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i just get it as a string and put into JTextField with substring();

thx again
not really..

i didnt even know a better driver exists called jtds..

I'm really rookie about java, i've been coding with it almost for two months by now..

I'm done with my grad. project that i had to use java for some oop metrics.. the last thing i have to do is;
get the Time from mssql / DateTime field and put it into a JTextField and do some inheritance between classes.. I'm stuck
yes i checked..

and the problem is when i use them they say No data found

in mssql , my data is stored as DateTime

for e.g.

if someone can give me a link or code it would be great..

thx 4 ur time..!
[ January 12, 2006: Message edited by: john ersan ]
Hi Guys..

I'd like to ask how to get full Date and Time from mssql with jdbc?

for eg.

this datex only takes Date from the database ..

but, in database there is also time too..

how can i take both of it ?

thanx for ur time !
thanx for your time guys..

the answer was..


thx again

good coding
15 years ago
public void NumericControl(java.awt.event.KeyEvent e)
if (((e.getKeyChar() >= (char) 58) || (e.getKeyChar() <= (char) 47)) != true )
// if typed input char ascii equivalent is not between ranges of numerical values 0 to 9

//char 47 = / , char 58 = : , between these are 0 - 9

if(e.getKeyChar() !=(char)8) // if char is not equal to -> ◘
e. // allow or avoid input
[ January 10, 2006: Message edited by: john ersan ]
15 years ago
Hi guys,

I'm trying to use a method which is checking the input type of user..

simply if user enters a numerical character into the JTextField, the method wont allow it..

I sorted out how the method should be but.....

In addition to this , how can i use this method with a JTextField..

for eg. if i put a JTextField to the parameter..

Thanks for your time

Good Coding
15 years ago
, i'm using j2sdk 1.4.2 , but i'm downloading 1.5 now.. 1.4.2 gives error

thanx for your time

good coding
15 years ago
Now i'm about to finish my graduation project which is about comparing two object oriented programming languages: I picked Java & C#.

While i was developing my project ( A complaint module of a municipality CRM ) i had chance to compare both languages.

Let me start the advantages of C#:

- Visual Studio .NET IDE -> Speeds up the development time.
- MSDN -> really great knowledgebase
- Crystal Report -> really great tool for visual reports

disadvantages of C#:
- Microsoft dependent.

Advantages of Java:
- Platform independent ( but JVM dependent)
- great libaries !!

Disadvantages of Java:
- Slow
- IDE`s are not really good enough ( tried .NetBeans, eclipse,IntelliJ Idea)
- Where the heck is groupbox or checked list box ( couldnt find in swing or awt )
- Difficult to get used after coding in C# ( Why i cant compare Strings with == or != notation, why i have to use a compare method which returns 1 if they are equal )


Development time for java was 2 times more then C# ( maybe it`s coz of me eh ! )

After i finish java, i'll start to do some software engineering quality tests for both java and C# , i'll give detalits about quality , memory, kloc, etc.. those who wants these information can e-mail me , so i can send a detalited report when i'm done with project )

Good Coding
15 years ago
Hi guys,

I'd like to ask how to implement 1 to n parameters in a method in java.

for eg.

in C# i was using params keyword and array of TextBox , but have no idea in Java ?

Can anyone help please ?

Thanx for ur Time..

Good Coding..
15 years ago