice Tests by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarski; OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II STUDY GUIDE by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarski; Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer Exam 1Z0-809 by S G Ganesh, Hari Kiran and Tushas Sharma; Java 25th Anniversary Learning Subscription by OracleBrazilSpring Professional 5.0
Juraj ValkucakMarch 19, 20211Z0-819 76%See postSlovakiaJava Design Patterns, Java Performance
Adrian PopFebruary 22, 20211Z0-819 87%See postRomaniaAWS & Spring Framework certifications, React JS
Nicholas BarbosaJanuary 22, 20211Z0-819 78%See post, at age of 16!BrazilSpring Framewrok and Docker Certification, Jakarta EE specifications(CDI,EJB,JSP,SERVLETS,etc), JPA
Ravi RanjanJanuary 18, 20211Z0-819 72%See postIndiaSpring
Philippe De NeveJanuary 15, 20201Z0-819 82%See postBelgium1Z0-900 - Java EE 7 Application Developer
Huzefa KakaJanuary 11, 20211Z0-817  77%USASome AWS Certification
Olivier SkaDecember 15, 20201Z0-819 78%See postFranceSpring
Grant OlsonDecember 3, 20201Z0-819 87%Updated my Java knowledge (formally) for the first time since my first Java certifications about two decades ago. Took the test from home, twice (two attempts). First time, 57%, running out of time with about 5-6 questions left unanswered. It seems that I needed another four weeks to get really confident that I was ready. Used Selikoff and Boyarsky's Complete Study Guide, and Enthuware's practice tests. Also bought Whizlab's practice tests and went through a couple of those. I had a little trouble, especially on the first attempt, with the whiteboard software, so I intended to use a WACOM Intuos tablet to more easily use the whiteboard on the second attempt. The proctor disallowed me from using the tablet, however. My most emphatic recommendation is for Enthuware's practice tests. The Selikoff and Boyarsky book was a worthwhile purchase, as well.USASpring Professional 5.0
Marco PivaNovember 30, 20201Z0-817 91%Study Guide by Selikoff & Boyarski, Enthuware, WhizlabsItalyKeep learning
Scott SelikoffSeptember 26, 20201Z0-819 87%My experiences on the 1Z0-819 exam: Part 1 and Part 2  USFinish Practice Test Book for 1Z0-819 Exam!
Ilenia SalvadoriSeptember 24, 20201Z0-816 88%Started develop in Java 2 years ago. I studied the OCP books by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarski.  Italy (but took exam in Germany)Keep learning
Jos RoseboomSeptember 18, 20201Z0-816 90%Studied OCP 816 book by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarski and took Enthuware mock exams. Took 1Z0-808 in 2017.The NetherlandsRead books
Soe Thet OoSeptember 14, 20201Z0-815 92%, 1Z0-816 90%I studied books written by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky for Java SE 11. Then, Enthuware mock exams, Java SE 11 documentation, Java security coding guidelines  MyanmarGCP Associate Cloud Engineer
Robert GherlanSeptember 09, 20201Z0-815 78%, 1Z0-816 90%Enthuware mock exams, Java SE 11 documentation, Java security coding guidelines, Java OCP 11 Programmer II Study Guide by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky  RomaniaPivotal Spring Professional Certified 5.0
Earl SavaderaAugust 10, 202093%My ExperiencePhilippinesPivotal Spring Professional Certified 5.0
Martijn SpronkJuly 3, 202071% (part 1)Professional experience, Boyarsky/Selikoff book, brush up over duration of 2 weeks, 4x Enthuware practice exams. Also see online proctor experienceNetherlandsNext up, part 2 (1z0-816) so I can get the official certificate
Jj Roberts (Ranch name)June 23, 20201z0-815 79%, 1z0-816 88%See posts for 1z0-815 and 1z0-816South AfricaGet into Jakarta EE
Pablo TiradoJune 5, 202088%See postSpainSpring 5.0 Certification
Juan MorenoMarch 23, 202093%See postVenezuelaLPI DevOps Tools Engineer
Christian Jacob MenciasFebruary 19, 202089%See postPhilippinesGCP Associate Cloud Engineer or Docker Certified Associate
Marco Antonio Béjar VillalbaDecember 21, 201988%Enthuware mock exams, Java SE 11 documentation, Java security coding guidelinesMéxicoJava EE 7 Application Developer
Scott SelikoffAugust 29 20191Z0-815: 76%, 1Z0-816: 87%, 1Z0-817: 83%My 1Z0-815 Experience My 1Z0-816 ExperienceUSFinish Jeanne and my Java 11 cert books!
Richard BarabéAugust 24, 201986%Enthuware mock exams, Java SE 11 documentation, and a lot of jshell CanadaNot sure yet, Kubernete certification ?
Jeanne BoyarskyAugust 18 201987% (part 1), 80% (part 2), 79% (upgrade)See blog postsUSFinish Scott and my Java 11 cert books!
DeLaCruz, BJ PeterJune 29, 201988%Enthuware mock exams, Java SE 11 documentationHawaii, United States of AmericaSpring 5.0 Certification
Leonardo WeingaudDecember 23, 202193%Enthuware mock exams, Java SE 11 documentation and a lot hours of study, and snippet code testMadrid, SpainJEE 7 Certification

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer Wall of Fame [Order by Date]
NameDateScoreMy StoryCountryWhat's Next
Hiroki InoueSeptember 25, 202367,6%OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide by J.Boyarsky & S.SelikoffJapan1Z0-819
Peter SchusterAugust 20, 202271%books: Christian Ullenboom’s German Java books (“Insel”) and Michael Inden’n book on Java 8 new features, OCP study guides by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates as well as by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky; OCA/OCP8 practice book by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky . video courses at by Christian Ullenboom, by Tim Buchalka. And a mock test again at
Yousaf AmeerMay 16, 202279%Enthuware Mock Exams for 1Z0-808 Java SE 8 OCP, Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates  PakistanOCJA8
Mikhail SaltyshevJune 15, 202182%Books: 1) OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide by J.Boyarsky & S.Selikoff 2) OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Exam Guide by K. Sierra, B. Bates & E. Robson; Mock exams: Enthuware. Took me almost 7 months. Many thanks to book authors and EnthuwareUkraineSpring, Hibernate + pet-project
Olga YatsenkoJune 8, 202185%Book: OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide by J.Boyarsky & S.Selikoff + Enthuware mock exams. My story    PolandFind my first job with Java
Benny SusantoJanuary 20, 202186%ThreadBandung, IndonesiaScrum Master Certifications
Valerio SibilanoNovember 24, 202078%Studying while working is harder! Take your time!ItalyAiming at OCPJP11
Nikolas CharalambidisOctober 5, 202080%My detailed story with tips and hintsPrague, Czech RepublicJava 11 and Spring Professional Certifications
Adolis PaliSeptember 28, 20201Z0-816 90%Preparation took two months, mostly use video tutorials, it's hard for me to read books. Many thanks to Enthuware service  LithuaniaJava 11 or SQL certification
Wojciech OlejarzApril 15, 202076%Book: OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide by J.Boyarsky & S.Selikoff + Enthuware mock exams.  PolandSpring, AWS, DevOps
Tuan DinhMarch 12, 202077%My storyVietnamOCMJEA
Gillian BuijsDecember 30, 201970%My 2 centsThe NetherlandsOCMJEA
Pablo TiradoDec 05, 201981%Java SE 8 Programmer II by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff, Mikalai Study Guide and Enthuware Mock exams.Spain1Z0-817
R. J. ArzkiDec 02, 201972%No special storyGermanyLong break... then Spring Professional Certification
Mushfiq MammadovOct 14, 201993%My story in detailAzerbaijan1z0-817
Anthony TsangOct 3, 201986%Prep Time: 1 month; Study Guide: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer Exam 1Z0-809 by S G Ganesh, Hari Kiran & Tushar Sharma; Test: Whizlabs mock exams.Hong Kong1Z0-817
Brecht GeeraertsSept 30, 201980%The book I used: OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide by J.Boyarsky & S.Selikoff + Enthuware mock exams.BelgiumJavaEE, Spring
Ratish VichithranSept 4, 201988%1Z0-813: Prep time: 5 months reading on and off. Read the book twice. Book: OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide by J.Boyarsky & S.Selikoff + Enthuware mock exams. I would suggest to check on the JavaDoc regularly to get a better understanding.Florida, USAAWS Solution Architect
Adam LukacsAugust 29, 201983%(1Z0-810 Upgrade) Java 8 In Action, Mikalai's study guide and quiz, JavaDoc, Enthware mock exams My StoryManhattan, NY - USASpring 5
Ruslan RakhmedovJuly 26, 201985%My short storyBryansk, RussiaEnglish
Yongsuk A.March 27, 2019100%Java SE 8 Programmer II by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff and practiced as many mock exams as possibleThailand1Z0-817
Sorin CarcaliceaMarch 27, 201982%Whizlas / Enthware mock exams and reading Jeanne Boyarsky&Scott Selikoff bookRomaniaJava Architect OCM
Swapan BiswasMarch 26, 201986%My Story , Jeanne and Scott's OCP study guide and Enthuware Mock TestUSA(Honolulu)either 1Z0-817 or 1Z0-807
Gino TamacaFeb 02, 201995%My Story, My BadgePhilippineseither 1Z0-882 or Spring 5 Cert
Octavio RanieriJan 28, 201995%Jeanne and Scott's OCP study guide and several mock exams such as Enthuware, Udemy(Udayan), from Jeanne's book.BrazilTBD
André WiechensJan 25, 201996%Jeanne Boyarsky&Scott Selikoff books, Sierra & Bates Prep book, Enthuware, Exam Simulation udemy.comGermany1Z0-899
Zhenyang HuaDec 27, 201885%Sierra & Bates Prep book, Enthuware Avg 74, javadoc readingUSJEE
Purushotham C KNov 20, 201892%Link to Acclaim. Refer my story hereGermanySpring v5.0 Professional
Xingyu XiangNov 7, 201868%Link to Acclaim. I was waiting the book published by McGraw-Hill. Jeanne and Scott's book is unreadable at first glance. I also used Enthuware and Transcender. Total 6 months counting since the day I received the book published by McGraw-Hill.ChinaOCM
Philippe De NeveNov 5, 201890%My StoryBelgiumTBD
Nick RobinsonOct 30, 201870%My Story  UKNo more exams planned
Michael StieflerOct 21, 201896%4 months of preparation (after work and on weekends), Jeanne Boyarsky+Scott Selikoff books + Enthuware + Kaplan Exam Simulation, Firebrand Bootcamp (featuring Mark Lovatt, great Trainer!) -- Full Story --Germanynext would be OCM if it was available
Adit ChandelSep 30, 2018‎68%Passed my OCA 1Z-808 in the first attempt without any test series, yet I would recommend others to refer Enthuware test series to secure more marks. My learning source was from different Java tutorial sites, No Books.IndiaJava 8
Nhien NguyenAug 31, 2018‎90%My Notes, Story and few tipsVietnamFirst fresher job interview
Arpan GhoshalSaturday, August 11, 2018‎92%My StoryIndiaContinuing my college study's and preparing for job interviews
Keith CarrollJuly 25, 201895%My StoryIrelandNot sure, perhaps Spring Professional 5.0
AJ JaroJune 5, 201891%Passed OCPJPUSMaybe Ruby...
Carlo Di GiuseppeMay 18, 201881%My StoryItalyOracle Master JPA
Max RamosMay 11, 201891%Upgrade Exam from SE 6. (1Z0-813) My StoryPhilippinesPivotal Spring Professional
C ZhouMay 8, 201895%Prep time 1 month; material used Jeanne and Scott's OCP study guide and Enthuware mock tests. My StoryUSNot sure what to take next, but I got a long list of great books to read.
Achille GuemkamApril 30, 201881%Whizlabs / Enthware mock exams and reading Jeanne Boyarsky&Scott Selikoff bookCameroonDon't know yet
Ryan BeckettApril 23, 201886%My StoryUSSpring 5
Gaurav PathakApril 12, 201870%Java SE 8 Programmer II by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff and Enthuware tests.IndiaSpring 4
Cyrille AnyengFeb 27, 201888%Enthuware Test Studio OCP-JP 8 (1Z0-809)CameroonAWS DCA
Roman VintonyakFebruary 19, 201890%"OCA Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide - Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff" and Enthuware tests.Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine1Z0-898
Ankur R JainJan 15, 201887%Prepared using Jeanne & Scott's OCP Book as well as Practice Tests Book (Sybex)IndiaSpring Professional 5.0
Michael PolinskiSeptember 20, 201783 %5 1/2 Months of learning aside from school, used the OCP guide by Boyarski a.o. This time I chose Enthuware over Whizlabs, which turned to be a good choice.Essen, GermanyAfter getting along with JEE besides my studies for OCP, hopefully a good start at my apprenticeship next week.
Cm LukDecember 07, 201783% My Preparation HKJava EE or Hadoop
Talent JokonyaDecember 04, 201771%Used OCP Java 8 Study Guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff only and took 1 month preparation time:Africa ZimbabweOCE JAVA EJB;
Roland LensinkSeptember 15, 201771 %Prep time: more than a year, Books: Boyarski and Ganesh; my age: 55Bertem, BelgiumDon't know
Cosimo Damiano PreteSeptember 04, 201793%check it outZurich, SwitzerlandNA
Chetan KumarJuly 15, 201778%My StoryCalifornia, USAMongoDB
Ismael J. Silveira  July 10, 201793%My StoryCeará,BrazilOCE, maybe OCEEJB
Manoj ShekhawatJuly 3, 201780%My StoryIndiaSpring Web
Tahir AbdullayevJuly 3, 201788%Prep time: four months. Books: OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide by J.Boyarsky & S.Selikoff + OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I&II Study Guide by K.Sierra & B.Bates + Enthuware mock examsAzerbaijanSpring
Jacky StarkMay 13, 201768%OCP Study Guide for Java SE 8, Enthuware testsIndia 
Igor SoudakevitchApril 28, 201797% Prep time: four months. Books & Tools: Boyarsky & Selikoff + Mala Gupta (SE7) + Esteban Herrero + Angelika Langer on Generics + Jeff Friesen on (N)IO / Threads / Concurrency Utils + Maurice Naftalin on Collections + Enthuware Test Bank + conference presentaions on functional programming by Stuart Marks, Brian Goetz and Joshua Bloch. Added Haskell. General conclusion: lambdas and streams are the key.Moscow, RussiaJDBC, Spring
Gregory WeissApril 3, 201785% Spent about 3.5 weeks studying.  Used the Selikoff OCP book and tests.  They're the best IMO.  I like Enuthware, would have done more of that.   Use the Selikoff OCP book and the Enuthware product and you should be able to pass the test.California, USJava EE, Spring, moving on to AWS certs
Ádám BaloghMarch 16 2017100%My StoryHungarySpring, Spring Boot
Nayan Jyoti DasMarch 1 201786 %My PreparationIndiaTBD
Fedor MishinFebruary 20, 201786% Montreal, CanadaTBD
Dan LewisDecember 29, 201675%My StoryUSATBD
Aurélien GametDecember 21, 201691%More or less the same as last time so it's quite useless to rewrite a post about it: studied with Jeanne & Scott's book, practiced with the Enthuware suite, passed the test!France 
Paul RobothamSeptember 12th, 201685%My StoryBrisbane, AustraliaOCEWCD and Spring
Otto ZeimerSeptember 12th, 201690%More about preparationLithuaniaFinishing my Master (IT) studies
Fabio SalviJuly 19th, 201686%My StorySchweizJPA certification
Salim RahalJuly 08th, 201676%My StoryAlgeria/France1Z0-071 : Oracle Database 12c SQL and Java EE 7 Front-End Web and Back End Server certification
Huzefa KakaMay 30th, 201695%My StoryUSA/IndiaSome Java EE certification
Yassin HajajMay 13, 201686%Ask MeBrussels, BelgiumJava EE (Not sure which one)
Fabrizio UsaiMay 2nd, 201675%Different books, sites, made small project in Java 8BelgiumJava EE 6 JavaServer Faces Developer Certified Expert 1Z0-896
Amandeep Singh04/1281% Passed OCAJP8 & OCPJP8 GermanyJava EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer Certified Expert 1Z0-895
Vitaliy Rastvorov11/2365%K&B OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer, OCA8 Study Guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff, Enthuware 1Z0-809Kyiv, UkraineCertified Master and JavaEE  
Raghavendra Desoju11/1378%My ExperienceUSAHadoop Developer Certification  
Ravi Gayam10/3173%No OCP study guide, so, used OCP7 Kathy Sierra, SE8 for Really Impatient, and Other available materials over internet.  USAWebservices 6 Expert  
Chun Yu Cheung10/888%My experienceHong KongJava EE, Spring and Hibernate  
Stefan Compton9/1768%No OCPJP8 study guide, used OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates and Java SE 8 For The Really Impatient by Cay S. HorstmannMeath, IrelandMaster's degree in Dublin City Uni, Java EE 7 Front-End Web and Back End Server certification (but next year when there is a study guide  
Jeanne Boyarsky5/1588%my impressionsNew York CityEnjoy seeing people use Scott and my OCA and OCP books to pass themselves
Paweł BaczyńskiApril 201573%Beta upgrade exam 1Z1-810 | StoryKraków, PolandOCPJP 9

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer Wall of Fame [Order by Date]
NameDateScoreMy StoryCountryWhat's Next
Dhaval DongreMay 7, 201880 %Sierra K., Bates B. - Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide, Mala Gupta Java SE 7 Programmer II, Enthuware Mock Tests, ExamLab mock testsMumbai, IndiaUpgrade to Java 8 (1Z0-804), Design Patterns
Mikhaill ChecheenOctober 12, 201785 %1/2 year of learning with Sierra K., Bates B. - Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide plus 1 week before exam from sunset to sunrise with EnthuwareMoscow, RussiaEffective Java, Clean Code, Java 8 (Herbert Schildt), Data Structures and Algorithm, Design Patterns
Akshay GargSeptember 18, 201785%Enthuware Mock Exams for 1Z0-804, OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates, OCP Java SE 7 by Mala Gupta  IndiaOCE
Maisie EberlAugust 4, 201786%No previous java experience. Read K&B oca/ocp book 3 times and finished Enthuware all 9 tests with average 75%. Preparation time is 6 weeks. If i would have more time, I would read the book once more.Munich, GermanyData Structures and Algorithm, Design Patterns
Adam LukacsSeptember 23, 201673%Mala Gupta - OCA Java SE 7 Programmer II Certification Guide , Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates - OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide, Enthuware Mock ExamsManhattan, NY - USAJava EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer Certified Expert 1Z0-898  
Mike PetrovAugust 11, 201686%(Story) K&B 6, K&B 7, EnthuwarePolandOCPJP 8 Upgrade (1Z0-810)
Pritha BanerjeeJul 11, 201681%Enthuware Mock Exams for 1Z0-804, ExamLab, OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates  IndiaCompetitive coding
Ádám BaloghJul 04, 201695%My experiences  HungaryDesign Patterns, Clean Code
Smoljanov SergejMay 16, 201693%Topic that describe preparation  UkraineSpring Framework
Javid AzimliDecember 23, 201585%Enthuware Mock Exams for 1Z0-804, Java SE 7 OCP by Ganesh and Sharma, OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates  AzerbaijanOCPJP8 Upgrade
Huzefa KakaOctober 6th, 201580%Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates  IndiaOCEJWCD
Manoj ShekhawatJuly 26, 201576%Enthuware Mock Exams for 1Z0-804, OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates  IndiaBig Data Certifications
Lorenzo GallucciJune 29, 201595%Enthuware Mock Exams for 1Z0-804, OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates  ItalyJava8 Certifications
Ria von der WartburgJune 23, 201591%Enthuware Mock Exams for 1Z0-804, OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates -> My ExperienceAustriaAndroid & world domination ;)
Marina VasilenkoMarch 23, 201593%Enthuware Test Studio 1Z0-804 OCAOCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide by Kathy Sierra & Bert BatesUkraineJava SE 6 Developer Certification
Ajay Joseph MeyneJanuary 1, 201570%Ganesh and Sharma AND Enthuware 1z0-804(thoroughly)IndiaSome personal projects
Umut BUYUKDURMUSNov 20, 201471%Enthuware Test Studio (1Z0-803) and KB7TurkeyPMP
Manish VermaSep 4, 201478%StoryIndiaSpring Web
Silviu BurceaAugust 28, 201490%SCJP6 by K&B, Enthuware testsRomaniaOCMJEA6 & OCAJP8
Marco Antonio Béjar VillalbaAugust 12, 201490%Apress - Oracle certified professional java se 7 programmer Exams 1z0-804 and 1z0-805, Enthuware testsMéxicoOCEJPA6
K. TsangApril 17, 201473%Story  
Bruno Soares BravoDecember 05, 201378%Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 7 Programmer Exams 1Z0-804 and 1Z0-805, Enthuware testsBrazil1Z0-810: Upgrade Java SE 7 to Java SE 8 OCP Programmer
Paweł BaczyńskiMay 21, 201383%Upgrade exam 1Z0-805Kraków, PolandOCPJP 8
Mac Sta. MariaAugust 31, 201293%Enthuware Test Studio (1Z0-803) and SCJP 6 books by K. Sierra and B. Bates  
Jorwin YauJune 1, 201276%SCJP 6 books by K. Sierra and B. Bates and used Master Exam  
Keith MenzelMay 13, 201293%Enthuware Test Studio for 1Z0-803 and SCJP 6 books by K. Mughal and by K. Sierra and B. Bates  
Robert Liguori2012PassedOCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-803) (Oracle Press) and Enthuware Test Studio (1Z0-803)  

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Good idea (for my cert results), hopefully I formatted the table correctly!
Just blogged about my experience taking the exam!

It was quite different from the previous exams so you really need a study guide tailored to this exam.  Jeanne and I are working on new book that should be out by the end of the year and cover all the topics on the exam.
I blogged about my experiences here:

The 1Z0-830 has to be one of the most challenging certifications exams I've taken.  The length of the questions, number of options, and really long code within some options bordered on ridiculous at time.  While they increased the time from 90 to 120 minutes for the exam, I'd say you are still likely to run out of time.  Some questions are like bad eye exams, where you have to spot a unique reason a particular ~25 line option does not compile.

Taking it remotely was all vastly different from previous exams.  We'll be blogging about that soon, so stay tuned!

While I can't talk about specific questions/content on the exam, feel free to post any questions and I'll try to answer them.  Jeanne and I working to have our book out by the end of the year.  And yes, it will cover all topics on the exam!
The 1Z0-830 Java 21 Exam (and our book) have been officially announced!

Paul Anilprem wrote:I wonder what is Oracle's thought process in picking exam topics. Most non-trivial applications use JDBC either directly or indirectly yet it is removed from the objectives while most applications do not use modules but Oracle wants the candidates to have deep knowledge of modules! Same goes for Serialization.

The questions about JDBC were often not practical.  For example, I don't anyone that uses TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE or CONCUR_UPDATABLE, but they've been on the exam.  They also had questions about Statement, whereas PreparedStatement is often preferred for performance and security reasons.  In short, I was in favor of removing JDBC because of quality issues, but to my surprise, that did not weigh into their decision to remove it.  

In theory, modules is the future of Java, but I rarely see professionals working with them so you're guess is as good as mind.

For serialization, there are some interesting topics there, but I don't know many developers who go deep on serialization (or that use the built-in Java serialization).  A lot of people use Jackson/Gson.
Thanks everyone!  It's nice to be home on the ranch!
As authors, we add/delete/modify many questions between books and update existing questions to include new topics/features.  Sometimes we even change the answer by modifying a line of code to be harder!  

There's also different topics between the two exams.  For example, Java 11 requires you to know how to create custom annotations and use doPrivileged(), while Java 17 does not.  On the other hand there a lot of new topics in Java 17 that you need to study like records and pattern matching.

In short, it's better to use a book for the exam you are studying (and we have both 11 and 17 available).  You can try to mix/match but you may end up missing some key topics.
There’s no points for partial credit so I’m kind of curious where you’re getting the 64.7% number.  For the 1Z0-808 exam, there are 56 questions and passing score is 65%.  If you answer 36 correct, your score is 64.2857% and if you score 37 correct, you’re over 65%.   No rounding needed.

There’s a catch, though.  Oracle may include unscored practice/trial questions on your exam that do not contribute to your score.  We don’t have numbers on how common these are, but we’ve been told they exist.
Correct, starting with Java 11 there is no associate title.  It only takes one exam to get OCP certified.
They are relatively well distributed across objectives (aka you’re not likely to get 20 questions on pattern matching) but there are some caveats. First, there’s a random element at play.  Not everyone gets the same questions or same distribution.  Second, a question might appear to be about one thing, like concurrency, might actually be about something else, like method overwriting.

In other words, yes you need to study everything.  We wrote our books to help you focus on things you need to know for the exam, and often commented when you did not.
Yes, records are on the Java 17 exam.  They are useful anywhere you need to model data, pass data around, or serialize/deserialize to disk or another service.  In earlier versions of Java, you might have used JavaBeans or POJOs.  Record are conceptually equivalent but come with a slew of compiler-implemented methods like getters, meaningful equals/toString, etc.
They used to have drag and drop but after a lot of complaints they removed it.  It is now only multiple choice.  Some questions may have more than one answer, although the exam will tell you how many to pick.
We sometimes write questions that look complicated but aren’t do something simple, like the wrong access modifier.  The exams is done of them kind of questions because you have to read them carefully.