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Srirambhatla dileep kumar

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Recent posts by Srirambhatla dileep kumar

Hai ranch mates...
I need a small help from you.


I am developing an application for my client.He uses two different applications for accounting and processing system on two different servers.
he has the accounting system alreday developed and in production.
now iam developing a processing system for him which involves different actions like
  • Getting the Raw Material
  • processing
  • dispatching

  • In processing we process the raw material and calculate the amount for each item processed dynamically.
    and we store them in some da base or file.
    at the end of each day we want to get all the details related to accounting where the amount calculated above is to be included in the accounting system as the income.
    I have developed a file with all the information to be build in to a file.
    My problem is now to transfer the file from the processing server to the remote server where accounting application is running and get the status of the file transfer and update the database in java.
    i want to transfer the files thru ftp.

    It would be great help for me if any one can come with the different ideas to implement this.
    13 years ago
    hai all,
    I have been working in a software company where we have a CVS server to store all our code for the projects.
    i Want to actually know what is CVS.
    how to Confihure CVs and where is it available?
    is it an open source ?
    i want in brief what is CVs and how can we install and configure it.
    13 years ago
    13 years ago
    sorry, actually i have two instances of the java running one is 1.4 for my project and i.5 though i have changed the path settings it was not been updated and now i resolved it..
    sorry for giving you trouble....


    hello all,
    i have a small problem running the above code when run on java 1.5 it is not compiled and showing an error message that it requires an identifier.
    please let me know if i have made any mistakes.
    hai ranchers,
    good morning and Congrats for passing the SCWCD.
    i want a small help from you so that i too can prepare for the SCWCD Exam and join you people in further certifications.
    I heard that Head First Series is the Best Book for java Servlets and JSP.
    i want to know wether we get a PDf format of this bok on the net or only the book. and what will be cost of the book and where can i get the book if it is available as PDF format in net?
    waiting for your replies.

    hai friends ,
    what is marker interface in java and what are the different marker interfaces available in java

    please reply immediately
    13 years ago
    hai friends,colleagues and well wishers,
    Good morning all,
    iam very happy to say that i have just aken plan to complete my SCWCD Exam...
    so please help me in getting any links

    please help me in this..
    and also suggest me the books which will help me in getting it cracked with out any failure

    [Request for illegal material removed - Marc Peabody]
    [ November 08, 2006: Message edited by: Marc Peabody ]
    how to set the path to make my tomcat run on my system..
    please help me out
    14 years ago
    hai friends i have comleted my scjp1.4 with 88%...
    thank u for helping me
    14 years ago
    hai friends iam very thank ful to the moderators odf thsi forum for helping me to take the exam..
    and i am taking my scjp1.4 exam on 4th of this month..
    Though i have not poisted any questions orreplies..
    i have sen each and every mesage posted and i have learned a lot..(Being silent)... ..
    thank u very much friends once again ..hoping i will be back with on 4th april by this time..
    hai iam alsopreparingforthe SCJP 1.4 and iameading k&B now..
    ihavecompletely studied KhalidMughalbook
    and iamdoing asindleortwo mistakes..
    but stilliwant toreadsomemore books
    and takesomeexams
    soplzsuggetsmeforany booksplz
    hai friends iam new to this forum and ima planning to take my exam on April 4th and i have studied both khalid mughal and K&B ..
    so plz suggest me some mock tkae before going fo rthe exam and some tips on what are the imp things that ar to be considered while writing exam..
    14 years ago
    hai congrats and did u take any mock exams ...
    if yes can u plz tel thenm which one is best
    14 years ago