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Recent posts by Flavio Oliva

Originally posted by Cameron Wallace McKenzie:
Probably depends on which certification beta Sun wants to comp for us.

My goal is to write a book about the experience. That's next for me.

-Cameron McKenzie

it would be a pleasure to be a reviewer... let me know if you like the ideia.

Kind Regards,

Fl�vio Oliva

Originally posted by Padma Prasad:
Thank you all for your thoughts and great inputs. I decided to take the certification. I already started preparing for the exam. Wish me good luck please.


Good luck my friend!! you can make it!!!

Flavio Oliva
Hello everyone...

I am creating this topic to help other people on their path to take the new SCEA exam.

This topic has two purposes:

1)To centralize good quality information regarding the new SCEA exam. And;
2)To motivate our friends from all over the world, to work hard to become SCEAs.

To get started, let me share some motivational thought related to the benefits of becoming a SCEA... Thought it�s a joke, why not believe on this?! Remember y�all� Hope is the last to die� hehehe

Here we go�. When you become a SCEA it qualifies you to be called �good quality Java professional�� Good quality Java professionals make more money on their jobs. Making more money on their jobs, those good quality Java professionals travel more� Traveling more good quality Java professionals have a bigger chance to travel to those nice symposiums that happen in Las Vegas� In Las Vegas good quality Java professionals are very likely to gamble their rich money on one of those nice Casinos. Having the expertise in Java good quality Java professionals will use their extremely power knowledge of the java.util.Math class and it will make them win millions of dollars. Becoming a millionaire, a good quality Java professional will call their humble friends from javaranch for monthly based good quality no JEE talking parties full of good food and beers. Having spent all the gambling money with their wonderful friends at javaranch, the once rich good quality Java professional will once again become a normal SCEA 5 professional. Once again a normal human being the once millionaire SCEA 5 professional will take the next SCEA exam and the whole story will repeat over and over and over until the end of times. (auhuhauhuhauhauhauhauhauhauhahuauhahuauh)

Great story isn�t it?! Now let�s get started�

To the ones who wish to become a Java architects my first words are�

SCEA exam is not a very hard exam. Maybe a little bit but not very hard.

In my opinion, the most challenging part of SCEA is its first part. You really have to study for it, (at least I had to). hehehehe

If you pass the multiple choices� part, part 2 is just a matter of knowing how to draw UML diagrams applying the correct design pattern to your given project. You may ask yourself, what tool should I use? Well, in my case, I used Jude Community, but you are free to use what ever tool you feel most comfortable with. Some people complain Jude is very limited tool. Well, it might be but in my case I felt it was good enough for the task.

After your upload your project, it is highly recommended that you take part three as soon as possible. At part three you have to answer questions explaining your projects� architectural decisions. You have to explain what design patterns and technologies you used on your project. It is very likely that, most of the time, you will use, not to say always, a 3-tiers architecture.


Including a technology�

JSF -> SFSB and SLSB (with or with out web service) -> JPA (EntityManager)

Your must give reasons why you choose a given technology for your front controller. Following there is a list of front controllers you might want to use on your project.

1)JSF component based
2)Action framework (a framework implementing the action pattern) i.e. Struts 2
3)Pure Servlet + JSP as

There is no right or wrong answer on part 3. If you give good reasons to support your design, you�ll be fine.

You might use EJB 3 technology in case your project outlines that it needs to be online 24/7 and that it will be heavily accessed. EJB 3 application server includes features such as load balance and clustering that will helps you meet Non-function requirements, such as, performance, scalability, availability, etc.

A little bit out of topic, but maybe not that much, I think Spring Framework could be used on your SCEA project. I have never heard of anybody who actually did that. Have anybody heard of somebody who actually used Spring on part 2 of their SCEA? Seriously y�all I would be a big fan of this person.

What concerns security, you must give reasons why you are using HTTP or HTTPs. For example, if your applications deal with credit card number etc it is very likely that you will need to use HTTPs to secure user�s data from unauthorized users.

Regarding part 1 of the SCEA 5 exam�. There is a very good topic where many people gave their feedbacks about SCEA 5 beta - part 1 experience.

Regarding the material I have used for SCEA my preparation here it goes a list of it....

Head First Design pattern - Marks Cade's book.
Head First Web Components - Marks Cade's book. just a look since I am already a SCWCD
Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API - don�t know the author's name.
SCEA study guide - Marks Cade's book
Research on the internet.

To conclude, I would say that in order for you to become a SCEA professional, must enjoy studying and working with J2EE. There is nothing worst then doing something and not having fun doing it. SCEA professional must enjoy learning new patterns and architectures. 


Fl�vio Oliva
[ March 20, 2008: Message edited by: Flavio Oliva ]

Originally posted by Farbod HDF:
Hi Flavio,
Very educating reply! Real Thanks...

Do you have any suggestions for the books and how to use them? Do you suggest for this purpose reading SCEA books for example Mark Cade's and Allen's(they don't exist for SCEA5 so I should patch it for EJB 3.0, any suggestion on that?) or reading Manson or Burke's or even EJB for dimmies book selectively.

Also a non-certificate-related-question: Do you generally suggest using EJB (in the application where it somehow makes sense) or you think there are better substitutes for EJB 3.0?

All the best,

Hey Farbod,
I sugest that you read the book: PRO EJB 3 with JPA from Apress. it is a really nice book and it gives your a nice over view regarding the usage of EJB 3 with JPA. It also shows, in a pratical way, how to use JPA straight into servlets.

Regarding your other question... I think Spring framework is an excellent substitute for EJB 3.0. I believe Spring applications are as portable and scalable and performatic, etc, as EJB 3 applications. I am saying I believe, because I have never seen a benchmark comparing those too technologies.

One of this days, I1ll do some research on that.


Fl�vio Oliva

[ March 03, 2008: Message edited by: Flavio Oliva ]

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[ March 03, 2008: Message edited by: Andrew Monkhouse ]
Hello Farbod,

let me give your some words regarding EJB 3.

you dont need to have a in deep experience with EJB 3 to do good on the SCEA exam. For the exam, you only need to have a general ideia of the technologies, in general, what it does, when and why you should use. if you are able to answer this questions you would be fine on the exam.

what does a SLSB does? when and why should you use it?
answer: it incapsulates application logic. It doesnt hold state. application server holds a pool of SLSB, so that when a client needs one the application server gives your one right away.

what do you need to know about SFSB? when and way should you use it?
answer: it holds states. every user have its on instance of it, etc.

you should know the relationship between SFSB, SLSB with Web Services. how web services are used together with thoes beans?! are web services used inside SFSB? are web servives used inside SLSB?

besides that, you should know how JPA is used on a JEE enviroment. for exam for small applications it would be ok for your to use JPA straight inside servlets. On the other hand, if you are dealing with big transactional distributed applications it is almost likely that your use EJB 3. I am saying almost likely because your still have the chance to use Spring framework for reatively big applications.

That's it for now...


Flavio Oliva

Originally posted by Andrew Monkhouse:
First - congratulations Flavio and everyone else who passed. You've done an awesome job.

Second - there was a message in here that in my opinion was not only not nice, but was also unwarranted (as others pointed out). I have removed that post and the responses.

Regards, Andrew

dont worry my friend... we still are friends.

best regards,

Fl�vio Oliva

Originally posted by Chaminda Amarasinghe:
Dear Falvio,

First of all I wish you from bottom of my heart saying "My Congratulation!"

If its not a matter to you I like know about your score.

You will be the most voluble resource person to this group. So far you are the only SCEA 5.0 Certified Archi for this group. So your help is very important to the group this movement.

As a starting point I kindly request you to post about the experience for preparing to the exam.

Also I kindly request this as well. Please don't leave the group after posting your results. I know many people leave the current group after getting Certified. That might be because of starting studies for next exam. I'm very glad if you can be here at least once a week.


Good Luck to your future

Thanks my friend... I'll be starting a topic where I'll try to give some tips and ideias on how people can start getting prepared to become SCEA professionals.

Originally posted by Chaminda Amarasinghe:
Hi SCEA 5.0 Certified Guys and Failed Guys

Im posting the my reply to Filvio who post his result in SCEA Group.

In that time I supposed he is the only SCEA 5.0 for the group. But after vising this thread I realized that 100 of people have passed the exam.

So all of your (Both passed and failed) experiance is very important to the people who are preparing for SCEA 5.0.

I have stared a thread for this

Please post your exp in there



Hey Chamidam thank you for your kind note my friend. Its an honored to be considered an important part of this comunity. Dont worry... I won't disappear. Regarding the materials I've used to study for SCEA, here is a list of the materials I've used:

Head First Design pattern - Marks Cade's book.
Head First Web Components - Marks Cade's book. just a look since I am already a SCWCD
Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API - dont know the author's name.
SCEA study guide - Marks Cade's book
Research on the internet.

I'll post more later on...

Best regards to all.

Fl�vio Oliva
I am a SCEA 5!!! I am really happy for that!

To the ones who passed, congratulations.
To the ones who failed, dont quiet on trying... I for example, did not pass on the first time I took the old SCEA exam.

Best regards to every one.

Fl�vio Oliva
Hello every one.. I just recevied this email from SUN...

Dear Flavio (Certification ID#: SUN224001)

Congratulations on completing all the requirements for the
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 certification. You were certified on 12/14/2007.

Prior to Sun sending the certificate to you, we require that you login to the CertManager and verify or update your current mailing address, if you have not done so within the last 6 months. This ensures that your certificate will be mailed to your personal address successfully. Once this step is completed, your certificate will be mailed; please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of International Mail.

Please logon to CertManager at
You can use this site to download logos, publish your transcripts, request additional copies of a certificate, and review/confirm your mailing address. You will need your official score report the first time you log on.


Certification Department

Powered by the Integral7 Credential Bureau

Powered by the Integral7 Credential Bureau (

This is a very happy day for me and I wanted to share it with everybody who helped me to achive this.

Thanks every one.... Thanks for the kind support!!!

Best Regards,

Flavio Oliva
[ February 19, 2008: Message edited by: Flavio Oliva ]
I have read 2 books talking about Webwork (struts 2):
1. Java Open Source Programming: with XDoclet, JUnit, WebWork, Hibernate
2. Webwork in Action

On the first book the author goes into the world of open source programing and explain a bunch of technologies including webwork. I really liked this book. Since it was my first on the topic, it was of a great help.

The webwork in action book was more like a tuturial. The book explained in details the main features of the framework. The book gave me a detailed explanation about webwork features such as jsp tags, validation, interceptors etc. This book is really good as a reference guide.

My question is... how is the 'Struts 2 Design and Programming: A Tutorial ' book compared to other books that talks about this framework? Do you talk about struts 2 and ajax integration? Does the book talk about struts 2 and spring framework integration? I would love to read your book. I am a big fan of the struts 2 framework and its predecessor, (webwork). I think struts 2 is one of the best open source framework for J2EE available in the market.

have a nice day.

Fl�vio Oliva
13 years ago
I like Appfuse because it uses Test Driven Development - TDD.

I like Appfuse because it is an open source project.

Appfuse applies a great deal of system development best practices.
Appfuse code is loose coupled. The tiers of the application are not tied to each other.

It applies best practices such as code to interfaces witch is great for testing.

Appfuse and its Rich Unit Testing environment using DBUnit, JUnit, jMock and Canoo's WebTest is very helpful when starting a new project.

I haven't seen any project that integrats in such good an elegant way like Appfuse. Do you know any open source project that has such a good testing enviroment like Appfuse? I would be very happy to take a look in such a project. I am very interested on developing good quality web projects.

Best Regards,

Fl�vio Oliva
[ December 17, 2007: Message edited by: Flavio Oliva ]
13 years ago
Appfuse is a kick start java project to develop web based applications. It has a great testing enviroment witch is very heplful on developing good quality applications. Do you know it? If you do, what are you guys opinion about the project?

In my opinion, appfuse is a great project. It is very well organized and its testing infra-structure is excellent. If you dont know it I recommend you take a look at it.

Best Regards,

Fl�vio Oliva
13 years ago
I did get an email notification.


Fl�vio Oliva
I just sent my assignment to the email they provided. I will take part III on december 14th. I hope to do good on it.


Fl�vio Oliva