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Recent posts by fred Joly

I do not agree with this, with your method it is difficult to know what
the return type would be, wich was the main point.
Now what i'm asking myself is what is the point of having a return type at all
if it is always "true" ?
You can not use "this" in "main wich is a static method
because "this" refers to an object and a static method
can only refer to a class (not an instanciation)
17 years ago

Originally posted by Dave Lenton:
I always get confused with them. Dominique? Is that male or female?

It depends of the gender of the name bearer.
Is that so confusing ?
17 years ago
Now you want something hairy...

You could put the "setId" method private.
An then call this method by reflection from
your DTO converter.
An exemple : Reflection/Private
17 years ago
Do you think God designed the Universe with UML ?
17 years ago

Important thing is to hang around with boss, do less work, but project a busy air and most important talk like you know what you are doing...even if you dont!

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Kind of contradiction , no?
17 years ago
none of these since the second condition is false
17 years ago
If I were you, I would not come on JavaRanch for 10 days.
17 years ago
for(int i=0;1<array.length;i++)

have a closer look at this line. Should not be to
difficult to spot the mistake
17 years ago
It would be impossible to sort String with just an "equals" method.
You need some method to tell you "bigger" or "smaller". (before or after)
17 years ago
Here in France , when you go to a bar and ask "un demi" (1/2),
you get 1/4 litre of beer. How strange....
If you ask for "un quart" (1/4) , you usually get ...
No it's not 12,5 cl of beer! You get 25 cl of red wine.

Sometimes instead of saying "I would like 6 eggs", you say
"I would like une demi douzaine" wich is really "half of twelfe".
17 years ago
Have a look at JfileChooser
You lucky man, the job is already made.
17 years ago

Please don't laugh to loud...I'm quite certain you can find sometimes
this kind of code with just a little bit of disguise
17 years ago