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Recent posts by anagha patankar

I have some jdbc code that is retrieving data from Oracle
In my method I use a Prepared statement
However I dont close the prepared statement
To test it I ran this in a loop and sure enough I got an exception :
"ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded"

My question is in case of a managed environment ( code deployed on a J2EE applications erver using connection pools ) :
what happens to the application ?
will it never be able to fire any sql to the database unless the connection is closed / recycled ( assume that there is only 1 connection in the pool )
I am assuming as connections in pool are not really closed - so the oracle session will be alive

A few months back we faced an issue where in the stack trace we saw an exception specifying the maximumm number of cursors are exceeded

I do understand why this exception is caused ( not closing prepared statement )
Have since rectified the issue.

My query is - after we get the exception :
1 >At what point are the cursors closed in Oracle database?
2 >Assuming that this exception would occur when the user was posting some data from UI - what would happen the second time the user tried to post again ?
would we get the same exception again ?
3 >Does the application become unusable without a bounce of application server
4 >Does DBA have to phycically close the cursors?

I was getting out of memory error when I was running Cruisecontrol .

Here is what I was doing :

1 >Within CC was invoking ANT script

2 >ANT script was invoking PMD ( static code analysis )

3 >Output of PMD was in form of XML file which was merged with CC logs

The java code base against which PMD is run is huge - so output merged file size > 45 MB

To fix the problem - I saw a parameter commented in the .bat file of CC

Uncommenting it solved my problem in CC

Now the problem I am facing is in the CC webapplication

Here the large log file is causing the out of memory

If I delete most of the content of the log file things work fine

The problem it seems is the XML to HTML conversion ( using XSL / XSLT ? )

I did take a look at this page :

Howwever I can see in the error stack trace that the error is coming from saxon file itself .

Can anyone suggest some solutions ?

Thanks in advance.
15 years ago
I have setup cruise control to run every 1 minute
It is expected to run an ant script
However what is observed is that the first time it runs

After that run the ant script does not get executed

There is a file with extension ".ser" created

If I delete this file then the ant script gets executed

How do I force ant to get executed through CrusieControl every one minute without needing to manually deleting the ".ser" file ?

15 years ago
Thanks Martijn,
Could you kindly elaborate what you mean by "patch"

Googled for it and looks like its a svn terminology .

15 years ago
Here is what I want to do
I manually checkout code from svn
Then run an ant script which runs a PMD analysis of the code to report violations

This being a maintenance project handed off to us - I am more interested in ONLY running reports for the code changes that are being introduced now rather than the past.

Basically I want some way for PMD to run on only the changed files

Is that possible and if someone can point me to an example that would be great

Thanks ,
15 years ago
Hello ,
I am able to run cruise control through which I run a ant task to execute PMD against my code.

What I was wondering was - how to get these PMD results to be displayed in Cruise control

I tried referring this URL :

I think either i am too much of a beginner or these guys havent given sufficient info!

Like I dont understand the meaning of "merge the results into your CC log

and where is the web application and do I need to deploy it in a servlet container

I see a no of apps under webapps under Cruise Installed directory - but am confused how to generate a web application from my code base and how to deploy this war / web app

Do you all find Cruise control documentation very poor ? or is it just my rant ?

15 years ago
I am running PMD against my source code using ANT and get a HTML report
I am looking for System.out.println statements

Can I also get in the report the line above and the line below where the System.out.orintln is present ?

My need is to work with a different version control : svn

I find the site very difficult to navigate and read ( )

Maybe I dont understand svn thats why

Here is my understanding :
1 >You need a svn server installed
2 >You need a svn client
3 >checkout checkin etc from server to client machine(s)

Here are my questions :
Using eclipse I am able to use svn client
I want to use a command line client - looking at svn tigris site just gives me the creeps - I dont see a straight way to get a command line client

Googling has not really helped me much either

I want a client for windows box

I also downloaded tortoise svn - but istnt that more a graphical tool ?

First question that would come to mind is why I want to use a command line tool rather than a graphical tool ? -
1 >I want to learn the exact commands
2 >I want to automate the process of checking out code with ant / maven and then with a CI tool

Lastly - can I use Tortoise SVN from command line ?

Thanks Ulf for helping me with my queries.

15 years ago
Understand that I must read before seeking free help from others - but I have been moved to a project involving applets .

Feel it will help me understand things faster if while reading I ask my queries ( basic..... )

Here goes :

1 >applets - running in browser JRE - my understanding is that the browser must have a JRE .
Is JRE same as "plug in" at browser end ?

2 >Is an applet kept on the web server or application server ?

3 >I understand / assume - it gets downloaded at browser end - at which specific location on the hard disk can I get to see these class files / jar files

4 >The downloaded jar file - do I need to manually delete the file or browser does that automatically ? ( on closing browser ? )

5 >Similar to server side memory configuration - ( -XMs ) is there a way I can improve the memory configuration for my browser ?

Thanks ,
15 years ago
Hello ranchers,
Dont quite know which forum this question fits into.....

Recently have been moved into a team that is developing rich client applications.

My questions are ::

1 >Browser is supposed to execute some java code on client side

so how does the client browser receive the java class files from server ?

I am only aware of the html that is simply rendered in case of typical j2ee applications

In such a case is it necessary to have signed jars ?

15 years ago
Hello ,
I am trying to monitor dns using java .
1 >First I need to find the DNS host based on the domain name :
Here is the code I have written :

This returns hostnames like

Please let me know if this is the correct way of getting DNSHost ?

2 >
Given a DNS host and port no - am supposed to check for DNS monitoring .

I am writing the following code :

Is this code correct - am I supposed to use http protocol ?
Any ideas and thoughts are welcome .

16 years ago
Thanks Jeanne for your replies .

So when you say there will be two trips to the database :
1 >Where is the resultset stored - is that stored in SGA ( In case of Oracle )
2 >If we are using a resultset - then believe all the data is anyway on the server side ( not like disconnected rowset )

So are you saying that after query execution ( results obtained = 20 rows & fetchSize = 10 ) that 20 rows will be stored in SGA

So where are the first 10 records read / picked from

What happens when we access the 11th record ?

Too many questions and too much confusion at my end .

Any answers will be greatly appreciated .

On ne of the websites - it is written to improve performance one should set the "fetchSize" of the prepared statement and ResultSet.

1 >Lets say if I set a fetch size of 10 and my query returns 20 records - are all records held in memory or only 10 are in memory and when I iterate to the 11th record - then the remaining are fetched from database ?