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Recent posts by Stuart Goss

Sheriff Greg,

Why is Louis 16th dead?

6 years ago
Servlets-3a (Reverse2Servlet), attempt 2 ... just sent it to Greg
6 years ago
... sorry about the typo ... it's getting late, "Sheriff"
6 years ago
Hi Greg!

Congrats on becomming a Sherrif!
Hope you can still spare your time for us stragglers here ...
I'll make sure to leave my guns out on the porch when entering the saloon

==Cattle Driver==
6 years ago
Howdy, (shikes, that sounds strange)

Anyhow, was just chatting with a fellow Cattle Driver and I was asking about which IDE is being used.
Now, I know my coding business colleagues mainly use the Notoriously Ubiquitous Eclipse,
but I've never breached the gap completely between vi(m) and a full blown IDE.
I went so far as to use Textpad years back, and currently I'm compiling and coding my
assignments in Geany under Ubuntu 12.04_LTS.

At work I keep to RubyMine, as I only create Cucumber framework tests, muddling around with Ruby
or just keeping to Gherkin, if anybody can follow me.

So what recommendations or experiences have we got here?
Shall I keep to Geany, or go the whole way? I do admit, I'd love the automatic functions of Eclipse,
displaying the API doc while writing code, adding packages as I go along and automatic extensions.

Or is it all "Hands off" until you know what you're doing, "go back to vi(m)", "don't bother us with your silly questions"

(Hats off to Blondie, TGTBATU)
6 years ago
Hi Margaret,

I looked at your linked thread, and see that you removed the metadata-complete attribute in your final working web.xml.
I'd say, that was it. I tried it with and without, restarting tomcat each time, to be sure. And it only sparked correctly when I removed the entry from my web.xml.

I'm using annotations of course
6 years ago
Hi Greg, I think I'm getting it slowly. The latest Assignment description you sent me had more information on the web.xml. Until then, I'd been running on old data from back in the old "orion" days. I now have a web.xml in my $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/reverse2 dir and have removed the metadata-complete attribute. Seems to be working now. Looking forward to your nitpicking, but don't let me press you
6 years ago

I'll look into that, try a few things out and then get back to you.
At the moment, with all my annotation and web.xml "magic",
I need to place my jsp in $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/reverse2/
and my servlet class in $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/reverse2/WEB-INF/classes/com/javaranch/drive.

Am I supposed to have my reverse servlet in ROOT at all?
I guess so, though. Just need a bit of feedback on that, there was a thread in this saloon
which mentioned the non-ROOT approach, unless I misread.

6 years ago
I really can't get my servlet classes to be known to tomcat when I put them in ROOT/WEB-INF.

What am I doing wrong? Or which config have I not touched correctly yet? Or which one have I broken?

All of my servlet classes are in $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/$my_servlet_name/WEB-INF/classes/com/javaranch/drive/
The jsp is in the $my_servlet_name dir.

This is crazy. Can someone help me out with a few clever questions or compare my set up to theirs?

6 years ago

Great! Already passed the first water holes, eh?
Anyhow, if you have a Java query, place it in this forum ... we deserve a laugh and change of view, diversions from our long and seemingly endless treks

... and the good thing about parenthood is that it has been working for hundreds of thousands of years (sorry if this doesn't work out with your religous beliefs, I better cross out the "hundreds of", one moment), without books, the Internet or sometimes without parental advice - the one thing that is guaranteed: You will make mistakes, the kids will think you did everything wrong, no use trying to avoid it Just enjoy it, whatever happens!

-- Stu
6 years ago
Daniel, how are you coming along?

... made your way past a few water holes?

-- Stu
6 years ago
I'm soooo looking forward to my first servlet assignment : )
6 years ago
Hi Joe,

Welcome! I'm an "active" student here on the CattleDrive, and it'd be fun to exchange experiences here with you.
I'm currently on OOP-3 (not attempted it yet, pretty sure I can get a working version together fast, but that's
not what it's about, is it? You'll see. Are you taking the Nitpicking trail?)

Anyhow, we haven't dried up here yet. We're all on the trail! I can highly recommend it! Git out there and code!
You won't regret it :-)

6 years ago
I powered through the paper version of jj6 this year and I also believe it is a great book by a great author. Some things towards the end of the book may come short, but compared to what I see us doing at work currently, most of it is still very up-to-date, despite the age of this book and it "only" covering Java 5.

Haven't got an e-reader or Android phone. Perhaps it's worth looking into one for this kind of lit

I must admit though that I don't find myself sitting on trains or in parking lots or in waiting rooms a lot :-)
Lucky me.
6 years ago
7,5 years later: finally I've caught up with myself and sent in that overdue OOP-2, 1st attempt!

get me off this list!
6 years ago