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Vic Moaby

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Recent posts by Vic Moaby

i found it to be a very realistic measure of how well I did.

The only problem can be if you get too used to one set of phrasing.
I find that people have had very different experiences when taking Part1 and Part2. Often this is due to ability but I have found that amongst the people I have worked and studied with that it is also about understanding how YOU learn best. Just because someone benefits from a certain approach doesn't mean that you necessarily will.

I nearly didn't learn this lesson quickly enough. I was using forums and books and neglecting that i learn best when using practice questions. I went off to and and got extra questions.

So, if you feel that you need to get these resources do - if you feel that you don't need to then make sure that you keep focused on doing what makes you succeed.
I am 100% certain that you do not need to know how to program Java or read Java programs for SCEA examinations.

Some practice exams are ok - but if you get it for free don't expect it to be perfect. That goes for both practice exams and general information.

I am fairly new to this forum as I have just started studying for Part I.

I have been looking through all posts for resources and have been to:

as suggested in Bob's emails.

Today i bought the questions from and I think that they look tough.

It is really important to look at questions in many different ways and so by just looking at the free questions you will only see one - easy - side always put.