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I don't have anything to against H1B. I started this thread because I was hoping to get some advises to my current situation.
And I have never mentioned or imply my situation have anything to do work H1B worker. I don't know why this thread went out of the topic and have targeted to the H1B workers.
I don't think and will not blame the H1B for my current situation. My problem is lack of experience and I am well aware of that. I want to find a way to change this situation and improve myself.
I am neither a H1B or US citizen, rather, I am a Canadian and lives in Toronto. In Canada, there are many workers holding working permit like the H1B in the states.
I think H1Bs or other work permit holders contributes to country as much as the local workers. It is very not considerated to say H1B take away all the job opportunities....
When the economy is doing well, everybody got a good job and we hire H1B 's all over the world to make use of their expertise..
When the economy is going down, how can you treated them like trash and say all these "mean" words about them? Saying this is very selfish and inconsiderate. Of course, given the economic situtation like now, we surely cannot import H1B or other work permit holder without limit like we were before. However, for those who have already been working here and had contributed to the country, we should treat them fairly and with respect just like every one else.
They face the same situation just like us. (layoffs)
** Please do not use anyone as scapegoat and transfer our anxiety to blame on others. **

18 years ago
I have passed my Developer exam 3 months ago with a good score (96%) and held a Bachelor degree in Info Tech. Other than 2 years of Core Java experience, I also have knowledge in many components including RMI, JDBC, Serlvets, as well as good knowledge of SQL, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL and some accounting background ( I was in Commerce & Business Admin program for 2 years)
I always think that Java and Oracle would make a pwoerful combination of skills, therefore I am also taking some part time courses to improve my skills in Oracle Form and report, as well as skills in database administration.
For the last 9 months, I have been doing my certifications, upgrading myself and seeking for a entry level job in either the States and in Canada. Money is not a concern ...location is not a concern ... I am just seeking any position that can get me started.
The result ?? As you can expect..was an mailbox filled automated reply and refusal emails.
Money is running out and even daily expenses are getting more difficult to afford. (students loans, rents, food, etc)
I don't know if I should try something else. If I left this field, I am afraid I will get outdated very soon and couldn't have a chance to come back. This is something I really enjoy and I don't wanta give up. But what about living ? I am working part time as a Java Tutor ( 1.5 year ), but now I started to begin thinking that if I should continue. Working as a tutor is not going help me to gain any professionalism (because I don't wanta be an instrutor or prof)
Any suggestion ?
Also, please kindly let me know if there is any opportunity around.

Sun Certified Developer
Sun Cerfitied Programmer
18 years ago
I am very amazed with the number of cert that Leon had.
I am also running in a similar situation like him except that I don't have that many certs and a master degree (quite a big diff actually), however, my job search has been over 8 months since my graduation (Canada-Toronto).
I was a business admin student with no computer skills 2 years ago(I was in my 3 year). I found that accounting and finance stuff is very boring, so I decided to changed my major to Information Technology. With lots of hard working, I managed to complete my degree with 2 additional year of study (very compressed and heavy work load).
I began my job search right after my graduation (Dec 2000). After 3 months of active searching, I found that companies don't like fresh grad with no coops experience very much. But there is nothing much i can do for that. Therefore, I decided to go for my first Java Cert. I find it pretty easy and passed it. However, with my level 1 cert, I still wasn't able to get a job.
I am not looking into any particular type of jobs, just any entry level computer related ones....I applied for junior programmers, tech support, helpdesk .... and anything within U.S and Canada.
No response...While my job hunt continue, I go for the developer cert and passed it (96%)... look for jobs for another 2 months....same result...
During that period, I have been going to many job workshops, school job fairs, professional resume editors to try to hunt down my problems....not much was found and being very helpful.
Like Leon, I am frustrated....but one thing I noticed is that there are very few java junior positions....most company hires experienced c++ programmers to work as junior java programmers. Also, just Java is not enough to get you a job. Although, I am not able to find a job in this period, I had been doing alot of self-study to advance myself (In Micrsoft technologies, databases and web technologies). I guess being more well rounded would let you enter the market easier.
Now, I am pursuing the Oracle DBA cert...hope this combination works !
Don't give up leon and good luck !
18 years ago
Do we get a new logo when we passed the developer exam?
Edy, yes I got my result from galton 's web site. I think the reason why I got my result so fast is because I took my exam in Toronto and there are fewer people taking the Developer exam in Canada then the states (just a wild guess)
Chris, I experiemented serveral IDE in this project, Forte, JDeveloer and a small guy JPadPro (just several megs). Before this project, I do not have much experience with IDEs, but this is something you really have to learn I think. No, using textpad is fine but you have to do alot of tweaking for your GUI if there is quite a number of elements in it.
It turns out that the JPadPro gives me the most flexibility in coding. However, since it is too small, it cannot generate any codes for you (such as making a GUI). I make all my GUI with Forte, Forte is a good choice with rich feature I think and I can't really figure out how to use JDeveloper properly to generate GUI.

Tracy, you can do something as Jane has suggested. I have heard alot of people with success using this approach. But the client will have to catch the remote exception in some way. Since I cannot think of a cleanner way of handling this I used an adaptor to handle both the local and the remote mode. When a client calls lock :
method lock(int recNo)
if isRemote
return xx.lock(recNo)
return yy.lock(recNo)
Some argue that this approach is clumsy with all the if else statement. But I have thought through it so many times that it is worth it because :
1. if any new connection implementation is introduced (i.e other than RMI and serialized object) only one adaptor class have to be modified
2. Exception handling from client application can be isolated from connection implementation using the adaptor

Here is my result :
Test: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (310-027)
Date Taken: 2001-07-18 12:02:07.967
Grade: P
Score: 149
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible # of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124. General Considerations(maximum = 58): 57 Documentation(maximum = 20): 20 GUI(maximum = 24): 23 Server(maximum = 53): 49
It turns out that the worry about my packaging did not affect my grades. (Wow ! scared me to death before i got my result)
I took my test on the 10th of july. Incredible speed for marking my assignments.
Just wants to thank all of you who had responsed to my questions with patience. This forum has done a wonderful job of providing the resource and answer to most ambiqous questions you might have encountered in your project. So read on for any new potential developers.
Special thank to Peter who had give me very helpful insight to my lock design

You should document you choice of decision in your design, such as extends or modifies data class, use rmi or serialized objects....etc
For each major decision you made, you can list the pro and cons of doing that and the alternative implementation of your solution
Thank for everyone's reply !
I told the exam today July 10.
The exam is trivial and I let you guys know the status as I got my result

I have submitted my assignment couple days ago but I am getting so nervous that I might have misinterrupted the requirements.
In the spec of the readme file, it says you have to list all your files submitted...I only included the list of .java file that i submitted (i.e. I didn't list the documentation file of individual java files) it ok ?
Also, I put all the class files in serveral executable jar files, user will execute the jar files directly.
In the spec, it says that you have to include all the class files...does that mean I have to include them explicitly (i.e. use a folder to contain all the uncompressed class file) ?
In the spec, it says that we need to include the original source and latest source files. Does it suggest that we have to separate them into 2 folders ?
Also, please comment on my final packaging :
- suncertify (folder containing all the class files and their hierarchy)
- documents ( folder containing all the document files and their hierarchy)
- source ( folder containing all the source files and their hierarchy)
- README.txt
when the main jar file is unpacked, I advise to examiner to run the application from the suncertify folder only
This is the my final question to this assignment !
I presume most of us will have a vector or other collection stuff to hold successful matches, which very likely to be initialized within the criteriaFind method.
say there are 2 user connecting to the database, both user call the criteriaFind method at the same time. When A pass in a string and he find some successful match, after he added a few successful match, his thread stops.
Client B kicks in with a different search string, initialized a new Vector....did his search....and add some record to the vector, right before he returns the matched record, he thread stops and client A continue with what he left off.
The vector initialized by B should have covered up and erased what client A had already put in the vector previously(before his thread stops), this should have lead to some display inconsistency..
However, with quite alot of testing so far..I have never come across any inconsistency with my criteriaFind method. Does it suggest that variables initialized within the method will not be affected by other threads accessing the same method ? Or is it because of other reasons ?
Any comment is appreciate !
I am not able to get a unix machine to test my program but my program works fine in Windows. I think I still need to document how to start up the program in Unix though. Can you tell me which one is correct ?
java suncertify.server.DataServer & ./suncertify/db/db.db 1099
java suncertify.server.DataServer ./suncertify/db/db.db &

Thanks in advance
This event always close the window when triggered.
To disable this, you have to set :
or something similar depending whether it is a JFram or JDialog
Thanks Akanimo
However, i am still alittle confused in how to put comment for packages, can you explain it a little further.
So does adding comments to my static variables
How do i run javadoc with packages
Also, I have read that I can't use :
import java.util.*;
but to use
import java.util.Vector;
is it true ?
Thanks in advance