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Recent posts by Nilesh Deshpande

Does it have any performance tuning parameters in terms of garbage collection?
4 years ago
Is there way the java can find the bottleneck SQL statements and print some where in log?
Take example, if I have some SQL taking huge CPU slice performance hit on Oracle database. One of the way to find the problem SQL statement is using Oracle AWR and ADDMR reports. Apart from that are there any direct methods available in Java in JDBC or Hibernate debugging?
5 years ago
Does struts 2 has some added features for working on Hibernate?
13 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

First of all thanks for all the posts and help links. Today I cleared the SCWCD with 86%.

Here is the brief review what I did if some one needs
1. Completed Head First.. book in 2 readings.
2. Solved the mock exam on it twice. ( Even though Author do not recommand :-).
3. Completed Hanuman Deskhmukh book in 1 reading.
4. Solved few mock exams which I got from the download list of javaranch.
5. Really mug up the web.xml. I did that everyday for 10 days.

If any one needs any help, please feel free to ask me.

SCJP 1.4 95%
SCWCD 1.4 86%
Sorry to ask this dumb question

1. What is the professional advantage of having a PMP?
2. What is the eligibility criteria for the PMP exam?

Best luck dude. One friendly suggestion.

The sad news about me..I am very much interested in JAVA.Even after clearing my SCJP my PM said i would have to do one more year in testing then only i will be in development ...

Why you are showing sad smily for being in QA? QA and Dev are both of equal kind of jobs only thing is that one needs to find the challenges by their own.

Myself been in QA for 2 years before I started the career in Java. And I enjoyed it.

SCJP 1.4 95%
Hi teachers,

Is there any free book available for SCWCD? Please share with me.

Thanks a lot in advance.
From where to get the application form and to whom we should send it?

Please guide. I have cleared SCJP 1.4. Thanks in advance
Hi all,

Last week I have cleared SCJP 1.4 and I am new to this group.
I will request if some one can guide me for following.
1. Which exam of SCWCD should I go for? CX-310-081 or upgrade-CX-310-082? What is the difference between those 2?
2. Which book should I refer for that?
3. Exam objectives says that it has only objective multchoice questions and drag and drop. I know the multichoice questions but I am not aware of drag and drop. What are those?
4. Do we have the link where all the downloadables for the mock exams are registered?
5. Do we have whizlabs for this exam?

Thanks in advance,
[ May 22, 2006: Message edited by: Nilesh Deshpande ]
Login to yahoo group fast_scjp. They have the link to the soft copy of that book.
Hi all,

I have cleared SCJP 1.4 last week. I am looking for another java exam. Can some one help me to find different advanced exams being offered by Sun?

Thanks in advance,
Create a batch file which will contain the calls to other batch files.
And call that batch file from the java program.

Dont use the the start statement in batch file. By default the batch calls are single threaded. So no over lap will happen.

You should also do the error handling in the batch scripts.
Cleared SCJP 1.4. Today I cracked the exam with 95%. ( 58/61)
Thanks to all of you and I wanted to share my story with you all.
I have been working with core java last 1.5 years. I started preparation for the exam from mid March. Solved almost all mock tests on the java ranch mock exam link. Completed C & B book. Completed Khalid Mughal book.

Mughal book was having 2 practise exams of whiz labs. Solved that and scored 85 percent in both of them on the day just before the exam.

For the new students, I will like to share my personal tips for the exam.
1. Regulary give the mock exams. ( At least 1 exam a day)
2. Start preparing your own notes for the exam from the first day you start reading.
3. Visit java ranch every day. And read the complete logs for the day. Read that till the end.
4. C & B two minutes drill are really helpful on the day before the exam.
5. Threads, read the topics for the synchronise from complete reference and sun hand book.

Also, I would request moderator to send me any upload location where I can ypload my notes( offcourse if you allow me to do so). Which will be helpful for other ranchers.

Again thanks to you all.
15 years ago
Thanks all for the wishes. Yo all will be the first friends to know @ my results on 15-May.

Today I am feeling bad because of I found this link. Many of you must be knowing it already.

I feel bad because I have not given the exams mentioned on it and I dont want to post pone my exam date just because I have not gone mock exams on the linke. But this link will be definitely helpful for the new comers.