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Recent posts by BobC

great! thanks all appreciate your help!

10 years ago
I'm looking for a tool that can help to visualize a very large c++ system!

Some kind of graphic tool that will load the classes initially and then let me move things around into the right hierarchy.

Jung is pretty good, but it won't let me add any new arrows or make new connections using arrows and it takes forever to move things around dot by dot.

I can create the class input file in any order no problem.

Thanks for any ideas!
Thanks Ken, going to try that parseInt, sounds like a good idea, don't mind if it exceptions out!

Have a nice weekend Ken!
11 years ago

I have an intranet HTML page, currently with links to PDFs and files on an App server and and i'm wondering how i can now use that HTML page to access and Access database and create, insert, update and delete records on that database?

For instance, would i use an Applet or Swing or are can they be one and the same?

Thanks very much!
12 years ago