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Does anyone happen to have a link to an article that Robert Martin wrote about the history of test driven development. I was told it is a very good article that talks about agile and test driven development as almost a narrative in the future. Personally I think this would be very beneficial for my team to read to hopefully get some ideas across to them.
Although it has a different publisher than book sitting in front of me it is
exactly what I am using.

The K&B book covers about %120 of what you need to know for the exam.

IMHO that book plus this forum and couple of mock exams is all you need to pass the 310-055 exam


Remember don't stress about being perfect certification exams are pass/fail. Beyond that the score is only for bragging rights
Thanks for the tip and the wondeful book Bert
Comparable and Runable. There a tons of real world uses for those interfaces alone.
well that is good news because I think I passed by half a question and I am scheduled to take the exam in a couple of days. Just barely making it is good in my book because it will keep me sharp and make we study harder.
[ December 24, 2006: Message edited by: Bob Law ]
How does the MasterExam that comes with the K&B book compare with the true exam?
It will cover most topics. Although there are topics like threads for example that go beyond the scope of the exam. Just skip over those. Read the sections towards the end to get a feel for the later objectives but don't worry about the code needed to make it work just understand what the peices of J2EE do.
14 years ago
Material I used for the exam:

*Head First Java
*Various notes found around the web, many are linked to from the yahoo group for SCJA. I can�t access that site from work or else I would give you the links directly. A young lady who has her blog linked on that page going by the screen name nerdgrl has made some wonderful notes public. I don�t want to take credit for anyone elses work or else I would post a link to all the notes I gathered up and put into one file.
*the uml guide from Head First was helpful. The link no longer works because Head First Objects will soon be released and will cover it.
*I also found the epractice exam from Sun to be very helpful just to get a feel for the depth of the test.
14 years ago
Thanks for the advice John. I will have to hunt down a class. There is no point in wasting a ton of energy and not going anywhere. Oh and I am still studying for the cert just not able to put in as much time as I was.
14 years ago
Well where to start depends on how well you know Java. The exam is not that difficult if you know Java. Start by going to the FAQ page and checking out the links.

I would suggest reading Head First Java and studying the basics of J2EE and you should pass the exam no problem.
14 years ago
It depends what your level of experience is. If you are already a rather experienced Java programmer than go with the SCJP, but if you are new to Java then go with the SCJA
14 years ago
I think I am going to be putting my certification studying on hold for a few months a train to do a triathalon. Has anyone out there done one and have any advice for someone just starting training. The biking and the running don't frighten me it is the open water swimming.
14 years ago
Yes you can review the questions after the exams. The explanations really aren't that details. Just a sentence for is choice and why is was right or wrong. So you will get an explanation as to why but not much more than exactly why is was wrong. As opposed to a huge run down on the topic. That is another area where the exams are lacking. But like I said I think the practice exams are well worth it for understanding the level of depth needed for the real test.
14 years ago
Yes I would say it is. Sure it costs about a third of the cost to take the exam itself. For that you get 3 practice tests. There is so little out there actually about this exam that I think it is important in order to really understand the test. Several the questions on the actually exam when I took it were almost identical to ones in the practice tests. Also because since the SCJA skims the surface on such a wide range of topics it is hard to know just how intestely you need to study. Passing the exam should not be that difficult for anyone with training computer programming and who knows the basics of java, but if you want to be sure to pass it and/or get a score in the 90s I think the practice exams from Sun is a must.

Remeber objectives 1-4 make up the vast majority of the exam. So know your design concepts and programming fundementals.

Oh I can't have all postives on something that would not be right. Rarely are things ever totally wonderful so I need to add in where I thought the practice exams lacked. There could have been more questions. Sure there was about 153 questions but that is not enough. Since the questions are rather evenly distributed over the objectives you get a good understanding of the depth for those objectives but not for the intensity of the programming fundamentals on the exam. I think there should be more practice exam and they should me closer to the real thing.
14 years ago
Okay I passed the test no problem. Sorry for the delay and letting you all know any advice I can offer.

Objectives 1-4 make up about 75% percent of the questions so don't stress to much over objectives 5-8. Being a skilled Java programmer will not help you on this exam as much as just know object oriented design concepts. Most of the questions that have to do with code are not to tricky and the correct answer seems to be the only one with the proper syntax.

If you have studied computer programming and learned the design concepts I think this test is very passable with minimal studying.

The ePracitce exam from Sun I though was a wonderful study tool. There were even a couple of questions on my exam that were right out of it with only reworded answer choices. With the lack of material out there I think it is well worth the 35 bucks just to know the depth of which you need to go into topics and the types of questions.

Just pass exam the exam and get your cert and start working on the SCJP exam. I doubt this certifcation will get you to more than causing whomever is reviewing your resume to pause simply because they have never heard of the certification before and wonder what it is. Well at least that is what my boss did when I asked him to sign off on the reimbursement form.
14 years ago