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Recent posts by Francisco I

Ok, Here it is... it is looooong...
THanks for the help.

17 years ago
Hi. I could, but it is a really really long backtrace of exceptions, but that one comes out repeatedly.
Here is a excerpt of it.

I hope that helps...

17 years ago
I have a managed bean and one of its properties is another managed bean. Whenever I try to instantiate the first bean I get:
javax.faces.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Can't set managed bean property: 'userb'

Here's part of my code. The main bean is Login and the property is UserSecurity.



and the getters and setters are simple

Do I have to do anything special to have a custom managed bean be the value of a property of another managed bean?.
Anything in particular that these classes and UserSecurityBean have to have?
What am I missing?.

Thanks a lot.
17 years ago
Hi all.
I created EJB 1 that calls EJB 2 that calls EJB 3.
if EJB 3 transactions are Required. Is there any contraint as far as what transaction properties do EJB 2 and 1 have to have?
I get this error when verifying my .ear file.
CHKW5005E: The reference of ENTERPRISE_BEAN_EXTENSION in EJB_JAR_EXTENSION is duplicate.
Any ideas? THank you!
19 years ago
If you want to use javascript, there are 3 workarounds for this:
1. cookies
2. one page in a frame of height=0 and width=0. In this page, all you have are hidden input elements which you fill with values and then retreive the values
3. with hidden form fields in the current page, then, submit the page and the variables will be part of the request.
There is always JSP and the session variable which is far more powerful in terms of the things you can pass from one page to the other.
Yo choose.
20 years ago
I get this error when executing loadjava:
SIGSEGV 11* segmentation violation
si_signo [11]: SIGSEGV 11* segmentation violation
si_errno [0]: Error 0
si_code [1]: SEGV_MAPERR [addr: 0x4e494168]

then, later in the error, the exception looks like
this: Code) Code) Code)
Monitor Cache Dump:
java.lang.Class@FD26FF58/FD3740A0: owner "main" (0x89880, 2 entries)
oracle.jdbc.oci8.OCIDBAccess@FD270300/FD375CA0: owner "main" (0x89880, 1 entry)
and then I get a report with a lot of "unowned" values...
does anyone know what is this?.
20 years ago
Hi. I had the same error before.
Check the loadjava script. there are 2 classes that you need to pay special attention to.
aurora_client.jar and
In the loadjava script they depend on your $ORACLE_HOME. just run a quick check and see that the classes hanging from ORACLE_HOME are present in those directories. Believe it or not, they may not be present.
20 years ago
Hi. How are the classes in this package different from what I can do with the String class *specifically with the match,replace and split* methods. Why would I want to use Pattern or Match over String?.
20 years ago

Originally posted by CL Gilbert:
try seeing what happens if you say this

you will see that this while loop will eventually quickly exit, but it will cycle a few times.[/B]

Thank you. I'll check that.

Originally posted by Kyle Brown:
A few questions:
(1) What version of WebSphere are you running?
(2) If you are using WebSphere AE, are you connected to a single admin repository?
Kyle Brown

Hi Kyle. I am running 3.5.4 (Hot Fix 4 installed). How can I know if I am connected to a single admin repository?. If you mean that each box has its own DB2 repository, yes. That is correct.
Now, in one of the boxes I had java installed previously (the one that works)... could web sphere be using a different JDK?
20 years ago
Hi there!.
I installed WS in two machines, one development box and one beta test box.
I set them (I think) to be the same (classpaths, directory structure and web default hosts and paths) Both machines are running Win NT. (One of them may be NT Server. The other is NT Workstation)
Ok. I deployed the same beans in both machines (same jar file), and it worked on one but not on the other.
Any ideas on how to config them correctly and make them work?.
What is happening, actually, is that one stateful bean is making the CPU go up to 100% utilization and it freezes the machine.
One more fact: The machines have 512 MB, and the slowest one is the one that runs fine, and it is running NT Workstation.
Thank you!
20 years ago
Hi. I have a problem when I try to access a stateful bean more than once.
Are there any recomendations for deploying stateful beans, or coding stateful beans if I am to deploy them in Websphere?
20 years ago
Nope. The method is empty. Are there any other reasons why websphere will eat up 100% of the CPU?... I think my problem has to do with that...
Open connections, values by reference as opposed to By Value, generating many threads...
any ideas?
thanks again!

Originally posted by Kyle Brown:
The error indicates it's a transaction timeout exception. What are you doing inside the bean's create() method? Is there any possibility you're waiting on something for a long time there?
Kyle Brown

20 years ago

Originally posted by Kyle Brown:
What is the exact error you get in the log?

java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread; nestedexception is: Transaction timed out Transaction timed out
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.validation.EJSRemoteValidationHome.create(
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.validation._ValidationHome_BaseStub.create (
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.validation._ValidationHome_Stub.create (
at com.nar.shared.server.cache.CacheObject.createValidation(
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.controller.CDBControllerBean.processRequest(
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.controller.CDBControllerBean.process(
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.controller.EJSRemoteCDBController.process(
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.controller._CDBController_BaseStub.process
at com.nar.ndi.server.ejb.controller._CDBController_Stub.process ( at
This is what I got from stderr_out.txt
Also, I discovered it is using 100% of the CPU... why could this be?.. I am using WS, with XML libraries (xerces), oracle and MQSeries, and JavaMail.
Any advice on where to start looking?. Thanks!!
20 years ago