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Recent posts by Joel Cochran

While I appreciate your insight, I thought my original post was clear: I can't post the error here, UBB will not let me.
Thanks anyway,
[ March 18, 2003: Message edited by: Joel Cochran ]
16 years ago
I have ONE user who receives the following error. (To my knowledge he is also our only Mac client)
The message board will not allow me to post the errors (it says I have invalid HTML, but there isn't any in the message or an carats - frustrating!@). If any one would be willing to look at the message please e-mail me at and I will send it to you.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
16 years ago
I've been programming in Java for quite a while now but I am now frustrated to no end:
1. I have a Windows XP machine.
2. I have the 1.4.1 SDK installed in directory c:\j2sdk1.4.1
3. I have JAVA_HOME set to c:\j2sdk1.4.1
4 I have a CLASSPATH environment variable set to .;%JAVA_HOME%;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%JAVA_HOME%\lib\;
I can run code using the 'java' command, but when I try to compile something with 'javac' I get the following error:
'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch fie.
Why can't it find javac.exe (which is in the same directoryas java.exe???

Frustrated in Virginia,
16 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
Does anyone take any of these polls even a little bit seriously?

53% of poll takers and 4 out of 5 dentists recommend disregarding all such polls as statistical manure. The other 47% (and 1 dentist) could not be reached for comment.
16 years ago
Your classpath setting needs to be c:\ instead of c:\com\p1\lu.
For instance, on my system I have a Packages directory that I put all my packages in, so the structure is like so...

My classpath statement include c:\packages, the directory ABOVE my actual package directory. Now I can actually find all these packages by importing com.domainX.packageName
[ August 27, 2002: Message edited by: Joel Cochran ]
16 years ago
Yeah Jim, using an XML source file was what I was thinking about. I realize that this is probably out of our control for this project, which is why I said "For conversation alone". I just wanted to make sure I recognized a legitimate XML scenario when I saw one.
This is actually a pretty tough scenario to deal with, especially as time goes on: new developers, new methods, different styles... all the problems that come with maintaining code get amplified by the reliance on an already ambiguous standard (HTML).
Good topic! Cheers!
16 years ago
Current Shows:
Alias - simply awesome.
The West Wing - hate the politics but love the show. The only night I'm guaranteed to be home.
24 - Great 1st season: new concept, new approach, truly innovative TV. Of course, so was the first season of Survivor and now I can't stand that show...
Law & Order - all flavors but especailly Criminal Intent.
CSI - all around excellent.

And one no longer running:
Star Trek Voyager - I know this is typically dissenting amongst serious trekkers but this was the best series they ever put together. I like Enterprise which can be especially entertaining as a retro look at their universe, but Voyager tops my ST list by far.
16 years ago
I was also one of the lucky ones who got in before the $200 fee. Is it worth $200? No, it is worth WAY MORE. If they said I had to kick in $200 to finish the program I'm afraid my envelope would get burned leaving the building so fast!
I have been on again off again for almost two years. I'll go through spurts where I'm really motivated and spurts where I'm simply too busy, and yet I'm always welcomed back. What I have learned here is irreplaceable: a solid foundation that should serve me well for the rest of my career.
Take a chance, you won't regret it. But be willing to get nipicked... alot... that's what makes it all worthwhile.
Best of Luck
16 years ago
I know this topic was resolved a while ago but I found it an interesting read and wanted to make one observation and ask one question.
Many people do not realize it, but </td> and </tr> are not required tags. The following table will work just fine...
<tr />
<td />Element 1
<td />Element 2
<td />and so forth...
<tr />
<td />Element 1
<td />Element 2
<td />and so forth...
Note the / in the tag. This is proper format for a tag with no ending tag. So <br> should be coded as <br />. As I understand it this is all W3C stuff.
The only reason I bring this up is that using the expression posted earlier this would no longer work, and since you cannot control the other company's HTML you need to be aware of it.

For conversation alone, I must ask "Isn't this what XML is designed to do?" I don;t know much about it but this scenario seemed ideal for XML.

16 years ago
No, the servlet is in the 'classes' directory. It uses a class in a package (the package is in the 'classes' directory as well) that reads the file.
Here is the code for the class:

I copied this from another program outside of Tomcat where it works as desired.
Thanks Marilyn!
16 years ago
Sorry to revive this but i still can't get it to work.
I've been playing with it and I'm receiving a FileNotFoundException. I have tried the filename, /filename, directory/filename, /directory/filename, and even the absolute URL, but still the class will not find the file.
I have put the file in ROOT, the web-app directory, WEB-INF, classes, and even at the package level, but NOTHING seems to find this file.
If no one knows, can anyone suggest somewhere else I might ask?
16 years ago
Hey Matthew,
Yes I got it (four times ). I found what you were referring to and that helped on the ListVideoServlet, but I'm still having the same problem with AddVideoServlet, but I think I'm on the right trail now.
Two cow skulls really are better than one!
16 years ago
I wasn't sure where to put this question since it seems to cross several boundaries.
I have a class in a package. The class reads a TXT file and prints it's contents out for a Servlet. The package is in the Tomcat Web-app classes directory, but no matter what I do it cannot seem to find the file.
I have tried the file in the web-app root, in the classes directory, and in the package directory but it cannot seem to find it.
I do something similar in a non-servlet environment and it works fine. In that case I have the file in the directory just above the package and it finds it just fine.
Does anyone have any ideas?
16 years ago
Thanks, I tried it but no change.
16 years ago
That is correct. I'm thinking it must be in the way I'm overriding methods, but I can't find anything wrong...
16 years ago