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Recent posts by nitin pahwa

Hi Mani,

You can get the material from scea-j2ee yahoo groups.
Hi Laxmi,

Have u get the Part II coupon? Are make any special planns for part II prepartion?
It's good if u give me your personal id.


Waiting for your reply,
Hi All,

As i finished my Part I exam yesterday,want to go for Part II.

Please tell me where from i get the coupon for Part II in india

Please tell me where from i have to start for part II exam.
Hi All,

Today i wrote my SCEA Part I exam and scored 83%.

Thanks to all for their direct and indirect supports.

Please share some experience about last minute prepration before exam.


I find some good questions from this locations:

Please let me know some mock test locations.


I go through with EJB 1.1 specification.I have not understand this line

The container can choose to passivate an entity bean instance within a transaction.

Is it possible that entity bean can go for passive state during transaction?

Please clear my doubts
Hi Ajith,

Please give some tips on Design Pattern topic for SCEA Part I exam.

Thanks in advance,

But again i have a doubt if DNS Round Robin is load sharing technique then what u say about Hardware Load Balancer and HTTPS load balancing ?

Both of them are not using any algorithm to check which server is free and which one is not free?
As per my understanding DNS Round-Robin is simple load balancing technique to send a request to different server without knowledge of their capacity,their usage and load on particular server.

Please clarify?
Hi Vishal,

Please provide me some url on Common Architecture and Concepts topics.

Thanks Laxmi,

I have go through with one of mock test and the question is

What is DNS Round Robin?

Given ans. are a load sharing technique. a load balancing technique.

I have given the ans 2,but mock test shows me the ans 1 is correct.

what u will say about this?

Thanks & Regards
Thanks Laxmi,

One another queries:-

I don't have good practical exposure of EJB.Is exam relate to some practical questions also?


Lakshmi,please let me know the mock test u had used for ur prepration.
I get the 288 questions paper from yahoo groups.Is that enough to evalute before going for exam.
I go through with the whole syllabus and going for the exam next week.

Mean time i am looking for practice questions on Design Pattern,EJB,Legacy System and Security.

If any of you have that,Please provide me

Thanks in advance