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i did not understand what you are trying to say
14 years ago
Thanks for your reply, can you give the exact code for getting the output, as i altered my code and tried, but getting the same error.

14 years ago

Following is my code to retrive data from my ms-access table NAME to display the employee name and his id.

But iam getting the error as

can not resolve the symbol varaible addbutton
in the line (e.getSource == addbutton)

also can not resolve symbol
variable rs ( which is my Resultset that i have created in my code).

can any body help in solving my problem to retrieve and display the values from the table to the textfields.

Thanks in advance.

code starts:

[ August 09, 2007: Message edited by: Gregg Bolinger ]
14 years ago

Originally posted by Barry Gaunt:
Take a look at this from Sun's Tutorial. The section "Runtime Problems" may help you solve the problem.

Thankyou for helping me with the sun tutorials to solve the problem.
Iam trying to run the java program which i have written in notepad, it is compiling properly, but it is not running when i gave the command as

java filename

The error message it is showing as

Exception in thread "main"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: customer

customer is the file name

for any other java program also it is showing like the same error.

kindly help me out to run my java programs, as what might be the problem.
Hi Thanmai,

I dont have idea regarding any changes in the newer edition. Iam in India when i posted my earlier mail, now iam in Germany.

If it is SCJP 1.5 there might be some changes.You can just go and find out in the book shop by referring that newer edition.Sorry for not able to provide exact information.

First i wish you all the best for the success in SCJP exam.

i suggest
by KATHY SIERRA & BERT BATES, for SCJP exam is the best book.

Along with that CD is provided for mock exam.Try to answer that mock exam which is very much useful.

Also try to do more mock exams in the various sites available.First prepare a chapter and do more mock exams in that chapter until you are getting confidence, like that all other chapters.Finally all the chapters at once.

wish you all the best.