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Recent posts by georgy jacob

I completed SCWCD abt 3 months back. When i did my SCWCD even i did not have any experience in JSP n servlets.

So u can go ahead with prep. wish u all the best..
Anu n liyaquat plz do keep me posted on ur certificate(SCWCD) status. I wrote the exam in India. I hope to get the certificate within two weeks.Have u got urs ?
Oh. I think ejb 1.3 will be out only by september. I am planning to finish my certification by sept. I have already bought the EJB book but am yet to start reading it. So i m continuing with my preparation.
Mahendar Reddy its more than one week since i took up my exam. I dont remember the exact score i got for each section.(my mark sheet is safely kept at home ).But I will give u the approximate number of questions i got for each chapter in kathy sierra.

Designs And patterns - 6 questions(far more than what i had expected on exam)
EJB related DD tags - 1 question( this question just checked whether I knew the syntax of common EJB tags u use in web components )
EL - 8 questions
Custom tags - 5 questions(approx)
EL - 8 questions(approx)
JSP - 5 questions(approx)
Security - 6 questions . this was the section that I found to be pretty hard
Request and response - 10 questions(approx)
JSTL - 4 questions
Listeners - 7 questions(approx)
Sessions - 6 questions(approx)
deployment - 3 questions
Filters - 2 questions

totally i got 70 questions. But final score was evaluated only for 69.
Even I have the same question. Cleared my SCWCD exam just a couple of days back.It wud be nice if someone cud tel us the difficulty level of BCD compared to SCJP or Scwcd.
Congrats liyaquat!! great score
Congrats Buddy!!! great score .Keep it up
Thank u all for ur encouraging words. I am planning to compensate for the poor score by scoring well in SCBCD.
Hi everyone ,

I cleared my SCWCD exam today scoring a modest 78%. Am very disappointed with the score. The mistake i did was that i did not read the specs. quite a few questions were asked from there (those topics were not covered in kathy sierra). So my advice to peole who want to score really high on the exam would be asking you to read the specs atleast once.
I would like to thank all the java ranch members for having cleared my doubts whenever they arose.
Please refer the errata section for HFSJ
Great score .Congrats. Give us more tips about taking the exam. On which section did u get the maximum nuber of questions on ?
U can either provide one or leave it to the compiler to produce the default no arg constructor. But incase u have written a constructor which takes one argument then u have to write code to implement ur no arg constructor as well.Hope i am clear.
Seems Monday is the day when most of u are taking up ur exams.
Hopefully three more web component developers will be added on that day . Wish u all the best Patrick and Liyaquat Ali !

I am not planning to read the specs. Am in the process of reading bridgewater book now. am also taking up the mock exam questions given in that book. the questions there seem to be at a much higher level than the level of testing in kathy sierra(atleast thats how i find it) . Am planning to revise kathy sierra for one last time tomorrow and on Sunday.

Once again wish u all the very best patrick n Liyaquat
ok thank you so much for ur prompt reply. It feels nice to know that people who havent gone through the specs have scored so well . . Hope luck favours me as well .