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since Nov 20, 2005
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I am B.E graduate with 78%(First class with Distinction). I have over 14 months of IT experience in Java, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Struts, JSF and EJB. I possess strong knowledge of Spring and Hibernate. I have SCJP1.4(93%) and SCWCD(88%) Certification. Presently working in a CMMI level-5 Company in Chennai, India. I am currently looking for a change within India. For any requirements in J2EE mail me to
14 years ago
select the correct sequence of action that a serverlet container perform before servicing any request.

1 instantiate listener defined in deployment descripter
2 initialize filter defined in dd
3 initialize servlet that are set to load on start up
4 call the context initialize method on listener implementing servlet context listener interface
In HFSJ it's given that we need to specify HttpSessionActivationListener in DD. I think only HttpSessionBindingListener need not be specified. AM i right?
What are the Idempotent methods in HTTP? In HFSJ page 114, it is said put is idempotent put specs says that put need not be idempotent!! Can anyone please clarify?
Can you send me your notes to I am gonna take the exam this month 21st.
I ve registered for Brainbench Exam 2 days back (when they kept all exams free). It was told that i can write the exam in another 90 days. But i'm not able to log in for the exam. It says exam is already taken. How can i take the test now???