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Recent posts by Ganesan Ponnusamy

Thanks for your question Bernhard. I am offering this Study Plan as Free Gift for you...
Please contact our support with your MyExamCloud login Id and reference URL of this post to add OCPJP 8 Upgrade Study Plan into your account.
The Study Plan currently has only 5 mock exams and study guide will be added by this month end. Just read this post about our eBook screenshot - .

Thanks to all for a wonderful week at OCPJP & OCAJP forums in CodeRanch. Many congratulations to all the winners.
Thank you so much Jeanne Boyarsky and Tim Cooke for allocating a wonderful week for MyExamCloud's OCPJP 8 Upgrade Study Plan promotion.

We appreciate all the CodeRanch members who participated in this promo by posting valuable queries.

Hope that I have answered all of your queries. In case if I missed anything, feel free to send me private message.

Once again I am listing the product links related to this promo here.

MyExamCloud OCPJP 8 Upgrade Study Plan

MyExamCloud OCPJP 8 Study Plan

MyExamCloud OCAJP 8 Study Plan

MyExamCloud Exam Dashboard home page

See you all again in next promo.
Thanks Dan for your good questions.

You can view answers (even for Trial Exam) for your completed exam at .
Sample screenshot:

This page have following filter options to read answers:
Selected Topic Questions
All Questions
Marked Questions
Commented Questions
More than 4 attempt wrong answered questions
More than 3 attempt wrong answered questions
More than 2 attempt wrong answered questions
All Incorrect Questions

The eBook contents are available on Exam Dashboard at .
Sample Screenshot:

We try to cover each and exam objective in eBook, so it is enough to prepare for learning all the exam objectives. The eBook content coverage may vary from Study Plan to Study Plan and we keep on improving contents against exam syllabus changes.

Thanks for your question Shiva.

We currently offer Study Plan solutions (practice tests and study guides) at MyExamCloud for the following Java SE 8 Exams.

OCPJP 8 Upgrade
OCPJP 8 (still under trial and full version will be launched in mid of October).

Yes, you can take OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 without taking OCPJP7. I hope you are aware of certification requirements under regular path and upgrade path; Step 1: Complete OCAJP 8 Step 2: Complete OCPJP 8 (OCAJP 8 is pre-requirement for this exam).

Just start preparing for OCAJP 8 exam with MyExamCloud's Study Plan and complete your exam. Later you can start preparing for your OCPJP 8 exam by (by the time full version will be available).

There are 5 full length mock exams (each 77 questions), 1 trial exam (30 questions), 9 quiz exams (around 50 questions each) and 2 eBooks for OCAJP 8 topics. You can check the details at MyExamCloud's Study Plan pages.

You can also search other exams at (just enter exam code or short name).

Thanks for your query. I am sorry I missed to watch this forum for MyExamCloud OCPJP 8 book promotion.
Please find my answer:
As you said your goal is to get java 8 certification; it is good to go for regular certification path to achieve your OCAJP and OCPJP certifications. It is more economical way than the upgrade path (OCAJP 7 + OCPJP 7 + OCPJP 8 Upgrade) including your preparation time. Do not worry about study books for OCPJP 8 till you complete your OCA level. You might get good study guides by the time when you start preparing OCPJP 8. MyExamCloud team also working on eBooks and mock exams and it will be ready by mid of October.

Just add this study plan into your MyExamCloud account and keep watching.

Yes you can access only specific topic questions under Read Answers section.
Thanks T Ade for your wishes.
Yes you can get full explanation with online reference URLs.
Take trial exam for and access page and click Read Answers to view explanations.
Thanks Sridhar and Kshirsagar.
We are also working on eBook for OCPJP 8 Upgrade Exam and it will be included in the same study plan.
Keep watching this study plan.
Daniel Trebbien, Thanks for your query.
We are the first company to release/releasing sample practice exams whenever Oracle releases new Java exam. The question contents are prepared by our own and we do not encourage copying from real exam questions. If somebody offers questions exactly similar to real exam, it is an exam policy violation and Oracle may take legal action. Cloning real exam questions are also considered as Oracle policy violation. We try to teach exam objectives by providing real exam style (other than real exam questions) like number of questions, exam duration and passing score. We are confident that if you master in all exam objectives by practicing with MyExamCloud exams, you can get good score in real exams.

You can check our study plan questions here.
Good questions Kshirsagar. Thanks for that.

Here are my answers:

Number of unique questions in your set.
There are 5 unique full length mock exams.
Each set has 81 questions and 1 trial exam (29 questions).
Overall 434 unique questions.

Are the practice questions repeated as a part of mock exams?
Practice questions are already grouped with set of mock exams.

Are there any statistics available for comparing yourself with other students or actual exam score?
We just launched this product and we will update later.

More details at

Thanks Sergej for your question.

I cannot find any exclusive book for OCPJP 8 Exams (1Z0-809 & 1Z0-810), however you can find general Java 8 programming books.
You can find free tutorials from Oracle's site to start learning for OCPJP 8 exams until we get formal book for OCPJP 8.

Regarding the study process, I always believe in coding instead of plain paper reading. So do sample programs for each and every exam topics and fine tune your programs with all possible Java 8 options. Later you can attend mock exams to get ready for your actual exam.
Thanks Tim Cooke and Jeanne Boyarsky for your warm welcome.
I am happy to spend time with Coderanch professionals this week.

Just quick overview about MyExamCloud.
Founded in August 2015, MyExamCloud allows billions of people to practice with online exams from school to degree level. The MyExamCloud is the perfect exam practice environment to make your exam preparation in the right manner.

Simply repeating online exams can never get to your goal. Instead you must practice with the target in mind. MyExamCloud simplifies your preparation by focus lab and goals tracker to know you progress. The MyExamCloud's Goals tracker give you a yardstick to measure your progress, to judge whether you are marching forward or sliding back.

The MyExamCloud aims to offer practice exams from Kids IQ level to PhD exams. You can find exams in all difficulty levels from beginner to advanced. Through MyExamCloud exams any novice student can expert in specific skill by continuous practice. If you are going to climb a ladder, you have to start on the ground; Just start practicing beginner level exams and slowly improve your knowledge by taking intermediate and advanced exams.

- Set Goals

- Take Exams
- Study eBooks
- Read answers

- View Reports
- View Goals

The above components are part of MyExamCloud's Exam dashboard .
Thanks for your question.

We do not want to compare with other products since MyExamCloud is totally different from what you are referring.

The key aspect of the MyExamCloud is to provide online study plans under various categories such as School, College, Certifications and other similar areas. We are currently offering online practice tests for all Oracle's Java Certifications and other practice tests are under development.

Java SE Certification Study Plans -
Java EE Certification Study Plans -
Java ME Certification Study Plan -

Study Plan is the top most root and all the other items whether it is exams or electronic books or any other artefacts all are associated with the study plan.

The great thing about MyExamCloud is that it is accessed anytime, anywhere and we are not charging for monthly/yearly usage. You have unlimited access to your Study Plans once you added them to your account. Interestingly once the user purchases the study plan it is life time free. One need not to worry about the renewal date, renewal cost etc. Moreover all the subsequent updates to question banks and contents are provided absolutely free of cost for the purchased study plan.

You can download Android App from Google and iPhone App will be ready in a week or so.

- PC Access YES
- Tablet Access YES
- Mobile Access YES
- Windows Yes
- Linux Yes
- MAC - Yes
- iPod - Yes