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Recent posts by Michael Parker

My client, a top financial firm, located in Pasadena, CA is currently seeking an outstanding Senior Java Swing Developer. The job description is as follows:

Developer (Java Swing � Investment Management)

Job Description
�Responsible for the development of Investment Mgmt/Risk Analytics business line applications
�Contribute to the design, development and testing of a Fixed Income Portfolio/Risk Management related systems and applications.
�Programs supported range from above average complexity to very complex. Supports the daily activity of the Business Areas by creating and maintaining custom reports and programs and by providing technical support for system and software issues.
�Regularly meets with the supervisor to review progress and problems related to the job.

�Activities include but are not limited to: contributing to design sessions, coding, code reviews, unit testing, integration testing, supporting beta testing, bug fixes and documentation.
�Under minimal supervision, works with business partners and systems personnel to identify and develop new processes and/or systems, change current processes to enhance their effectiveness, or eliminate processes that are not justified.
�In support of this, performs financial analysis and coordinates computer system changes and development processes. Produces project documentation including formal proposals and schedules, system requirements and testing plans. Translates end user computing requirements for use by the Corporate Technology Department. Communicates system changes and processes to appropriate personnel, documenting any processes as necessary.
�Trouble shoots any system failures and discrepancies. Recovery solutions are evaluated, selected and implemented. Communicates discrepancies determined in testing to impacted areas and monitors resolution.
�Designs and tests systems and/or systems changes accurately to insure system efficiency, integrity, productivity and maintainability.
�Sets appropriate goals and priorities that coordinate with the business areas and other organizational units and resources.

�Specific Technical Knowledge and Experience Required:
�An expert in Java - all around. All tiers of Java, superior knowledge of Java/Swing, J2EE, JMS, EJB, Jconnect, Weblogic. Must be very strong with OO design.
�Superior knowledge of relational database environment, Sybase
�Knowledge of UNIX environment, Solaris preferred.
�Knowledge of Client-server concepts, (3 tier architecture concepts preferred), and GUI development concepts required.
�Specific Business Knowledge and Experience Required:
�Has business and technical knowledge of investment processes. Uses solid business knowledge to develop rapid proactive solutions for significant business issues. Clearly understands purposes, objectives, practices, and procedures of the department and business units.
�Maintains a solid knowledge of corporate and departmental information system strategies.
�Demonstrates proficiency in systems analysis of business requirements.
�Has advanced written and oral communication skills to make technical or non-technical material understandable to the business units, to make presentations to management and other personnel, and to conduct meetings and training sessions.
�Experience with rules engines/expert systems, esp. in Java
�Experience with WebLogic, Testing methodologies, Open Source Libraries
�Financial industry experience, especially in Fixed Income

Academic Qualifications (minimum requirements)
College degree in Information Systems; advanced degree in CS, Masters or PhD and/or or certifications highly desired.

I have a contract and full-time position available for this opportunity.

For consideration please send resumes to Mike Parker - sendresume@clarityjobs.com
13 years ago
Sr. Web and Java developer -- for GCM applications, to work with an existing team of developers. This role will involve working with a team of Java/web application developers who will be located both onsite as well as offshore. Ability to interact well with a geographically dispersed team, and strong application development skills are essential for success in this role.

Total 5+ yrs software development experience with
1) Java/J2EE (3+ Yrs) : Server side J2EE, Servlet, JSP, JavaScript, JDBC and core Java.
2) RDBMS database, Sybase preferred (Stored procs, triggers, object/index creation).
3) Working knowledge of XML/XSL.
4) Excellent communication skills requiring interaction with different teams working onsite and offshore.
5) 5+ years professional experience 6) SOAP, XML and Scripting knowledge

All interested should send their resumes to Michael Parker @ mparker@clarityjobs.com
14 years ago
Mid level to senior software developer to develop and support the mid office trade processing applications. These are critical workflow systems processing Java / Linux on the back-end with a Sybase db. The candidate will be responsible for delivering functionality in a timely manner in a large / complex / mission critical system. Candidate will perform design, programming and deploying system enhancements to production.

Experienced Java application developers with 3+ years experience. Should have experience working on Java n-tiered message based systems. Strong server side development skills. Familiarity with object oriented development and patterns.

All interested should send their resumes to Michael Parker @ mparker@clarityjobs.com
14 years ago