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Recent posts by cs singh

Hi Ranchers,
Cleared SCJP 1.4 on saturday with 88%,my experience was good,i was little bit nervous in the beginning, but once you start doing ques.it would be Ok.
Just keep the key concepts in mind, sometimes it happens that in trying to solve the tougher questions, u forget the basics!!
Solving mocks is important because during the first reading of the book(K&B) , u'll THINK that some lines or paragraphs are not important, BUT once u solve the 2-3 mocks and are on second reading of the book, u'll find that how did i miss these lines.
In short, stick to the objectives of exam ,study K&B atleast two times , and solve as many mocks as u can.I did not purchase any kind of commercial exam.
Already many people have given the list of mocks on this site, so just go through that, even i did the same...
On the day of exam>>>
1. Be patient and cool.
2. Read each question carefully.
3. Mark question if u have doubt in that.
4. Once u are done, go agn to the marked questions.
5. Revise all of the questions before submitting.
6. U'll definitely come out with a good score.

Hope this will help u..
(SCJP 1.4-88%)

what will be the o/p if given :
java Test Hello

Answer says, it will print Hello followed by the assertion error, but we cannot assert on command line arguments then why is it so??
Thanks a lot Keith for your valuable time...
got it now.

o/p is false here.. i'm not getting why???

why the ans is c here.?
Hi Henry, can u please explain it in detail, i did not get the explaination.., i think choice sd be A.

Control will not go into if loop as the result is false then from where i is getting 2??
what should be output then???

output is done, but if i change //1 as assert t>4,then bar should be printed out, but its not, its still giving the answer "done". can somebody pls explain??

whats making this code to give the answer as 5???

According to me ans sd be a, but its b. Can anybody pls. explain how the control is flowing in the above code.??

why is the answer e??

Answer is: Compile time error.
I'm not getting the reason for it
the error is online 4, but if i remove final modifier from byte , it gives error on line 1 too!! why is it so??