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One of the aspects of spring..which i am crazy about..besides the usual..is the effort spring developers take to write code...

There have been a few instances when i have had to extend spring projects (extended spring web services during its infancy)..and the code documentation made it a breeze to extend and develop custom features...
12 years ago
Hi Craig,

I am very curious to know where's spring going next ? Considering that Spring is constrained by the specification of the java language which is changing at a snail's pace..what are some of the next cool things i can expect spring to do? Something of an insider scoop?


12 years ago
12 years ago
a) Yes

b) No, i think you misunderstood me here. I am actually encouraging you to add stereotypes but the sterotype names should reflect the role the class plays in the design pattern rather than the name of the design pattern itself. Hence, Command and Session Facade are valid stereotypes..
there should have been a timer..on the upper right hand/left hand corner of the application..

But the good news is..you finished it...

best of luck for the results..
Stereotyping classes is something a lot of people do..

However, stereotyping classes with design pattern names could be misleading...you should rather stereotype classes with the 'role' they play in the design pattern..

in your example,both 'command' and 'SessionFacade' are the roles classes can play...but there might be some patterns such as 'CoR' in which naming a class that way would be incorrect..

if i confused you,let me know and i will elaborate..
Splitting your class diagram often makes it confusing especially if you split it by layer and not by feature..

if i did end up splitting the class diagram (although at first attempt i would try to avoid it) , i would perhaps switch it by feature...so a bunch of jsps, controllers, services,...etc..which serve a common feature..end up in related diagrams..

splitting it by layer..would require the examiner to go through multiple diagrams to understand each feature of your solution...

But before you do something..hear from others as well..
i dont remember any official guidelines on this.

You have two options
- Represent multiple nodes fpr each hardware profile on the deployment digram and mention that each node represents a physical node
- Represent single node for each hardware profile and mention in stereotype and notes..the number of nodes for each profile..

i remember using the first approach..
Then you get certified in JEE 6.

Once upon a time..the certificates were not stamped with a version..so they had an expiry date..now since they have a version..they live forever..

The flip side.."You are certified for a version of JEE"
And i am surprised that Sun/Oracle doesnt have exams in a non english language...it is very unfair to assume that every aspiring architect should be able to speak english..

All you should know is JEE right?
No, i dont remember seeing any minimum word requirements. You should just write enough to convey your ideas/thoughts.
Ah well..worth a try..

But to set the record straight..the intent was never to 'not help' people..we login here to help people..

My intent to make the recommendation was that it might help people search the forum easier with such a part specific filter..so if i was looking for part 1..and i wanted to read everything anyone has ever said on part 1..just to gain some more insights..that would be easier...(and i did do that while i was taking my exam)

Never mind though..since the final word has been spoken..
While naming entities or generic java classes..it is typically better to relate the names to reflect real world concepts (of course this isn't always true)

So, something like PartRequest would make sense..if it is a request for parts..
BidRequest..is misleading..because it seems like a request for a bid..but what you actually want to do is 'Bid'..

You are right...'request is way too generic'

Nice thought..can we tweak..the post submission page to include a field called 'Part xxx' and perhaps automate an append to the subject line?
i would recommend against putting details in the diagram.

Here is what you can do - mention hardware profiles...of individual boxes..."<<hardware profile A>>" in your diagram...and then in your notes you could explain that one of the concrete specifications for hardware profile A is ....

It helps your diagram remain generic..and also allows you to explain that your hardware specification is just one of the many possible options...