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Recent posts by William Barnes

Ya, sorry.  Not really on topic.

Looking for an application which shows every thing from a web page all the way down to the database.  Don't care what drives the front end.  Want Java in the middle. And something simple for the DB, like an in-memory solution maybe.  I just want to see how all the pieces hook together.  

I understand that many solutions don't use Java.  

5 months ago
Now that I think about it, I might have been using IntelliJ.

So you are saying that I need to go find the jar for that Junit class, copy it, and include it in my project?  Sorry if it this sounds like I am just repeating your post.

6 months ago
The code works with Eclipse Neon.  

It doesn't understand these imports.  "The import org.junit cannot be resolved"

Do I need to use a different junit library?  What about Neon vs Photon is different?  These are small pieces of code, so I don't have a pom.xml

6 months ago
It is working now, with a different project which was created using Spring Boot v2.x  So don't know what was happening.
6 months ago
This, https://github.com/spring-guides/gs-consuming-rest, which uses Spring Boot v2 works.  So not an Eclipse Photon issue I guess.  
6 months ago
On this web site https://start.spring.io/ I create two different projects.  One with Spring Boot 1.5.16 and the other with 2.0.5  I then use the Import Existing Maven project feature in Eclipse.  Then I attempt to run the (autogenerated) java class which is part of the project.  The project with Spring Boot 1.5.x works, while the one with 2.x gives me "class not found" errors.

Is the issue just that Eclipse Proton doesn't support Spring Boot 2.x yet?  Tried searching for what that version of Eclipse supports, and didn't have any luck.

6 months ago
Yes!  This is what I was looking for.  Thanks!


All the feedback was helpful, as always.  You guys/gals rock.
6 months ago
> Is this homework?
Ha!  Ya, I wish.  
6 months ago
They are just using the word "Agile" as a way of piling too much work on you.  You can push back, but if management wants to just pile work on you, it doesn't matter what they call the development process.  Sounds like you should start looking for another job.  Good luck.
6 months ago
Not really a Java specific question, I know.

Given a set of something, how do I generate all combinations?  Is this a smart way of doing this?  My first attempt to would be to have a bunch of loops, I guess.

Example input: 1,2,3,4
Desired output (all pairs, all triplets, ...):

I think I can handle duplicates by using a data structure which will just not allow you duplicates.  Something like this maybe?  

6 months ago
All the Java examples I can find on the google, which use .map() or .filter() also have .stream(), which is another thing that confused me about this code.  

So I think you are correct, that this is JavaScript.  

6 months ago
Off topic, sort of.

Question from an interview.  "What is final, finally and finalize?"
6 months ago

Are the ".map" and ".filter" new to Java 8?  

6 months ago
> Which online test?

The test you take, when you apply for a job at Amazon.  Is there more the one?

10 months ago