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Mandar Khire wrote:

args is empty, so args.length - 1 is -1. You may want to put the copying in an if-else block - if args.length is 0, just use args, otherwise use your copying.
1 day ago
To answer your question directly: no, you can't use Arrays.binarySearch, but you can use Collections.binarySearch. Arrays is only for (duh) arrays, Collections is for Lists etc.
5 days ago
You're welcome.
5 days ago
If you want to replace one character with another, why not use string.replace(delimiterChar, '|')? Or, to replace one string literal with another, use the other replace method. replaceAll is overkill if you don't have a regular expression.
1 week ago

Khuzema Dharwala wrote:

So apparently the unmarshal method doesn't directly return the object, but instead JAXBElement wrapping the object. Cast to JAXBElement<EventMessageType> instead, then retrieve its value.

To get rid of the unchecked cast warning you'll get, you can also use a StreamResource to get a more type-safe way:
1 week ago
Apart from why you would want to combine PHP and Tomcat, the problem appears to a be a missing .dll (Windows) or .so (Linux) file. The UnsatisfiedLinkError indicates that the library with some native implementation can't be found.
1 week ago
Thanks for sharing the solution
1 week ago
Well, they're just maven dependencies, right? So just add them to your pom.xml file.
1 week ago
Not sure. It's the process' output stream, but you read from it using the getInputStream method...
1 week ago
No, /bin and /usr/bin are definitely not the correct place for non-managed programs. You can use /usr/local/bin, but I think /opt is used a lot more these days.

An interesting read:
1 week ago
I think I see the problem. You have a function that has the same name as a local variable. Try renaming one of the two.
1 week ago

brian watkins wrote:        join_member1 = loners (member1,loners)
        join_member2 = loners (member2,loners)

loners is a list, so to access a single element or a slice you need to use [ and ], not ( and ). So what are you trying to do here?
1 week ago
That article needs an update though. If you use ProcessBuilder and redirectErrorStream(true), you only need to read from one stream, and you no longer need to go multi-threaded. I often do the following:
* Redirect the error stream.
* Start the process.
* While there is data from the output stream, read it.
* Call process.waitFor().

At the last step all of the process' output has been read, so I probably could just as well call exitValue().
1 week ago