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Recent posts by Nikhil Sun

Hi Friends,

I have got around 8+ years of experience in IT totally in the banking domain and all of it based in India.Now I was on the lookout for opportunities in Non-IT either in India itself or abroad.After much efforts, now I have got an offer from a company that is based in UAE which is a partner for a major world leading Software Product company that is totally into banking products.The role I am offered is based out of Mumbai but on UAE payroll.
The salary being offered is a total of 7250 Dirhams.(5000 base + 2250 allowances)
The questions I have are:
1) Is this an ok salary as far as my experience is concerned.Please note that I have IT experience and this job will be technofunctional and primarily based out of Mumbai.
1) As the job is said to be primarily based out of Mumbai but on UAE payroll, so does that mean that the entire amount will be tax free?I heard something like the employee should spend atleast more than 183 days in UAE so that the salary becomes tax free in India.Please clarify this.
2)The job is to my liking and will involve presales efforts and implementation of the software company's products at banks.So I feel it is a welcome change from a typical desk job in IT.
3)As the job may involve travel, if I am in UAE for say 3 months, is this salary sufficient to survive there?I would not be taking my family along.

Kindly do throw light on these questions.
9 years ago
Thanks friends.I guess I am being paid reasonably then
11 years ago
I have got 6 years 3 months of experience in Java.Recently I got a hike and my salary is now 8.8 LPA.Is this as per market standards?I am asking as it has been quite sometime that I kept a tab on the job market.Hence would like to get opinions.
11 years ago
I have following classes

Now in my application code when I retrieve an instance of Jason class, as the fetch type of PersonTemplate,PersonAttribute are Lazy they would be retrieved only when required.

I want to retrieve the productCodeId variable in PersonAttribute class.
So I do the below thing:

How would the performance of above be as compared to if I write a straightforward SQL native query that joins the three tables to get the productCodeId?
Would the native SQL Query be better always than doing a jason.getPersonTemplate.personAttribute.getProductCodeId();??

Note: I may not be syntactically correct with the class definition annotations above, but I think you get an idea what I am trying to do
Any opinions on the same?I am still looking for some replies.
12 years ago
Hi Martin,

I have sent a mail to requesting to add me as a member to the Ikasan EIP project.Kindly count me in too.I am interested in contributing my bit to the force!!
12 years ago
Thanks Dave.So I believe that Datapower is a different skillset in itself which requires knowledge of probably configuring it,administration etc right?As a Java professional, do you think having Datapower as a skill is a value addition?Also what is the demand for Datapower professionals?
12 years ago
Ya Ulf, but actually I have joined recently and was working for quite sometime on a Spring based web application.The thing is our team is newly formed and today we were sent a mail that listed the modules we would be responsible for.I had Datapower among other things.Hence I thought of googling for it and also posting here so that I can get some idea beforehand as to what it is.I also would like to know the demand for Datapower in the IT market.The thing is I have been a Java/J2EE person for 5+ years now.Would working on something like Datapower be a value addition?
12 years ago
Hi Guys,

I need to know what is Datapower?Is it a software or a piece of hardware.I need to know because I have got 5 years of Java/J2EE experience.And my current firm is going to give me work involving Datapower.I have no clue about it and hence would like to get inputs from you first.
12 years ago
I understand that we can load a resource say an XML context definition file using the FileSysytemXmlApplicationContext or ClassPathXmlApplicationContext.While the former loads the resource from a system file location path, the latter does it by searching the classpath(even in Jar files).
Are there any pros and cons of these modes of resource loading?Isn't file system loading more faster as compared to searching on the classpath?
Should there be any considerations when developing our applications to load resources?
I understand that since loading of resources would be mostly at application startup, it should not be a major issue.But still is there any significance from the application point of view?
12 years ago
Just a basic query.When a serialVersionUID is defined in a Java class, is there any convention that is followed to arrive at the number that will be defined as the UID or is any random Long number assigned?
12 years ago
Hi Martijn,

Count me too as an interested party in the Ikasan project...please mail me the details too.
12 years ago

I have few friends with 3 to 5 offers in hand getting around 25% to 40% hike in CTC

Are you serious Manish?That may sound impressive but is this 25%-40% hike inclusive of the variable does the CTC include variable component?in that case the variable component must be very huge..In the current scenario I don't know of any company giving even 20% hike on the fixed pay..Even I know of few companies hiring now but they are holding the purse strings very tight and negotiating very hard.That is why I feel the hike range you are stating would include a big chunk of variable component.

Ans as far as headhunters are concerned,very few really know the innards of technology and the connotations of the various acronyms that form the skillsets mandated by the IT companies.Also most companies do not reveal onsite opportnities to consultants.And if you are mailing consultants you will not receive any kind of useful replies.In fact they wont bother to reply.Best is to call then up and speak to them personally.That way you will also come to know if the consultant knows his job well and what are the job specific requirements.
12 years ago
Sherif,I guess it would be helpful if you could briefly describe the kind of work you have done in Java/J2EE for 4 years.This might be helpful for people to give their suggestions about the direction you could take.
If you have been working on Core Java,development of Web Applications using frameworks like Struts,ORM tools etc for all this while then it maybe nice to get into the new profile and get experience in integration as well.It will be a value addition for you.
And it could help you be seen at your workplace as someone who is willing to learn things and contribute.
13 years ago

What does this mean to normal application development?

Well Jothi,I am trying to get ranchers' opinions on this model of delivery.
I felt that as IT gets more and more advanced,things that we do today may be made automated or configurable tomorrow.For example while earlier we used to struggle coding web applications,now we have got frameworks like struts for that.Similarly database interaction coding is simplified(or made more complex depending on your area of expertise and adaptability) using ORM.
Maybe going forward application development itself would be a matter of just configuring things and making them available for those who want it through the Cloud.
Now why I feel that this model can make biggies like IBM or Oracle rule the industry is because these are companies that are today beginning to look more and more like IT Super Markets that can provide everything and anything to do with IT...well almost.Now these firms would already be having their huge repositories of reusable software and they could well use that along with their ongoing research and development to come up with highly configurable and customizable applications along with traditional development which can be offered to their clients through the Cloud.
So basically once their early clients are happy,there will be repeat business as well as new firms signing them up.
Those that sign up could be big firms which will be more than happy to give their IT needs to these IT SuperMarkets.And maybe even SMEs could well opt for the Cloud as the IT SuperMarkets may definitely have them too included in their long term plans.

So that leaves less business for the current IT service providers who do routine maintenance and enhancements kind of work.They would have to buckle up and start innovating and creating some really solid products with high business value.Else they could see their business restricted to bread and butter maintenance stuff.

Moreover, making a product or service into more of a commodity only serves to reduce margins

I agree.But then it need not be sold as a commodity at all.Just that things can be configured and customised a bit and combined with traditional development can be delivered to the client.What I feel is this entire thing could be taken up by the IT organization itself.It is like an IBM or Oracle would tell its clients "Look here we have got this Cloud.And you have this entire range of requirements and we can develop and configure all this for you and deploy it for you.And yes we also maintain the same for you and with future enhancements too.So we will take care of your entire IT end to end from our end"
13 years ago