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Recent posts by Steve Tharp

I have one Enterprise Application project which contains several web modules. I am trying to share objects created and placed on an HttpSession object but I can't get other web modules (except the one that created the session) to retrieve the objects off the session.
I've tried enabling "Share session context" in my Enterprise Application project's deployment descriptor but it writes an "Invalid Attribute" error to the console.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
17 years ago
I am having trouble setting up the shared session context option in WSAD 5. I currently have 3 Enterprise Applications in my workspace and each one contains 1 web module. I have set up a Websphere Test Environment 4 and have all of the Enterprise Applications and web modules deployed to the WTE and everything is working fine except objects in a session created in one web module cannot be seen by other web modules. So I tried to check "Shared session context" under each of the 3 Enterprise Applications's Application Deployment Descriptor, but I'm getting the following error in the console: Problems found in META-INF/ibm-application-ext.xmi
ConfigError U Warning: Invalid attribute: xmi:sharedSessionContext at line number 2"
It appears that there is a problem with the way WSAD is writing to the ibm-application-ext.xmi file.
So my question is:
#1 Has anyone ran into this problem?
#2 Even if I can get the above problem straightend out, will it allow my sessions to be seen by every web module?
17 years ago
This works in Netscape and IE:
Does anyone know the best way to identify stale connections in a connection pool? Our application resides on a webfarm and connects to a DB2 database on an OS/390 mainframe using DB2Connect. The problem is the database is set to break connections after 10 minutes but the database does not notify DB2Connect when a connection has timed out and therefore my connection pool class still thinks the connection is available thus causing errors when a servlet grabs a stale connection.
What is the best way for the connectionpool class to determine if the connection is still valid? (I've tried connection.isClosed() and this does not work) Would getMetaData be an option? Or what about a simple query to test it? Any help is greatly appreciated!
I totally agree that servlets should not write out the HTML. I am just trying to decide the best way to code our application. I started out using out.println but quickly realized the nightmare of maintaining it. So I am currently using the RequestDispatcher forward() method to populate data in a jsp. I am interested in knowing if anyone has experience with this design and if it hurt performance in any way.
18 years ago
Can anyone tell me their experience on which will offer a better combination of performance and ease of maintenance:
RequestDispatcher forward() to shoot parameters to a .jsp using <% request.getAttribute() %> or having the servlet write out all the HTML with out.println?
18 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
When you are using ODBC you must set up the database in your ODBC section of the control panel. You then use the ODBC name that you specified.

I have tried to do that but when I Select a Database from the Control Panel, it only gives me the option of selecting a database from my hard drive. I don't see an option anywhere to specify an IP address or http://
I need to be able to connect my Java program on my local system to an access database on a remote server. I am using the following code for the url:
jdbc dbc:
and I am getting an error that the URL is too long.
I can get it to work fine if the DSN is set to the name of the DSN on my machine but I cannot get the DSN to point to the database at my web host provider. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks
I tried this but I keep getting an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Any idea why?
19 years ago