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Recent posts by Pranav Srinivasan

Is there any Open Source HTTP Sniffer tool/utility that I can use to integrate with my program to sniff and log the HTTP traffic.
I don't need to replay or make any request and I don't need a UI. I just need to programatically get all the incoming and outgoing http request/response to Tomcat server and log it.
I can't find any simple utility.
What do you think of thisunethical website whose preview (available for free) gives the answers to the actual exam question for part II and III
[ July 13, 2006: Message edited by: Pranav Srinivasan ]
Disregarding the Naming Policy, brownie brownie does make a valid point.
SCEA should become something like Microsoft Certified Architect Program involving 8 step process, presentation, review etc.
[ May 05, 2006: Message edited by: Pranav Srinivasan ]
Though I dont agree with any of the comments made, I would refrain from any more arguments/comments so that other users can spend their time in this forum in a useful manner.
I wish these knowledgable users who 'replied' did the same.
11 years ago

Originally posted by Jeff Albrechtsen:

Now that you have posted some advertisement for google, would you care to answer ?
12 years ago
What is java Hotspot that I constantly come across when I read anything about Java ? Is it a product, VM, server... ? Why we need it and how is it used ?
12 years ago
You can also order online through Its availability is sooner and price is cheaper than amazon.