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Recent posts by stef li

i have made a simple player to play mp3, but it can play it only when the mp3's size it short.
if i play a large size mp3, the player doesn;'t work.

but i found that there is a player called "Glass Player", it can play the larger one.
So i want to know how does it do? how can i add buffer to preload the mp3?

i have used the prefetch() to load it into memory, but it doesn;t work.

Please help me! thanks in advance!!
12 years ago
you can do nothing any more after you submit the form.

if the system returns the same page after you submit the form, you can set a variable in your request scope.
and check the variable, if it exists then set the focus in the onload method. or do nothing.
add theme="simple" in your form tag
13 years ago
you can add the j2ee library into your project's classpath.
or add servelt-api.jar into your project's classpath.
13 years ago
it means that there are serial config files under the classpath of the project.
the file name is begin with "applicationContext"

13 years ago
onchange="this.form.action='/' this.form.submit();"

that you forget a semicolon between ".do'" and "this"?

you can add a simple alert statement in your onchange function to check it.
like onchange="alert('this is a test');"

i think i will work fine.
function disIt(obj) {
obj.disabled = true;

<select id="selectedId" onchange="disIt(this);">

do you mean like this?
13 years ago
1. use http://ip:port/Serv1 to visit your servlet. Make sure that "S" is upper case
2. or change your web-app's dtd to 2.3version,like below:

3. show your error trace
13 years ago
Here is a code of it.
the direct and correct method to resolve this issue is to use expression in css!
if you use javascript to set the position of header when onscroll invoked, it would not run well as you expect.

i'm not clear about your question.
but i suggest you to research "js & class".
there may some useful articles for you.
try to change your code below: