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Recent posts by Sandeep Shahane

Hello Ranchers

Today I have cleared SCBCD with 81%. the score is less as compared to my expectations....

I would like to thank a lot to Kathy and Bert for their excellent EJB book. I have become a fan of HF style book . I am eager to see their book on Web Services also... and mocks were also helpful..

I had novice level knowledge on EJB when I started preparing but with the great book I am feeling like knowing a lot about EJB

Thanks again

12 years ago
I came across a question in Mock SCBCD exam as

Which of the following statements are requirements for a session bean's session bean class? [Select all correct answers] 1 The class must implement the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface.
2 The class must implement the javax.ejb.SessionBean interface.
3 The class may implement the session bean's component interface.
4 The class can be declared final.
5 If the class is a stateful session bean, the constructor must declare parameters to initialise the session state.

My answer was 2 only. Can a session bean clss implement the session bean's component interface ?

And this was the exaplaination given
Answers 2 and 3 are correct.

Answer 1 is incorrect because the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface is optional and should only be implemented by stateful session bean classes that require notification by the container of transaction boundaries.

Answer 4 is incorrect. The session bean class cannot be declared final to provide the container with an opportunity to extend the class should it wish to mix in some container-specific code with the session bean class.

Answer 5 is incorrect. The container must declare a public constructor that take no parameters so that the container can create instances of the session bean class.
I'm new to XML. I wish to store all my application SQL statements in an XML file. Can anybody please guide me where can I find XML strucutre for the same and XML parsers also.
Is using XML for storing SQL statements is a good practice ?

Thanks... I was little confused on the version numbers !!!
I'm an SCWCD certified and I have received a plastic card for the same along with Certificate. But the card is printed with Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java 2EE Platform 1.4.

I think it should be 2.4 instead of 1.4. Please check out your card and do confirm.
Where should I contact to correct this?
I am ready to develop the application you are required. Please mail me detail requirements in terms of Functionality and Technical specifications and ideas if any.....

Sandeep Shahane
(SCJP 1.4 , SCWCD)
13 years ago
Please let me know if nay other books you referred? And how many days did it take to prepare from scratch....
13 years ago
Hi All,
I passed SCWCD wiht 85% score. Thnaks to Head First Servlet/JSP book. THis is an excellent book not just for examination but also to understand many concepts in JSP/Servlet technologies.
I also read manning book but seems to be monotonous.

Now planning for SCBCD. I have purchased HF EJB. Any other book I should refer?
[ November 17, 2005: Message edited by: Sandeep Shahane ]
13 years ago