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Recent posts by Christophe Verré

Murach's Java programming is a classic Murach book aimed at Java enthusiasts. Following Murach's paired-paged style, with the left page for explanations and the right page for syntax, guidelines and examples, the book drives the reader into the Java world. It even goes a bit beyond the language syntax, by providing chapters on JDBC using the Derby database, and a chapter about XML handling. Each chapter ends with practical hands-on exercises. The IDE used throughout the book is Netbeans. The book is fast paced, maybe because explanations are kept to a minimum, so whether or not beginners are the target audience is debatable. Object-oriented programming needs time to assimilate so some people might find chapters on that subject lacking depth. The book is enjoyable, but I'd recommend it to people with an object-oriented background rather that to complete beginners.

I give this book 7 out of 10 horseshoes.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for writing this review on behalf of CodeRanch.
8 years ago
Does ArrayList extend another class, which already implements some methods from the List interface ?
10 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

Maneesh Godbole wrote:This is reliable? I mean it won't transmit it to the company or anything in the background?

1Password security FAQ

I'll never never trust online services to store passwords, no matter how safe they may look like. Like Matthew, I'm using KeePass, so that I can access my password both from Linux and Windows.
10 years ago
May I ask you why you marked this topic as resolved ? If it is solved, could you share the way you solved it ?
11 years ago
I see a productID in your bean, not an ID.
11 years ago
A nine-buttons mouse ?? Wow. Are they selling three-headed hammers too ?
11 years ago
I keep things in my head I figured out that I'd never look again at things I'd gathered on paper (or any other media).
11 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Is that the old edition? There have been slight changes, but the principles are the same as before.

It's the one listed in our JavaBeginnersFaq.
11 years ago
There's a link in that page, titled "Chapter 3, Methods Common to All Objects". Click it.
Or click here.
11 years ago
What are you asking for ?
11 years ago
Learn to use the "man" command.
-> man cat
-> man vi

"cat" will outputs the content of the file, while "vi" is an editor which allows you to edit the file. Apparently, "vi" is a bit to early to use.
11 years ago
There are many. Depending on what you mean by 'view'. For example, you can use 'vi'.
11 years ago
There are different ways to output data to a file. Check the FileWriter class, which allows you to append to an existing file instead of overwriting it.
11 years ago
Shouldn't it be indexOfDuplicate[j] != 1 then ? (instead of indexOfDuplicate[i] != 1)
11 years ago