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Michael Weidmann wrote:Hi there!

I noticed that on your website ( you used page 83 instead of 81 for this errata.

Kind regards,

Oh, sorry.  It's page 81 in the 1Z0-815 book, page 83 in the CSG.
That's an edge case I often don't often think of, but yes it is unclear.

Added to Errata:

I believe this is the only binary operator to have right-to-left associativity.  All other binary operators are left-to-right.
Depends how much experience you have to start with.  It’s not a lot of time but for $25, it’s not a lot to lose either!
Oracle announced a big discount today for Java's 25th Anniversary.  If you're feeling up to it, you can take it again in the next 2 months for only $25:
Don't forget to get a study guide too.  The Practice Test book is great for preparing for the exam, but you need a study guide to learn the material and the reason  behind it!
Java 11 has some really great features, so I'd recommend it.  It also saves you time from having to get certified in the future for the newer version.
I don't think this is the Japanese version, that would be 1Z0-819-JPN (following their 815/816 naming).  My guess is this is just the English version with the "J" meant to denote Java's 25th anniversary.  PearsonVue lists both the 1Z0-819 ($245) and 1Z0-819-J ($25) so my guess is they just listed this exam twice with different prices.
The modules objectives covers a lot of topics, so there's no short list of things you need to study.  We wrote two chapters in our study guide to cover this, so that's a great place to start if you haven't worked with modules before.
So sorry, the 1Z0-819 is a really tough exam.  I think if there was more time it would be fair, but as you pointed out, speed and pacing are important.  It helps on problems when you can "figure out" what they are asking for quickly.  Like if have a lot of constructors in a question, look for obvious misuses of super() or this().

I'm glad you learned so much, that's the real purpose of certifications, to improve your education!
Correct, Sybex uses it on a number of their books.
They also sometimes includes "beta questions" that don't count toward your final score!
If your goal is to just get certified fast, the 1Z0-817 Upgrade Exam is the shortest path.  That said, if your goal is to learn the material, then I recommend the 1Z0-819 exam.  It has a lot of topics not on the Java 8 exam (nor the upgrade exam) that are important for learning Java such as annotations and security.  It's a harder exam, but you'll feel a lot more confident after you pass it.
Yes, parallel streams is an objective on both the old and new exams.  It helps to study streams and concurrency before trying to understand parallel streams.  Good luck!