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can anybody tell me how much should i asked for 1 year experience
in j2ee . i have cleared all technical round .
i came to know salary is very less in hcl . is it true
please reply

14 years ago
hi rambhakt

just make a target , of money u want to earn
so that u can live lavishly in india , with ur indian society
or can start a small business.

i though in US u might earn about 10 times more
that u earn in india ,
just do work there for 4-5 year , and come back .

it is very easy concept ,that generally all indians are applying
14 years ago
we wants moderator like bear bibeault
who seems to be active 24 hours
exactly i feel same " iitians are over rated "
my one of the friend is in iit ,
he is very egoist , when i asked some question
about programming , he told me we dont study now ,
we will get job easily,
everyone knows we are the most intelligent people.
i simply laugh on this statement,
and i say to my ownself , i know how much u are intelligent
14 years ago
which is best hostel in banagalore
at the time of job hunt
can anyone tell me
the address
14 years ago
Design Pattern:
1. Is Intercepting filter a Presentation tier or Business Tier Pattern ?
2. How is struts related to MVC and front controller pattern ?


intercepting filter ---------- presentation tier
struts related to front controller
can anyone rate the notes

and many more good notes

please suggest me notes which are copmplete and best

scmad aspirants
why only some peoples are interested in scmad
everyone interssted in scjp scwcd scbcd and scjd
no one want to waste money for buying voucher for scmad
is scmad technology is not in demand these days
or something else
hi ranchers
yesterday i gave my exam i failed in scwcd exam .
i got miserable 51% , i dont know why this happens .
actually paper was somewhat easy ,
but it need lot of cram work , at the time of exam i was not able to
recollect my knowledge,
actually my mind was hecked by seeing custom tag questions
and design pattren questions , my mind stop working,
and other topics questions are easy , but due to
initial lack of confidence , i was not able to crack the exam ,
anyway i feel highly defeated . in scjp i got 74% ,
now i want to give exam again in next 15 days .
i cant except my defeat , now i want to study in organized mannner
i am silent member of javaranch . from last three month .
now please help me how should i study so that i can pass.
now my aim is to get above 95 % , i am trying to learn the
things from my defeat .
anyway all the best for scwcd aspirants