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Recent posts by Adun Ton

I'm developing a website with Oracle9i and Jbuilder2006 and Tomcat5.0,
I want to use the connection pool in tomcat,
the problem is if I run the jsp page in jbuilder(the project server is tomcat 5.0), it do not use the server.xml of tomcat 5.0,but make a new server configure file for the project,so I can not configure the connetion pool for the project in jbuilder,
it works fine if I packet the webmodule into a war file,
and deploy it in the webapp directory of tomcat,
and start the tomcat,
it don't work if jbuilder and tomcat work together,
My god,
this has ruined my several sleeps and breakfast.

Who knows how to solve the problem?

[edited subject: was "Help,and let me have a good sleep" ]
[ November 29, 2005: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
When processing xml with JDOM in Jbuilder2006,
I found a funny thing?

the JDOM class lib (jdom.jar in directory /lib) is the new one,
at the same time,
the Sourse and Doc ( in directory /extras)that goes with it in jbuilder2006
is of an older version?
There are a lot of differences between them.

So you can guess what happended?
When I type code,using classes in jdom,
I got the wrong tips from the source and doc pack.
Jbuilder gave me wrong information about the lib.

The way to fix it is to download the right Source and Doc pack from,
and configure it in /tools/configure/libraries/jdom
make Source be src/java of the new pack
and Documentation /build/apidocs of it.

I made it right in this way?
What do you think?
It shall not be the problem of the net,
I setup the server on my own machine.
Is there a way to time the transactions at the server side?
And no database is used.
[ October 31, 2005: Message edited by: Adun Ton ]
16 years ago
Now,I am using jbuilder2006,and the webserver Tomcat5.0,
later,I will try to deploy it on weblogic 8.1,
I don't think it would make much difference.
16 years ago
I build a WebService project with JBuilder2006+Tomcat4.1,
a very simple one,add two numbers together,and return the result
and it's quite slow,
taking 2 to 3 minutes to return the result of 2+3,
what a nightmare.
16 years ago