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Recent posts by Swati Thorve

Can anybody plz , tell me about the latest developments in java. Its really very urgent.........
15 years ago
Congrats Shweta !!!

Could u plz tell us how much time u required for WCD? & what was ur daily study schedule? I know it may not be fixed, still in general.

& congrats once again !!!
[ May 10, 2006: Message edited by: Swati Thorve ]
Hi Vivek,

Can u plz send the notes to me , my id is thorve_swati@rediffmail.com

Thanks a lot
Heartiest Congrats !!!

Thanks For your clarification.

Can you tell me the good institutes for Japanese in Mumbai, like Max Mueller is famous all over the world for its German. Are there any institutes like this for japanese also?

Waiting for ur reply.
[ March 22, 2006: Message edited by: Swati Thorve ]
15 years ago
Thanks alot for ur valuable suggestion.

But many people suggested me to go for Japanese, as Japan is the country where technically sound people are sent, from the Indian companies. Is it true?

Please reply to this also. I will be really thankful
15 years ago
Hi Friends,

I have completed my SCJP recently & preparing for SCWCD.I am working as software engg from last 1.4yrs. Now I want to learn a foreign language, which will help to boost my carrier.

So I want your expert advice, for which language shall I go? & if anybody knows the good institutes in Mumbai, for that language, plz plz let me know.

Waiting for your reply.
15 years ago
Good Score !!!

Congrats !!!

Excellent Score !!!
That too within too short period!!!

So Double Congrats !!!

Hi Friends,

I have recently completed my SCJP & now planning for SCWCD. The major part of SCWCD is Servlets. I m totally new to this technology. I have bought HFSJ. But I think before reading it I should have some basic knowledge on Servlets i.e. How to write(syntax),diffrent files created,where to store them i.e direcory structure.

Please suggest a good book for basic servlets, which covers evrything for biginers. Otherwise plz give me any available link on this topic.

I m eagerly waiting for u r help, my study can start only after u r help.

Thanks in advance
[ March 01, 2006: Message edited by: Swati Thorve ]
15 years ago
Hi all,
I have cleared my SCJP 1.4 on February 14, but till today i am not able to open CertManager Database to put my details.I have already sent mail on SunCert@thomson.com but still there is no reply.

Shall i mail on any other id? if yes which one? Or i have to do something else?

Plzz guide me
Congrats Ramesh !!!
15 years ago

U r flow of execution is very correct,

main()->raid()->try->Exception()->catch->Arithmetic Exception->finally

But here look at the one thing, though in catch block arithmetic exception is thrown, control goes to finally block, as it must be executed in any condition. And in the finally block there is return statement, so whenever there is return statement in finally block all the previously thrown exceptions are ignored & the corresponding o/p i.e "peace" is printed.
There r 2 ways by which we can access the methods or variables declared in another class

1> simply extend that class

class A extends B{
//lot of code which accesses methods of class B as these are the methods from class A//

This is called Inheritance

2> In second way,we can declare the object of reqired class in our class,& then using that object access the methods of that class
class B{}
Class A{
B b = new B();
//then here using b.methodname we can access the methods from class B

This is called Aggregation
Congrats Deepak !!!

Good Score !!!

15 years ago