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If in case it might be useful to some one, the solution for the above is as follows

1. Open the hibernate-tools.jar file in the dir c:\eclipse\plugins\org.hibernate.eclipse_3.4.1.v20110729-2006-H171-Final\lib\tools where c:\eclipse is the dir where eclipse is installed

2. inside the hibernate-tools.jar there is a file called daohome.ftl in the dir dao, which is the template for the DAO file generated.

3. Modify the file daohome.ftl [to use hibernate template OR the way you want] and update the hibernate-tools.jar and generate the classes

hi jacob,

Did you manage to find any solution for this?

OR Are there any other opensource tools available in the market that can do this?

Thanks & Regards!
Can anyone tell me how long does it take for SUN/Prometric to send the Final Certificate since they posted the Results?
I need the Final Certificate to do some claims.


J J Wright wrote:OK, I see what you're getting at.

I would take the statement "You will receive a single score for parts 2 and 3 of the exam" as meaning "parts II and III are marked together". The product of that single marking process is your final score, The minimum combined score is 114.

Unfortunately, it looks like Sun don't then tell you what your actual mark is. They simply tell you whether you passed or failed. In my opinion this is a real let down. After all, the whole process should be about becoming a better architect. Not simply whether you passed of failed. The absence of full and proper feedback, i.e. your actual marks broken down by section, means many of the real benefits of this certification are lost.

If they can provide marks, broken down by section, to SCJD, why not for SCEA?

Thanks for clarification.

I agree with you that Sun should actually give us the points scored, broken down by section. Now, I'm not sure in which section I'm strong and in which I need to improve.

J J Wright wrote:Do Sun actually post a score for part 2? The marking section of my instructions contains the following:

Below are the sections of the assignment and points available per section. Minimum score to pass the exam is 114. We will only post a pass or fail.

The Marking Section has the following

"The marking for this assignment is described below. You will receive a single score for parts 2 and 3 of the exam."

and in the next paragraph, the following is also present

"Minimum score to pass the exam is 114. We will only post a pass or fail"

So, which is correct? The Marking Section is as confusing as the assignment itself.
Component Diagram - 40 points
Class Diagram - 40 points
Deployment Diagram - 24 points
Interaction Diagrams - 16 points
Risk & Mitigation List - 16 points
Part 3 Short Answer - 24 points

Total - 160 points

Guys, My score is still 0, 11 days after the result has been published. Can anyone tell me how long will it take for SUN to update the score in suncermanager?


Prabu S Arumugam wrote:

Congrats !..
Did you get your results in an email..?

No, I did'nt get the results in email. Just keep cheking cert manager.

Today i check certmanager website, and I found my Grade was P for Part 3.
So, I assume I passed. [But the score was 0. ]

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Janis Kazakovs who really helped me with his amazing suggestions during Part 2. There are so many architects in this forum and only a few are really willing to help and Janis Kazakovs is one among those kind hearted souls. Thanks buddy for your help.


Raymond Lilleodegard wrote:Hi all fellow grade waiters!

I got my result today after waiting 6 weeks.
My grade is P but the score is set to 0 in the certmanager. As I understand it is a known problem for many. Looks like the certification database is not updated yet as well. But I guess it will get updated soon.
Until then I assume it means I passed ... ?

I too got my results today after waiting for 38 days. My Grade is P with 0 score in certmanager.
I'll wait for the certification database to be updated and I assume I passed.

Any idea how long will it take for cert manager to publish the marks?
and how long will it take for SUN to mail us the Certificate?


Prabu S Arumugam wrote:I completed mine three weeks ago! Some get the result in two weeks... some in three, four weeks... Its been five weeks for you..


Did you get your result?

You can also experiment with gif. Sometimes, they are smaller than png.

I have a question to ask.

1. Is it sufficient to have only one html file [index.html] OR
should we have html file for each Diagrams [like Classdiagram.html, ComponentDiagram.html ...]

Guys, Is it ok if the images [Sequence, Class, Component, Deployment] are in png format?
It is not specified anywhere in the assignment what format we should use.

png format seems to reduce the size of the images by more than 50%
jpg makes the file sizes very huge and that makes the jar file size more than 1MB.

So, is it ok to have all the images in png?