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Somasekar Reddy

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Recent posts by Somasekar Reddy

Thanks Tim for your quick reply.

is there any preference for the hosting provider for GWT?
7 years ago
Hi, I migrated my application from PHP and MYSQL to GWT, Servlets and Mysql.

I was running the old applicaiton on Hostgator VPS .

They mentioned that they are also supporting Java Tomcat 5.5 Webserver to deply my Java Applications.

Just looking for feedback about good host that could run GWT Applications.

If it is Hostgator , Please mention which version of tomcat is better to run GWT Apps?

7 years ago
Hi, I had listed my books that I used for SCJP ,SCWCD, SCBCD for sale on ebay for bidding.

Here is the list , You can navigate to the link and look for 'Seller's Other Items' at right corner of the page.

1.Head First Java, 2nd Edition
2.Head First Design Patterns
3.Head First EJB
4.SCWCD Exam Study Kit, Hanumanth Deshmukh
5.SCBCD Exam Study Kit, Paul Sangera

Enjoy your bidding.

11 years ago
If you are willing to relocate to Albany-NY, Please send me your resume. I have a opening for one year project .
12 years ago
We have 3 openings in Java/J2EE for 18 months project in Albany, NY.


1. Candidate must have 8 years experience in IT application development
with a minimum of 2 years JAVA/J2EE programming experience

1. Experience with Websphere Application Server, knowledge of RAD
2 Experience in distributed technology with recent emphasis on J2EE,
Web Services, Portals/Portlets and SOA.
3 Familiar with Software Change, Configuration Management, and Build
Processes in a complex environment of re-useable Java components.
4 Experience writing technical specifications from functional
specifications and collaborating with business analyst to understand
functional specifications
5 Knowledge of UML Modeling tools such as Rational Modeler.

Including knowledge of Use Cases, Context Diagrams, Domain Models, Sequence
Diagrams and Object Diagrams
6. Experience in one of the following: Struts, JSF, EJB, MDB, JDBC,
7. Knowledge of Oracle and PL/SQL
8. Experience in use of a Messaging Architecture ( MQ Series, ESB,
Message Broker)
9. Experience in implementing Web Services and understanding of SOAP,

10. Experience with core software engineering concepts, control
structures, data structures, fundamental algorithms, error and exception

If you are a consultant and looking for long term projects please send your resumes and contact details to me withing a week.As this positions will be closed on 4th May 2007.

Marketing V.P
Proud member of and JavaRanch.
12 years ago
Hip hip hurry.....great Ivory Lee..its wonderful...

can you please guide forum members about your preparation in sites you referred ,articles,blogs and simulators that you have used for 142..

Congrats once again..have a beer and relax in IBM Caribbean..(ibm island)....

Somasekar Reddy.
Thanks Srinivasan,I will try from home...
Hi All,
For the past week I am not seeing much activity in our XML wondering is XML World in hibernation???

keep rocking guys...
Somasekar Reddy.
Hi cvr,
I would suggest you to wait for couple more weeks and get 142 certification which focusses on xml technologies that are largely used in the current you will have demand for your certification ....

If you feel that you looking for just xml certification then go ahead..all the best..

Somasekar Reddy.
Hi Himanshu,

I am not able to find the link for whizlabs india discount offer.can you please post the link .

Thanks in advance,
Somasekar Reddy.
Hi Vikram,
Adding my two cents to the suggestion given by Kailash, There are couple of points that any recruiter sees from fresher.

2.Urge to learn new things and adopt yourself to the environment.

When you show that you are certified, It indirectly shows that you have interest to learn new things and your interest in software development.
Here is catch22 being certified in java..some companies may not have requirement in java technology so you have to communicate that you are flexible to work in other technologies too.It shows them that you are flexible.As a fresher this is one of the important aspect any recruiter looks in candidate.

Last but not the least when you show them that you are certified their expectations goes make sure that you confident in java ..

all the best in your job hunt...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Somasekar Reddy.
13 years ago
Hi All,
I have got an oppurtunity with a client in Austin, Texas.I would like to know the hourly pay rate in that area for 6 yrs Sr java/j2ee Development engineer on contract basis.

would be highly appreciate If you can give me brief details about the cost of living in that area .

Thanks in advance,
Somasekar Reddy.
13 years ago