Last week, we had the author of TDD for a Shopping Website LiveProject. Friday at 11am Ranch time, Steven Solomon will be hosting a live TDD session just for us. See for the agenda and registration link
Last week, we had the author of TDD for a Shopping Website LiveProject. Friday at 11am Ranch time, Steven Solomon will be hosting a live TDD session just for us. See for the agenda and registration link

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Recent posts by nick angel

Good day to all,

I was wondering if someone could give me some guidance to the following matter.

I wish to provide a link to a user to a section of my intranet. If the user is not logged in however
then the user will be redirected to the login page. Once he has successfully logged in the user is
redirected to the original link. (Note: the login mechanism is in a servlet).

I thought of using a session variable that would contain the original link.
If the user is not logged in then the link could be stored as a variable in the user's
session. Once the loggin is successful, the variable could be recovered and used to redirect the user to the
originally requested page. I am simply looking for guidance.

Thank you in advance.
13 years ago
Thank you so much for your replies.
Your explanations and links are greatly appreciated.
If only my T.A.s were as thoughtful.
14 years ago
Good day to all.
I have a question concerning language fundamentals. Our teacher's assistant gave a number of exercises
but on this one question I have a differing view with my T.A.

The question is as follows:

I found that it would yield a float of value of 1.0.
My T.A. tells me that it is a double of value 1.0.

If I am wrong could anyone please explain, as I was not given an explanation why my T.A.
was convinced of my error.

Thank you very much in advance.
14 years ago
Hello to everyone,

I have a problem which I can't seem to overcome.
I am currently using Weblogic and SunOne. In the web server's config file
I have the following entry:

In my document root on the web server I also have folders named services:
ex.: /images/services/
These two services directories contain images and css files respectively.

My problem is that the images and css files are not getting loaded as weblogic is responding to all requests
containing /services/.

I was wondering if there is a way to overcome this problem without having to rename the subdirectories (images and css).
I tried the following ( in the ppath with regular expressions):

1) ppath = *[^(imagescss)]/services/*
2) ppath =*

Would anyone have an idea as to how this matter can be resolved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance
14 years ago
Good day to all,

I am a junior developer for a financial institution. Recently, I have been asked to create an add-on module to an exsisting web application.
This module's purpose would be to check information in a database at regular intervals. The module would verify the information and
verify if the information has expired (there is an expiry date field). If the information has expired, the module will flag these entries.
My initial thought was to create a class that would implement Runnable. This way, it would be thread running and verifying the database at regular intervals.
However, the senior developpers have informed me that this is not an option they would entertain. They have quoted that a thread's behaviour within
a web container would be too unpredictable.
My question is the following. Would anyone have an idea where I could locate information on this specific information. If threads are not a
good solution, could someone let me know what would be an appropriate course of action. Any documentation or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I do not want any code. What I am seeking is some guidance.

Thank you in advance
Hello to everyone.
I am a junior developper in a financial company that has an it department. Recentlty I have developped a number of web applications. The applications have been tested and been looked at by several senior staff. However, I feel it is better that we document the actual testing in order to have some sort of trace of where problems occurred (to try and avoid them in the future...). As the last one in the team, my weight does not weigh as much as others, but I try to defend my arguments as best as I can.
I was just wondering if anyone could point me to resources(links, manuals etc...) explaining in detail what and how should web applications be tested( hyperlinks, etc...). I have found a few on the net but that are not very detailed, as I am interested in developping a systematic approach to the documentation of such applications.
Thak you kindly for all your help.
14 years ago
Thank you both for your prompt response. I am glad my instincts were right.
I a still a student and I don not pretend to know all. However some of our teaching assistants
in my humble opinion, have learned a language but not how to actually use the tools they have learned.
While other T.A s are great some leave a lot to be desired, as is this particular case.
Again thank you for your time and help.
15 years ago
Hello to everyone. The problem is as follows. I have a form that needs to be submitted which has the following form:

The jsp CompleteRequest.jsp does some processing to the parameters(formatting) and logs a cookie.
Then depending on the value userType received, I wish to redirect to another page.
I know that using a servlet for processing would be the ideal choice, but we were asked to use a jsp as an
intermediate for the small amount of formatting.
In the CompleteRequest.jsp I had written the following:

This however does not seem to work. I did a little checking and figured out that I cannot use absolute paths.
Also I was just wondering if it is possible to not leave any trace of html code in case the process gets held up in the intermediate page for some reason.

I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
15 years ago
Hello to everyone. I have a problem hiding and displaying divs. The following code snippets are involved:

The javascript code giving me problems is the following:

An html snippert of the whole page (actually it is in a jsp ) is as follows:

I just included code snippets to illustrate my problem.
When I access the page using IE, everything works fine including the mouseovers and everything else. However when I access the same jsp using Firefox, nothing works.
At first I thought it was the fact that the parameters sent to the functions setting the rror messages were not in quotes. I then tried sending the parameters in quotes.
I also tried using document.getElementById('parametersent').style.display but this did not work either.
Finally, I extracted the code into another document and I created a normal html file. In this case everything worked fine in both browsers.
Although it works fine in html, I need the page to be in jsp format. I anyone could offer me some advice, it wold be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

P.S. The javascript events (onclickss and onmouseouts) are typed wrong on purpose because otherwise I was not able to post my question.
Hello to everyone. Not too long ago I began working with css files. The problem I am currently having is hiding a div within a div. My overall jsp page looks like the following:

The relevenat portions of my css are as follows:

The problem i am having is as follows. The pages I am creating are being built as jsps and as blocks (tiles) and then assembled together. I can call one of the subunits of the page delimited by the following div:

What I wish to add to my css file is the ability ( once the subunit containing only the above div is isolated) to have the display property of the <div id="image"> set to none when not encased by the <div id="contenant">.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I am sorry if the question is not very clear.
Hello to everyone. I am newbie to java. I have a problem concerning threads.
I havewritten some code that will read from an html file and extract information adn then update an excel spreadsheet. The problem I am now having is that I do not wish the thread to exit if there is an exception throw. Rather I wish for it to wait a specified amount of time and then try the process again.

The relevent code is as follows:

I apologize if the code (which I am sure it is) is hard to understand. Ultimately what I wish to accomplish is to have the run method continue to execute even if there is an exception thrown. I have not included it here but where an exception would be thrown I would log the errors in a file.
As it stands the refresInterval variable is set to 15 minutes. And so every 15 minutes I update my excel spreadsheet. If however the line

throws ans exception the variable runit is set to false and the application halts (I don't want this).
I thought that I could solve this problem by not setting the variable to runit to false and setting the refreshInterval to 5 minutes for example for the applucation to start the entire process once again.

Some help would be greatlty appreciated as I am new to the topic of threads.
(Sorry if my explanations are not as clear as they should be).
Thank you in advance.
15 years ago
Thank you so much. I think it's exactly what I was looking for. Again thank you.
15 years ago
Hello to everyone.

I have a jsp page with an input box. A user can enter a document title containing accents such as � ...
My problem is that in my Struts action class I look up in a database to retrieve the specified document. The document's title for example is H�ROUX.
When I enter H�ROUX in the textbox, I receive my message when there are no documents available. The document however does exist.
The problem I am having is sending a parameter from my client side through my action form and into my action class.

Could anyone please offer some guidance as to how I could overcome this obstacle (articles etc... would be greatly appreciated).
Thank you all for your time.
15 years ago
Hello to everyone. I have written a jsp called Buy.jsp containing an iframe defined as follows:

<IFRAME SRC="Calculator.jsp" TITLE="Calculator" NAME="Calculator" id="CalculatorID" width="0" height="0"></IFRAME>

The Calculator.jsp will receive values from the Buy.jsp. Within the Calculator.jsp I have written a few javascript functions.
One of these functions is :

function calculateAmount(qty) {



The problem I am having , is that I wish to call this method (located in Calculator.jsp in the iframe) from Buy.jsp.
I thought this might work:


Unfortunately, I continue to receive a javascript error telling me that the object frames['Calculator'] does not support
this property or method.

Could anyone please help me. Thank you in advance.
Th reason I am interested is simply for my own personal information. All the examples I have seen in textbooks or the internet have always had an application opening with the runtime object but never closed the application.
As I tried doing this on my own, I realized it was not as esay as I thought.