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Recent posts by Murali Mohan

Recently saw the vedio in IBN Live. It tells that it really work.

So Hurry Register with mGinger
[ May 25, 2007: Message edited by: Murali Mohan ]
17 years ago
My friend's account accumulated Rs 0.25.
Let me try.
17 years ago
Contents of a forwarded mail :

Few days back when I received a similar mail from my friend asking me to register wid mginger, I simply deleted it thinking its a bogus site.
But after going through an article in today's Financial Express(, I registered to try it out. I think the concept is pretty good and it has a good potential to grow with time.

They say "Pay mobile bills by reading SMS". It actually pays you a small amount for receiving SMS ads (though am not sure hw many SMSes they send.

Pls click on the following link to try and register:

I have registered and trying to get some money.
17 years ago
Is there any other game like this ?
simple, adictive ..
shooting or racing and must be a flash game
17 years ago
You can look the appfuse project. It is very nice for starting a projct with Sprin and hibernate. Even if you don't want to start with this, you can learn many things from that project.
[ January 21, 2007: Message edited by: Murali Mohan ]
Can somebody please suggest some good reading materials on design patterns. Preferably names of some good books having some good examples.
17 years ago
Sorry for the delay in replying.

I couldnt find a few thou like HDFC Equity, HDFC Top 200, SBI Magnum Contra.

I am investing in HDFC Equity, SBI Magnum Contra thorugh ICICIDirect. There is a slight different naming. But they are there for sure.

When you try to buy a SIP through ICICI Direct, it assumes you want to make the installments out of your ICICI account, if I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I am wrong. Is it possible for me to pull the installments from lets say HDFC?

Yes. These installments are debited from your ICICI account only.

And you have said that you are happy with their service and charge. Do they charge? I thought it is free. I do have an account and I dont think I am paying anything for that.

They have annual charges. It is not free. The anual charges differ for different accounts with different options. You can refer the site for more information.
17 years ago
I think they have almost all funds available with them.
17 years ago

but I guess I need someone to do all the donkey work for me, but I am not sure if there is too much donkey work here.

Can you explain what donkey work you are saying about.

It would be nice for someone to send you statements and reminders

I get regular statement from ICICIDirect, and also I get reminders for my SIP installments.

If you can tell, what all facilities you want. I may able to help you.
17 years ago
Hi Anoushka,

I have some advise for you. Actually this is how I manage my mutual funds.
I manage my funds myself. If your investment is less than 30K/month then it is not difficult to manage the funds yourself.

I have an account in ICICI Direct. Their service & charges is good enough for my needs. I think it will also suitable for you. If you don't have much idea regarding the mutual fund then go to Value Research Online. This is a very good site. It is better to manage your funds yourself( If you are not investing above 30k/month ). Hope you got some help.
17 years ago
I am confused of selecting which one to use. If the project is very large they which framework will give me advantage (performance, development time, maintainability ...etc). If you people have any experiance or knowledge of using these tech./framework please provide your opinions on this.
Since there are many java web development available, and each have their +ve & -ve sides. But they all try to solve a common problem ( Better scalability, standard, easy to use ..... etc. ). Then how to evaluate a pirticular framework. Which frame work to choose for a large project which requires performance and should be easy to maintain. Virtually every large project now a days uses Struts, some times with spring.

I don't have much experience on these frameworks. If you people have exeperience or knowledge of these framewokrks or some other. Then please provide your comments
There is one table Test with 10 columns column1 ... column10;

Now in CMP if make 5 calls setColumn1 ... setColumn5, it is likely that 10 update calls are made by the container.

But if I use the BMP then only one update statement will do that. In this case BMP is cheaper than CMP. Isn't it?

Please comment on this.
I will tell you a naughty way to do this.
in a try block throw an exception. Then catch that there only. then parse the stack trace to get the line number. Oh now you got the line number. Do whatever you want ( +2 , -2 )

How is it?
17 years ago
Hi all,
I faced a similar problem in my project. We use one propertory IDE for development which generates the java code. I found two generated files of size 5 MB. And these files failed to compile because of the large size of methods. Then I manually edited the file and replaced the large methods with a set of small methods and written some logic to integrate these small methods. So that from out side it appeared the same but internally it calls these small methods.
17 years ago