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zhangChina lei

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since Nov 17, 2005
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Recent posts by zhangChina lei

thank you Jim,
i know it

thanks a lot
16 years ago
i know why you come along this exception:
chang this code in your program:
for (int i=0; i<files.length; i++) {
System.out.println("Adding: "+files[i]);
FileInputStream fi = new
FileInputStream(argv[0] + "\\" + files[i]);
origin = new
BufferedInputStream(fi, BUFFER);
but in your code,you point the argv[0] dirctory,you must sure there is no
anther dirctory in it

this program is only useful all files under the argv[0] dirctory,not
useful mixed files and other dirctorys
16 years ago
hello guys:
i want to write a code to actualize the CRC,but i don't understand
the algorism about it,
plase give me a help

thank you!!!
16 years ago
it throws the exception is 19 lines
i try it on my computer
i try look out the problem
but not
16 years ago
what are you talking about??
i don't understand your question!!!
who can help me to deal with my problem which topic name is [ask for advice]

thank you very much
16 years ago
i am jilin university ,and you?
16 years ago
every friends,recently,i have writing a graduate architect,the subject is "About mass memory file remote breakpoint continue transmission and CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check/Code) based on TCP/IP",butthen met some problems, desire gain
everybody's helps:

1. i suppose to ask every expert hand,what's the defferents about the realization that the remote transmission with java based on UDP and TCP/IP?
2.How to actualize the breakpoint continue transmission with java?
3.How to actualize the CRC with java? and How to convert from the InputStream into 0 1 codes?

everybody helping me,please send the reply to my email ,thank you!
16 years ago