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Question 1) Please refer to different types of Models that you can design using UML, just to name a few
1) PSM - Platform Specific Model
2) PIM - Platform Independent Model
So, you can design your class diagram as either 1 or 2. I choose to design using PSM as JEE is just a technology to solve your problem, model (class diagram) can still be reused even if we move away from JEE.

where as Component diagram shows different independent components working together to solve business problem. With UML 2.0, You can show white box Component diagram where you can show internal classes that compose a component. You can draw your classes and interfaces inside your components.

For sequence diagram, I actually used Components along with models from class diagram. Again, its your design and you can feel the right balance.
Infact if you have PSM in your class diagram, you will be forced to use Components from component diagram in your sequence diagram to show the dynamic view of your system
You can look at GOF and J2EE design patterns books.
Those 2 should do the magic
Lookup Deployment diagram in UML.
You need to adhere to UML standards else sun will simply fail you without looking at your solution
Jude UML works on both linux and windows
Dear SCEA aspirants & Veterans
With delight I would to bring to your attention that I am an SCEA.
Took part 1 last April and finally finished Part 2 and 3 this april (my voucher expired on April 30th and I took part 3 on 30th...very close. Do not attempt this, its really painful)

Part 2 and Part 3
1) I used Jude UML, pretty easy to use and very handy. The community edition or professional is good. You can download professional for 30 day trail
2) UML..UML..UML Made sure I understood UML well and took every measure to make sure my diagrams are UML compliant.
3) Solve the problem in hand. Do not try to over engineer....I have seen a few posts here where people try to solve many implementation problems and I believe the test tries to test your architectural skills and not implementation skills :-)
4) Like Sun say's it should not take more than 80 hours and If you spent more than 80 hours thinking/drawing then you are over engineering.
5) I did not get into WS-transaction and other implementation details. I kept my design to fairly highlevel.

Good luck
13 years ago
In the assignment, they mention Inventory System web service that predicts the demand for components upto 1 month using a WS API.

I am trying to figure out what would be the need for such a service in Dream Car where none of the use case really reference this system.
If Representative needs to manually enter the bids, I am trying to understand where this will fit in the over all design.
Someone please help me understand part.
There is no time limit to submit the assignment. But you have to complete and submit part 2 and take part 3, only then SUN will start grading your assignment.

FYI, this assignment is an Individual effort, you cannot share or talk about your solution in detail in this forum. The idea is that we work on it individually and if we stuck on certain issues, we can ask for suggestions without going too much into the details of our assignment.
I am working on that assignment too.
Hello Fellow Ranchers,

I passed the exam. Thanks for helping me pass this exam.
Copied from Sun Cert.

This report shows the total number of points awarded for each section, the maximum number of points is 400, to pass you need a score of 320. Section summary: Section Max Actual Points Points General Con: 100 93 Documentation: 70 70 OOD: 30 30 GUI: 40 29 Locking: 80 80 Data Store: 40 40 Network Server: 40 40 Total: 400 382

I dont know why I lost points for GUI, may be i over designed it.
15 years ago
When running the test code posted by sam, i am seeing this issue.

1) Thread 1 deletes a record and Thread 2 tries to read the deleted record. I receive RecordNotFound.
2) Thread 2 deletes a record and Thread 3 tries to update the record, RecordNotFound exception is thrown.

The bottom line is since multiple threads are performing random method call, there can be a chance that the same record number can be used by one thread to delete the record and other thread to access the same deleted record.
So, is this test really testing concurrency? If situation like this happens, can i not worry about it?
Hi Mihai and Ken,
I would apprecaite if one of you can show me an example code on how to use Mihai's class
Thank you Mark and Hummel for your reply.

@ Mark,
I would like to make sure i understand you statement.
So, we would default to the stored file location and then, display a dialog asking....would you like to change the database location? if yes, provide a dialog to choose the desired database file. All this interaction will happen before showing the CSR client application.