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Recent posts by Yogesh Hingmire

dont think about what people do or not do..think you did your best and forget the rest !!!

Congratulations on passing the exam

Thank you everyone !!! and good luck to each one of you.

Thank you friends..


No they did not ask me about the JCP certificate , though i had carried it along with me.

me too was not sure which one to purchase, took a decision abt enthuware based on what fellow ranchers said around the time i was abt to purchase. many do believe Whizlabs is better..

I have a suggestion for HFSJ, can we include an Appendix section which is dedicated to API for all the related javax* jsp* tagext* classes, this way people can have a handy reference in the book itself and would not need to go to the net or java docs when in doubt.

Hanumant deshmukh explains them in a better manner i personally feel..
Hi Anitha,

practice each and every question you get your eye on !!! who knows that type may be on the exam and you can score on that.


I got a mix, some straight ones, some which made me think, drag drop ones, Design patterns i saw quite a few, it was my strongest topic.

Hello Friends,

I took the SCWCD today at Chicago and passed it with 97%. I am very happy about the result. When i appeared at the prometeric today morning i was a bit nervous about the exam.

However once the exam began everything was fine.

Here's is brief of what i had used to prepare :-

1. HFSJ --> Kathy, Thank you for coming out with such a superb book.
2. Milkai Zakin --> Your notes are awesome, thank you. They really helped me understand topics in detail which then added to my confidence.
3. Enthuware --> I had purchased their mocks and it did help me.
4. HFSJ Mock exam --> It rocks. I got 63% when i took it 4 days before the scwcd, so was confident of clearing the final exam.
5. J2EE Certificate/Jdiscuss exam.
6. Hanumant Deshmukh for Design Patterns (beautifully explained).
7. Frederic Esnault --> API, nice compilation.

last and the most important java ranch, i used to look at it from more of an inspirational point of view, reading through fellow ranchers success etc etc

I put off the exam quite a few times earlier in the year due to project pressures/deadlines etc, but since october i decided come what may i would finish it off and then used to slog daily weekday nights and then over the weekends.. I am happy it came to a nice end.

My advise to felow ranchers would be work hard, come what may.
there would be times when you would feel how would i clear this in the real exam..which is natural as some topics would be relatively difficult.
In that case you gotta wait as the exam comprises of questions on all topics and then make the most when you get questions on the subject of your comfort.

As in one day cricket see through the good bowlers and then pick the not so good ones and score runs of them as finally it is the total score that matters.

Would be having a blast tonight

Given the following tag handler defined with <bodycontent>JSP</bodycontent>

public class body extends TagSupport {
public int doStartTag() throws JspException{
public int doAfterBody() throws JspException {
try { pageContext.getOut().print("how are you?"); }catch(IOException e) {}
return SKIP_BODY;

what will be printed out by the following part of a jsp page?

The answer is 4) The jsp page will print Hello and reasn given is you cannot print inside a doAfterBody() is this true ?

<%@ taglib uri = "/WEB-INF/struts-tiles.tld" prefix = "c" %>
<%@ taglib uri = "/WEB-INF/struts-tiles.tld" prefix = "c" %>.

I used this in my jsp page and it works ?


<%@ taglib uri = "/WEB-INF/struts-tiles.tld" prefix = "c" %>
<%@ taglib uri = "/WEB-INF/struts-tiles.tld" prefix = "c1" %>.

can you please tell me why ?

Basic authentication i understand uses base64 encoding, but does form based authentication uses base64 encoding too ?

I believe form based authentication transmits username/pwd as plain text.

Thanks again
Hello ranchers,

will a response.setStatus() result in activating the error handling mechanism.
i mean when we use this mehtod with status code as 4xx or 5 xx and i have the <error-page> in the web.xml for these codes ?

My guess is it wont activate the web.xml declared error page handling

could you please let me know on the same.

Since default context for servlets/jsps that do not belong to any we app.
So whether any web-app is distributed or not it does not affect the default context as it will be always on one node and one JVM.

Please correct me if i am wrong.


Is servlet class loading a part of the JSP Translation phase.

I have read varied opinions on this.

When specifying the <taglib> elemnt in the deployment descriptor is it mandatory that the <tablib-location> has to start with a /WEB-INF/....

When the destroy method is called on the servlet
There are no container threads running over this instance's service method.

Is this true ?

I believe the container waits for a certain defined time for the threads to finish before it makes a call to the destroy method and it does not go ahead and kills them.

Thanks Satou,
If i have a simple tag handler and i declare the <body-content> as JSP which is wrong, will this result in a translation time or request time error ?

Also, the 4th point whether a simple tag can include a classic tag which has its body-content set to JSP , what happens in that case.

Thank you so much