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Recent posts by K Mansoor

Hi- I'm using JSTree DND. The problem is I have some attributes on ; on dropping, how can I get lob-id or dept-id? I can get x-attr easily (data.o.attr), but how can I get to the child "a" of "li"?
please consider the following:

My attempts look like the following:

None seems to work, any pointers will be much appreciated.
Got it.

Background: I have a page with a bunch of panels, each panel displaying a JQuery tabs, each tabs may have 'n' tabs. Since a lot of information is displayed, users should be able to 'close' certain panel if they are not interested in the information.

I need to save the tabs' collapsible state to db (which is pretty straightforward). How does one find out the state? collapsed or not?

If there are three tabs within a tabs(), any click will trigger the 'select' event, how can one figure if the tab has been collapsed and not just another tab selected, the tab will collapse only if currently selected tab is clicked.

Any pointers will be highly appreciated.

I wrap all code between the ready handler.
This tells me I am lacking the fundamentals of JQuery.
I have a hidden <div id="my-modal-dialog-div"> (JQuery modal dialog) which is displayed by injecting a JSP through Ajax, something akin to the following (the success handler):

The HTML injected contains some JQuery code wrapped in:

The JQuery code doesn't work and firebug displays:

The reference to JQuery files is set correctly, as everything works fine, except for this modal dialog. There are about 15 modals in my application and all work fine except for this. I have literally spent days on it, any pointers will be highly appreciated.
I'm not able to use the smartWizard plugin in a modal dialog:
All the form controls are disabled, this appears to be a known issue.

Has anybody been successful with that? Is there any recommendation for jQuery based Form-Wizards?

Can somebody recommend a good JQuery UI theme for a 'very serious' corporate web application?
I'll really appreciate it.

As I started to construct the example. The code started to work. Browser caching? not sure.
Thank you.
Can a <DIV> element be used to delegate events bound to elements which will come into existence in the future?

Can I do something like this? please keep in mind at the execution of this code, the form and it's children (the button with id='some-button-id') does not exist.

This is not working for me, however, the following does work:

This makes sense.
Thank you.
Why doesn't JQuery UI provide support to style form elements (other than buttons, of course) out of the box?

I'm using Redmond UI scheme. The buttons on a form conform to the overall styling scheme, however select drop-downs and input boxes are not styled at all and they stick out.
I understand somebody with CSS skills (or awareness) won't find this too difficult to style, however for those who are UI challenged...

Tomcat 7.26 (JDBC Pool)

The JDBC Connection Pool org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool is a replacement or an alternative to the commons-dbcp connection pool.

So why do we need a new connection pool?

Here are a few of the reasons:

commons-dbcp is single threaded, in order to be thread safe commons-dbcp locks the entire pool, even during query validation.
commons-dbcp is slow - as the number of logical CPUs grow, the performance suffers, the above point shows that there is not support for high concurrency Even with the enormous optimizations of the synchronized statement in Java 6, commons-dbcp still suffers in speed and concurrency.
commons-dbcp is complex, over 60 classes. tomcat-jdbc-pool, core is 8 classes, hence modifications for future requirement will require much less changes. This is all you need to run the connection pool itself, the rest is gravy.
commons-dbcp uses static interfaces. This means you can't compile it with JDK 1.6, or if you run on JDK 1.6/1.7 you will get NoSuchMethodException for all the methods not implemented, even if the driver supports it.
The commons-dbcp has become fairly stagnant. Sparse updates, releases, and new feature support.
It's not worth rewriting over 60 classes, when something as a connection pool can be accomplished with as a much simpler implementation.
Tomcat jdbc pool implements a fairness option not available in commons-dbcp and still performs faster than commons-dbcp
Tomcat jdbc pool implements the ability retrieve a connection asynchronously, without adding additional threads to the library itself
Tomcat jdbc pool is a Tomcat module, it depends on Tomcat JULI, a simplified logging framework used in Tomcat.
Retrieve the underlying connection using the javax.sql.PooledConnection interface.
Starvation proof. If a pool is empty, and threads are waiting for a connection, when a connection is returned, the pool will awake the correct thread waiting. Most pools will simply starve.

10 years ago
Tomcat has introduced a Connection Pool lately, I think from version 7.25.

Is there a way to use this pool with earlier versions? i wonder if a separate jar could be downloaded. The problem is most hosting sites are not using the latest versions.
10 years ago
Hi Mark- I found the problem, wrong classpath.

Thank you for your help.
10 years ago