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congrats !! this will help my preparation
6 years ago
Hello Guys,
I am pretty new to android. I am trying create an app that customizes the expanded view of the notification panel . For start , I would like to add one button at the top of the notifications panel that will delete the message.I have checked the reference from http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/notifiers/notifications.html , however , this is not helping much as it is the view of the each notification . That is not what I want , I want to add the button at the top of the panel for any notification. Could you please direct me what should or how should I go about doing that. Any idea , reference would be highly appreciated
7 years ago
Hi ,
I would like to store an object(such as a list) to a database table in a single cell. What I want to do is store the object in a cell , I want to update the state of the object if I want to later on.Is this possible ? Any idea or suggestion will be highly appreciated . Thanks a lot in advance
Hi Guys, I have been away for programming for while as my current job is in different field in wireless telecommunications,but I would like to change my carrier path and start as a developer. I have scjp 5.0. I want to gather experience by contributing to open source project. Please suggest me, which open source project is popular or valuable for my resume. Also , if any one of you worked on any open source project that you liked and share the experience. Thanks a bunch in advance
8 years ago

Eric Pascarello wrote:First thing I would do if I were you would be: http://www.google.com/search?q=Single+Sign+on+Java


thanks a lot . But can I not do something like that with Ajax? if so is there any Ajax tutorial that I can use to learn Ajax.

Paul Sturrock wrote:What you are possibly looking for is Single Sign-On. Is the external website one of yours or a completely unrelated one?

yes Paul, I am trying to do something like that. What approach should I take? what would be the best approach. Please provide some suggestions.thanks

Hi , I would like to automate the log in of an external page. Here is what I am trying to do, I have two frame top frame contains some buttons. If I click the button I want an external web page to call with page that is already logged in using the user name and password. Is it possible to get the login page on the bottom page and input the user name and pasword automatically so that it calls the logged in page( the form of the log in page ) ? how can I do that with ajax ? is there any good ajax self help page when I can get tutorial for AJAX
Thanks Ankit for the advise. I will sure try that. I dont want to point the frame directly like this "https://gx-support.sun2.lightsurf.net/authenticate?handler=adminLoginWithPassword&login=xxx&password=yyy" as I want to automate the login . I will try using Ajax.thanks a lot for the advise

Ankit Garg wrote:I think you should use Window.parent instead of using parent directly. Also location.src is not a property I think (It is an attribute of frame tag). So you can either use the src property on the frame or href on the location of the frame. Also I think changing the location of a frame will be asynchronous. So in the code

The code after the href statements will be executed even if the page https://gx-support.sun2.lightsurf.net is not loaded completely. Lastly if that page seems to have just a simple form with handler (with the value adminLoginWithPassword), login and password fields. The form points to /authenticate so instead of doing all this mess, you can directly point your frame to https://gx-support.sun2.lightsurf.net/authenticate?handler=adminLoginWithPassword&login=xxx&password=yyy or you can make an ajax request, sending the parameters as request body. I hope I've not misinterpreted anything ...

Hi , I would like to submit the form of an external webpage using frame. I have two frame, top frame has the button . If I click that button I want to call the submit action on a form(the form is logging in the user ) which is calling different webpage. I am posting my code. Please let me know is this possible using java script or I should take different approach such as JSP or AJAX? If I take different approach like Jsp or Ajax, then how should I do that and if I can use java scipt then what is the problem here or what should I do here . Please Help

Originally posted by kailash thiyagarajan:

I think you should check with the consultancy firm whether they are going to put some fake experience into your resume or are they just going to forward your resume to their clients? I would say DONT if its the first case and if you dont not have any kind of experience.

What these guys do is that they'll train you for a month, put some 5 yrs experience into your resume. They can get you only as far as clearing the interview. After that you might land up as a Team lead or senior developer with no experience and no clue about your job. I know a guy from my company did the same and he got fired from his previous job because they found out about the fake experience.

I think there are a lot of oppurtunities for interns or temporary entry level contract jobs. You can always try there. Once you get the experience, you would be in a better position to decide whats best for you.

So please do ask them about this and then go for it.

If they are just going to forward you resume then its perfectly fine.

Hi kailash thiyagarajan,
Thanks a lot for your important information. Actually I think my case is the first case. They said they will train me for 5 weeks then they will put experience to my resume and send me to their clients for interview. But I am not sure they will put fake experience to my resume or not.
I am Canadian and looking for full time position. Here in Canada the job market is not as good as u.s.a.. Do you know any company in u.s.a. how are providing TN visa sponsorship for entry level position. Thanks in advance.

T khan
13 years ago

Originally posted by kailash thiyagarajan:

Also, don't go for consultancy in the beginning as those guys would just fake up your resume and market you. They might pay you twice as much but what's the hurry, you havent even started your career yet. Money will come with good work and time.

Hi kailash thiyagarajan ,
I just got an offer from a consultancy firm. Could you please give some more idea about them? Are you suggesting that consultancy firm is not good for the career? I need the job for both money and experience. I also have to relocate for this job. Therefore, I should consider it carefully. Tell me your views.
[ December 03, 2005: Message edited by: T khan ]
13 years ago
Hi M. Meer,
Thanks for the reply. I got an offer from a consultant firm. They are going to send papers for TN visa. Since you have gone through the TN visa process, you will be able to give me some advices.
1.I know that I need to show the visa officer the original copy of my certificates, transcript, passport etc. but do I need certified copy of each of them? If so, how did you certify your copies?
2.Should I go to a border (i.e. Buffalo,NY) 2/3 days ago ,get the visa and come back to Canada then fly to my destination or get visa from airport right before flying, which will be better?
3.Do I have to face any interview, if so what type of questions visa officer may ask?
It would be great help if you answer my questions.
T khan
13 years ago
Al Caplan
Currently I am living in Toronto.
[ November 26, 2005: Message edited by: T khan ]
13 years ago
Hi friends,
I need advice. I graduated from university of Windsor, Ontario (Canada) in Bachelor of computer science on April 2005 and then I admitted to one of the graduate schools in Toronto but the program was Electrical and computer engineering . My background is pure computer science, I like programming and my supervisor was pushing me towards his research that was not related to C.S. in any way, therefore I realized that graduate school is not for me and I quite. Now I am looking for full time job as a developer or programmer. I was a teaching assistant for 2 years and also worked under one faculty as a developer for some days in University of Windsor. But I have wasted almost 6 months after my graduation for this graduate school. Now I am so frustrated that all jobs are seeking people who have more that 2 years of experiences. My concerns are:
How can I gain experience in this situation? I saw in one post someone saying that there are open source project where I can gain experience, what is the web address for this type of projects, where can I find those? I am Canadian and want to get job in u.s.a., Is it harder or easier to get TN visa than H1 visa? Can any body help me.

[ November 29, 2005: Message edited by: T khan ]
13 years ago
Hello guys,
I passed SCJP 5.0 last week and want to SCJA soon. I need help preparing for the exam. First of all, how to prepare for the exam? Can anybody tell me which book and study material should I follow.
Secondly, how long should I prepare before appearing to the exam.

13 years ago