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Recent posts by rehans oberoi

Can anyone tell me jsp container and jstl version used in weblogic 9.2?
12 years ago


Struts is a framework extension of servlet to provide MVC Architectute

EJB is used to perform business logic .
it has three parts
1. session bean perform business logic
2. entity beans which maps to table and do Crud operation on table
3.Message Driven Bean to communicate Asynchronically with other

Hibernate is an like entity beans which maps to table and do Crud operation on table

Service Orientent Architecture (SOA)
IT consists of xml and web services
means making an application by integrationg different web services(WSDL).

I dont know about JSF and Spring. hope above helps.
14 years ago
can anyone tell me the difference between sax and dom parsers
Can anyone throw more light on EAI .
i have changed my company . now i have to work for portal.
basically i have to use ibm webshere , soa architecture ,
Oagis , BOD xml format , IBM MQ series , web services , JMS.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Rahul Bhattacharjee:
I would also suggest you to look for a career in functional field(may be SAP functional).Holding any certificate will not make you more eligible in any sense.
Experience is something which only comes from real time spent on coding, bookish knowledge many times fails.

I want to ask
Is it easy to go in sap functional jobs without experience .
15 years ago
I think if you can do both certification scjp and scwcd and if you have a good feel of coding .
than this is just a matter of convincing the recruiters , and you can get a very good job .
15 years ago

can anybody give me good link for learning BPELthanks
15 years ago

I find falling in love is a good feeling , but slowly slowly we find falling in love gives frustration . what are the views of fellow ranchers .
now i conclude for myself love is waste. and i am not for it.
[ December 06, 2006: Message edited by: rehans oberoi ]
15 years ago
hi , i am newbie in hibernate , my question is as follows ,

suppose there are 10 tables in the databas which are joined in some way ,
than we have to make 10 java pojo class
than we will map each java class to database table

can anyone please tell me am i thinking in right direction
hi can anyone find ,
what is the exam code for SCBCD 5.0 Beta Certification Exam
I am using jboss , i have deployed session bean , while calling
from standalone application
i am getting an error
javax.naming.NoInitialContextException: Cannot instantiate class: org.jnp.interfaces.Nam
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory]

can anyone help me which class files are missing and where i
can find it .

can anyone tell me ,
whether jboss has ejb2.0 container or ejb 2.1 container
hi satish

can u elaborate , presently what are u doing in testing in accenture. i think accenture must have given you two months training.
before any work
15 years ago