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Recent posts by William Barnes

> Which online test?

The test you take, when you apply for a job at Amazon.  Is there more the one?

2 months ago
> can download my project and use it.

That should be the least of your worries.  I am sure the company has lots of their own code.  They don't need yours. 

But yes, giving them access to your code on a place like github is a good way of doing it.
2 months ago
I have been a developer for almost 30 years now.  I tried taking that Amazon online test and didn't stand a chance.  The test had no relation to what I have been doing in the real world for over half my life.  Now I am in the position where I have to look for another job.  There are only so many hours in the day, and I am wondering if it is even worth my time to try and study to take that test again. 

On top of that the position would be with the "Alexa Entertainment Team".  I am confused and dismayed by people who pay to have a listening device in their home.  I really, truly, don't understand why anyone would want Amazon listening to everything they say.
2 months ago
Nice example, but I think you have a typo.  That should be "/base/third" correct?

7 months ago
One of the best things new programmers can do, is learn how to use a debugger.  Once you know how to use a debugger, you can solved most of your own problems.  And since it would be crazy stupid to use a command line debugger, you should learn how to use an IDE - as most IDEs contain debuggers.
11 months ago

Found a more "complete" example, so going to just move on to that.

1 year ago
Starting with the "official" Quick Start example here:

I use to create a project with 1] DevTools, 2] JPA and 3] H2

Using IntelliJ IDEA open the project, and the test driver class executes with no errors.

tFollowing the instuctions on the Quick Start page I: update pom.xml, create, and create

Now when I run this I get

I can't find any place where I have "employeeRepository", lower case "e", as it appears in that log message.

I assume that that web page isn't giving me exactly all the changes I need to make.  But I don't know how to trouble shoot this.


1 year ago
What I learned:
  • I only answered 41 of 50 questions, even knowing that wrong answers wouldn't count against me.  My bad.
  • Best practice tests found here:
  • Have scrap paper, and calculator ready for quick notes calculations.
  • Set a timer for the half way point, to see if you are on track.
  • Pick a time, like maybe 1 minute left, at which point to just answer all remaining questions randomly.

  • 1 year ago
    Not only am I not able to edit my post, I also can't delete it.  So I will answer it.  In the instructions for the test:

    "It is in your best interest to answer as many questions as you can, as there is no penalty for guessing."

    1 year ago
    I am told to look here for examples:
    And that there will be 50 multiple choice questions, with a time limit of 15 minutes.  This is to get me to the next step in the interview process.
    When I hit a question, which I don't know the answer for, do I: 1] skip over it, or 2] just take a guess?  Is it better to have answered less questions, with less incorrect answers?
    1 year ago
    Ok, not able to break your code yet.  So looking good.

    Silly question, how do I compare the nodes?  If i were to have two iterators, and I want to see if they are pointing to the same node.  How would that work?  Say I create a CircularListWithTail, using Integer for the node.  If I do a .get() I end up with Object, not Integer.   I know this is a general question, and I think I would run into the came confusion using LinkedList.

    1 year ago
    "CircularListWithTail"  I like that name, except it makes you think of the "tail" as being on the end.  Instead of the beginning. 
    1 year ago
    How would you like to be credited when I steal use this code?  Thanks.
    1 year ago