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Hello All:

I have a situation here that I need to cast an Object type at run time dynamically. I already know the class name is valid and myMethod() and "myString" are all valid. What do I need to fill in, as in the following code...

public method(Object o)
className=getClassName(); //I can get this.
///how am I going to use the className into casting?
(fill in here)o).myMethod() = "myString";

Thank you.

15 years ago
I ended up using iframe. It seems to be fine for now. Thank you.
16 years ago
Hello Jess:

What you described was absolutely right. I used that kind of directory in a regular web application. Yes, anything beyond /WEB-INF/ is prohibited from direct access via http.

My apology that I need to say more in my original post... When I looked at some articles from the internet, sorry can't recall where. To avoid direct http access from portal we purposely move jsp folder behind /WEB-INF/ and use xml file to control controller's behavior (in MVC model). For example, in struts-config.xml you may forward a success action to /WEB-INF/jsp/myJSP.jsp. That is where I got the idea. In stead of a http call, it seems like some mechanism there treats this as a directory path, and an url was then created somehow meaningful for the portal container. If you print out that URL, it is totally meaningless.

All those require user to call a controller class (action class) from a link and then do a forward. It would be easier if you can get a simple url link generated using some function takes /WEB-INF/myFiles/blah.pdf as input and generate a url that is meaningful to portal.

Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.

16 years ago
OK Jess:

Do I get a award by doing that? you see I already corrected...

Well, to your suggestion, kind of. I am new to this portlet stuff so bear with me a little...

As I learned from internet, I put my jsp and all other directories such as myFiles underneath /WEB-INF/, say /WEB-INF/myFiles/blah.pdf.

This is not working for me in a portlet environment, since I don't seem to find a way to point to there? In your reply what do you mean by ...just generate a link in your application to that URL and it can be accessed directly... could you elaborate it? How to generate a link? I think that might help. I am doing all this in JSP right? Thank you again!!!

16 years ago
Hello Everyone:

Please shed some light on this one:

I need to create a link in a porlet to point to a pdf file in the application directory, to have the same effect that I would get from a link in a regular page. I know that url doesn't mean much for a portlet since a portlet is within a portal container. It seems like that the options left are limited: create a controller or use a redirect. But what do I put in there? It is OK to forward to a jsp or html, but I am asking for a pdf or word doc.

some sample code would help.

Thank you.
16 years ago